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This photo was taken on the shores of Crete, which is where our two lovers met in 1503, symbolic of the moment before she turned and their eyes met, sealing their doom. Especially his. She'd had other men. She was his first, and only, at death, and that led to the rage of undeath. For history and thrills with your romance, you can't go wrong here. Print and Kindle copy now at https://tinyurl.com/22h969hs  

Journal of an Undead: Love Stories

Click this title to read two chapters. Here's the back cover:


They met on the Agean shore of Crete in 1503, and felt that immediate passion of first love. Mikos was an Ottoman Turk soldier and Althea a free spirit, or so he thought. When only a few months later they are killed trying to escape Ottoman rule, Mikos is filled with rage and the demons of the underworld to come back as a vrykolakas – Greek vampire – for vengeance. 


This is the first in a planned series of three novels, each a standalone but interweaving throughout each other as Arabus the Undead spends endless time learning control and seeking acceptance. His adventures here are tied together by a narrator in present time who at first wonders why she was the one to find and translate his tales.


After this first story where Mikos becomes Arabus and must learn to control the blood thirst, he and Althea are destined to meet again over the centuries. In 1688 Bahamas he meets three women, but only one has the soul of Althea. As a mortal soul is flawed, choosing the right one is difficult, distracted as he is with protecting natives and fighting pirates. In 1774 he follows an Irish lass from Britain to the colonies where revolution threatens. He makes her undead but she runs from him in abhorrence. He has to pursue her through the war-torn colonies as she creates havoc and allows her undead to walk. 


He'll no longer turn anyone for love after this, or so he says, but with time moving so fast, acceptance from any mortal withers on the vine. In the last two tales, in the Old West and in the Depression, he discovers a more unusual method to finding the love he needs to feel human again. Along the way you'll discover how real a vampire can feel.



Formerly published by Solstice Publishers as a paranormal romance called Adventures in Death & Romance: Vrykolakas Tales, I got the rights back when I determined the book needed a new title, a better cover, and a better edit as part of a trilogy. My devotion to Arabus Drake took me to Crete in 2019, where I took a photo on that rocky shoreline. Adam Reinhard creates most of my novel covers and did this spectacular symbolic job with that photo. Find more of my work at UnravelingTheMyth.com. This character was created from Greek mythology and the history is real. I earned a master's in history in 2006.

Pensaukee: Voice of a Landscape

Click on this link for an excerpt to read from the book.

Purchase Kindle or hard copy here: https://lnkd.in/d5nPJvub 

Saving Boone: Legend of a Kiowa Son

Maybe his mother was crazy, but she didn't deserve to die. Boone runs off, only 12, vowing to kill his father. He is taken as a slave, but on escape finds a kindly German settler in Texas and a large lost chunk of gold in the river. Boone retrieves it for him.


This fate rewards Boone with the settler's disabled daughter, giving him, as his readings of Shakespeare remind him -- that he might fail of a right casket and woo the maiden -- finally giving Boone something to live for. But how will Emily take to his desire for revenge?


After returning from the War Between the States, he decides to give Emily what she wants to give him, even at her peril. Boone still needs to confront his father to learn the truth about his mother's death, but in his delay, finds he has to save his father first.


Follow Boone's adventures in the war-torn western US states between 1857 and 1872, to see how he comes to terms with being a "half-breed."  


Use the link below to purchase, or contact me for a signed copy.

Saving Boone: Legend of a Kiowa Son

From Lincoln to Trump: a political transformation

Now in second edition! Includes a classroom guide and an index in the paperback version. Lots more materials, including an evolution of the political parties since Washington - You'll be interested to see the longevity of Democrats compared to those newcomer Republicans. Also finishes Trump's presidency by using his own words to show why our country is still so divided today. 

From Lincoln to Trump: a political transformation

Felling of the Sons

Ben Cartwright finds himself torn in three when a threat comes against all of his sons at the same time, as he struggles to stay within the law and yet protect everything he loves.  Using the famous burning map as cover and historical footnotes, the novel's backdrop with intense historical research includes page-turning action with cattle drivin', mining, timbering, land slidin', a house fire and even Hop Sing gets into the act at the shooting end of a rifle. With a little romance and some psychological drama, this western thriller shows how love of family can overcome all obstacles. Permission to published obtained from David Dortort, producer of the series, in 1996; the novel is now in 3rd edit.







"I VERY HIGHLY (HIGHLY, HIGHLY) RECOMMEND Felling of the Sons to every Western genre enthusiast, especially those that hold Bonanza in high-esteem.—Patricia Spork, Reviewer, ebook Reviews Weekly.

Felling of the Sons

Civil War & Bloody Peace: Following Orders

2nd Edition now available: Includes teacher's classroom guide, better analysis and a more dedicated index. The perfect book to learn how the Civil War impacted the Indian wars, the wild west, and Reconstruction, all the way to 1916.


This is the story of a soldier, but it's also the story of a country. In this pivotal look at our nation's history, Following Orders uncovers the attitudes of those who gave the orders. Lincoln, Grant, Sherman, Sheridan, Custer, and more. Find out what they were really like as you explore U.S History starting in the Civil War, through political reconstruction of the country and into the "Wild West" of the Indian wars.


The focus is on the people who lived this history in a way you were never taught in school. This is an attempt to get at the real and objective truth of military orders between 1862 and 1884, and beyond, by following a regular army private's orders during those years he served, more than any other non-comm in history found in this research. You will be walking through real records of history, with the people who made the U.S. what it is today.

Who Henry was is not important. What he learned makes all the difference. Here he represents the enlisted in the army, whose story also deserves to be told.


About the Author: Bebow-Reinhard never paid much attention to stories about her grandfather's great uncle until after seeing the movie, Dances with Wolves. Henry Bertrand was nearly John Dunbar—went from the Civil to Indian wars because he wanted to see the west. She spent 20 years traveling the country to dig into primary records at all the 18 locations where he'd served. She earned her master's in history on "Bloody Peace," and discovered how much fun history can be when you investigate attitude to uncover why things happened.


Civil War & Bloody Peace: Following Orders

Available now in 2nd edition!

Mystic Fire: A Bonanza/Civil War Novel

Set in 1862, with historically recreated characterizations of Lincoln and Mark Twain. See a realistic way in which the Civil War could have torn the Cartwrights apart.


In the TV series Bonanza (1959-1972), no Cartwright served in the Civil War. Nevada was a territory so the sons were not subject to the draft. Here, in 1962, however, Lincoln had other worries. Not only couldn't he get enough men to fight, he had decided to issue the Emancipation Proclamation but didn't know what to do with the slaves who were freeing themselves from the Confederacy. The Cartwrights become embroiled in a slave uprising when several runaways are sent to get their help. All four Cartwrights follow separate paths in this thriller that turns the Ponderosa upside-down. Lincoln is not himself in 1862, after suffering the loss of his son, and even Mark Twain gets into the act, trying to figure out if the Cartwrights have indeed gone crazy. The Civil War again reaches to tear the Cartwrights apart in ways they could never have imagined.

Dancing With Cannibals

A co-authored work, using the historical research of a native of the Congo, and current South African resident.  REVIEW: "Jean's story on the other hand allows one to see the conditions in the Congo and how life for the natives deteriorated in order to satisfy Belgium's greed. It's an intriguing look into a different time."


Jean and Simon are Belgian prisoners sent to help King Leopold colonize the Congo in this historical recreation. They demonstrate two attitudes: one of greed, and the other of respect and understanding for cultural differences. Find out what happens when Simon wants to be rich and Jean only wants to belong, even though Jean realizes that may mean, on occasion, eating human meat. What he does learn about these cannibals is both illuminating and frightening -- how we all have this potential for cannibalism inside us.


Click on the link above to see an excerpt of the novel.