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Documents and Videos

The Vacation (178 KB)

Newly edited! It has an all-new ending.

cartwright_saga_anthology.pdf (2.35 MB)

8 short Cartwright stories, starting with Adam's return from college, and following him through his development as eldest son to where he finally leaves the Ponderosa, for good. It includes stories I wrote completely at the Ponderosa Ranch, the first one I ever wrote, and one that I thought was a real episode I saw as a kid, only to find out I made it up as a kid. This is the newly edited 2020 edition.

Free short story, "After the Fall" (222 KB)

You can go to Bonanza Boomers for the official version at https://www.bonanzaboomers.com/library/viewstory.php?sid=1424. It costs nothing to join and get access to a rich variety of Bonanza stories.


For those who aren't member, you can download a copy here, free.