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Research & Thoughts

A Killing Society

(Updated from 2014)


I happened to glance through the sport section of the paper the other day and saw an article about a guy going after the biggest bear known in the area.  He decided he was going to pretend to leave the area to see if he could trick the monster, and sure enough the bear showed up. That's when the article turned nasty.  Of course, he shoots it, but do they have to describe the bear's exploding ribcage and the howling cry of pain?  What is it about violence that gets people off?


The next day on a trip south I saw a sign – "Love the smell of gunpowder in the morning?  So do we." It was a sign for a shooting range.


What kind of violent society are we that we have to take the 2nd Amendment with its right to bear arms as militia protection from a tyrannical monarchy using muskets to meaning we can walk around with semi-automatic pistols and AR15s into school yards, airports, malls, churches and farmers markets?  


What kind of mentality creates this kind of society that advertises the love of the smell of gunpowder? Is shooting just for fun?  Or do these people really think they're protecting themselves, and need the bear meat to supply for their families?


I can understand going out to hunt meat when you're starving, and this is all you can afford.  But how can this kind of activity be fun?  Of course people who call hunting a sport also say they eat the meat they kill, but what is it about killing the animal when you're not starving that you get off on?  Are they reassuring themselves that if our society ever collapses they have the skills to survive? Part of their rationale is that these animals would overpopulate and terrorize our cities if they weren't hunted. But why brag about killing?


What I see going on now, with increased crime rates since Trump's loss, is that society will collapse because of weaponry. One thing Biden hasn't tackled yet, but to be fair, he's not even had a month yet.


I don't think there are too many people, NRA or not, who don't believe that George Zimmerman enjoyed having the 'excuse' to kill Trayvon Martin.  Of course he did.  He bought a gun and he walked around looking for a reason to shoot it.  He found one -- he created one. That he got away with it indicates he could do it again.


I get the need for every country to have soldiers. But I don't think for a minute that they're making us safer by killing people in other countries. It's like the tribes in America's pre-contact past. If you kill one of mine, I have to kill one of yours. This is a mentality that has been with us as human beings forever. Iran is smarter than Trump, so they could not be goaded into starting his war. We're fortunate they say him for what he was. But why do people become soldiers?  Why were so many ex-soldiers part of that January 6th capitol raid?


Can't we all see that not killing is better than killing?  Join the Peace Corps instead.


I asked recently if humans having consciousness are really still so far from being beasts as the beasts without this knowledge of "me-ness," and the feeling seemed pretty universal – no, we're not. We're still just beasts trying to protect what's ours.  We're still territorial. What good is ou consciousness if we don't use it to think?


Of course there are many altruistic people in the world, too -- people who wouldn't dream of picking up a gun.  Trayvon Martin might have been one of those.  Those could be the people who are truly evolving away from this 'beast' mentality. I like to think I'm one of them. But am I?  Or am I just fooling myself into believing that I'm safer without a gun? Am I just a declawed cat that's gone crazy?


I have to admit, if there's a societal showdown between people who want their guns and those who don't, we without are at more risk. That's what became scary when Trump kept insisting he won that election, and getting his supporters to believe it. But again, Trump failed to get the war he wanted.


I only know I'd rather die than live in their world anyway.  Because there's no place in my world where killing live breathing life -- for meat, for protection, for war -- is fun. It's sacred, and needs to be treated that way. No one's life in nature is of more value than another's. If you believe all living, breathing life is sacred, then don't glamorize your hunt. It just makes you look like a bully.

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