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HISTORY LESSON #15 - Why No Democrat was Prepared Post-Trump

Personally, I did not want Joe Biden to get the nomination. I would have preferred Hillary try a second run, since she was still tough, she was right and she was a little younger. Had Biden run in 2016, he might have stopped Trump right there. But now, thinking about all the candidates along with Biden in 2020, I'm not sure anyone could have been a good follow-up to someone like Trump who made dividing this country his presidential passion. As more than one Biden voter has admitted, when it came to 2020, "anyone but Trump."


None of them, from Amy now struggling with breast cancer, to Yang who has left the Dems to become independent but doesn't seem to realize how few would see someone of Chinese descent as president (considering our ongoing struggles with China now turning back toward communism again) to Warren, who seemed strong but doesn't seem to have a lot to say anymore, to Sanders, not any younger and who seems like a raving lunatic, to Harris, who is not impressing anyone in being a heartbeat from the presidency. Biden seemed the best choice to unite a world divided -- although who counted on Trump further dividing by insisting the election was fraud because he doesn't know how to lose?


Here's Trump's idea: let the country and economy crash so he can say "I told you so, should have stuck with me instead of an illegitimate government." On October 7th he slammed McConnell for offering a compromise to the debt ceiling stalemate. Is there any doubt that he doesn't care about anyone or anything but himself? Having this country crash and burn will save his sorry hide from the January 6th commission and everything else.


Even worse is how Trump tries to make his objection sound: "Looks like Mitch McConnell is folding to the Democrats, again," Trump said in a statement through his leadership PAC, Save America. "He's got all of the cards with the debt ceiling, it's time to play the hand. Don't let them destroy our Country!" Trump doesn't even realize what's at stake, nor does he care if he does.


We do see some GOP reaction against Trump's plans to run again. According to an article in "The Week," we were closer to a constitutional crises in January than we realize. Perhaps to be beaten by "perennial loser" Biden was the last straw, and he would not have challenged a loss to someone else. But I doubt that's the case -- this idea that he couldn't lose was in his noggin all along. We are still IN this crises, do not doubt that. The Republicans are doing all in their power in the variou GOP states to prevent the pandemic style of voting that was used in 2020. They are trying to cover up what happened on January 6th because many of them are implicated, and to uncover that would lead them into a freefall in 2022. McConnell has just now indicated that he will not work with the Democrats in December on the debt ceiling. He would rather allow the US to default on its debts than to work with them again. That's Trump-Speak, even though Trump wants to have him "deposed."


Many of us wonder why DeJoy still has the Post Office in his grip. It appears there are efforts to remove him or get him to resign, but he responded with "get used to me." Here's our answer:


"Louis DeJoy is … facing potential legal troubles. The postmaster general may be the closest thing to former President Donald Trump left in the nation's capital. But there's little President Joe Biden can do about it. The scrutiny of DeJoy, 63, has intensified as the Justice Department investigates him over political fundraising at the North Carolina-based company he ran prior to his work at the post office. DeJoy's proposed overhaul could help the post office operate more like a business than a public service. But he's bristled at suggestions he's a Trump holdover with an ideology that now conflicts with a Democratic administration. "I'm not a political appointee," DeJoy told the House hearing. "I was selected by a bipartisan board of governors and I'd really appreciate if you'd get that straight."

Wisconsin Rep. Mark Pocan, who organized a letter signed by 90 House Democrats in August calling for DeJoy's removal, said the postmaster general "doesn't seem to understand that one of the few services that the federal government does that's in the Constitution is the Postal Service," Pocan said "and we have a higher obligation to do the job correctly."


Sad to say, having him in there is actually the least of our problems. Our country's leadership right now needs youth and vigor, yes; under Biden we also need a committed and dedicated cabinet, a staff around Biden ready to rally to his cause and help him. Is that happening?


Our justice department under Garland has had some positive news, including this commission on investigating who beyond the rioters need to be held accountable for January 6th, and recently they were able to call a halt to Texas's new crazy anti-abortion laws while they are investigation for being unconstitutional.


For me the biggest issue is raising taxes on the rich, BEFORE spending money on infrastructure or anything else. Why push to raise the debt ceiling before you have a payment plan for your infrastructure in place?


It's increasingly clear that Biden's moderate approach to the Republicans was doomed from the start. They don't want him to do well, and will pull out all the stops to make him crush and burn, the same way they obstructed Obama. Many GOP are still afraid of Trump -- heaven knows why, because he could implicate them, I suspect. They are also afraid that, since their voters are the minority, they can never win again unless they pull every nasty trick in the book, while all along saying it's "to save democracy."


Sadly, a lot of Democrats, too, don't see the need to be moderate, but then, it seems that they might be right. Because the GOP doesn't want to work with the Democrats. No matter what. Take this debt ceiling approach. It doesn't matter to the GOP that the Democrats voted three times under Trump to raise it.


The biggest issue to me is that taxes need to be raised on the rich. Why can't this be done? A big deal was made of getting the two Georgia Democrat senators elected in January, because that gave the Senate a 50/50 split with Kamala Harris the tie-breaker. What good has that done the Democrats? None that I can see.


According to one article, however, there are changes coming to the tax code in January. But that will be too late to save the country, if we cannot stop the filibuster and cannot raise the debt ceiling. My hunch, if I can play politics a moment, is that the Republicans will make a deal to raise the debt ceiling in December: Stop digging into the January 6th event. Will the Democrats cave for the supposed "good of the country?" Or will they have the strength to call the GOP bluff?


Unless there's someone brave enough to stand up to the Trump curse plaguing our country, there's a chance none of us will survive him. Someone in the GOP, and there have been several who are willing to stand up to Trump, needs to take the next step. Someone tried to form the Lincoln Party. Do it now, and all the good reasonable GOP need to defect to it, leaving the GOP extreme right alone to continue their love fest with a maniac.


The Democrats need a lot more courage than they've shown lately. First, there seems to be candidates pandering for the White House in 2024 by making Biden's job more difficult. This would not have happened under a young and vigorous president, or where the VP was popular. They need unity to defeat the GOP's desire takeover of our politics, Trump-style. Schumer came out blasting the GOP for their ridiculous response to giving them two months on the debt ceiling before they have to go through that again, and Munchin commented that Schumer just made things worse, a comment that McConnell leaped on. Goodie. Instead of supporting Schumer and maybe understanding the comment, Munchin, you side with the jerks who don't do for Biden what you did for Trump. That's not courage. Stop letting them buy you off.


It may be hard for the Democrats to believe but they still need to defeat Trump. They're not even trying. They're too busy defeating themselves. I'm not the only one observing this. Kaiser-chatzlein noted: "Democrats need to stick together on this issue. The stacks are high because what's on the line is nothing less than who we are as a country."




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There are more sources but a lot of this is just from paying attention to what's going on. You should, too.

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