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Research & Thoughts

The CAMD is Personal

I lost the Iowa Grant, the one that would have enabled the project to feel professional and would have funded the trip to the remaining Iowa museums, including to the OAS in Iowa City where I felt I was only shown half of their material.


Because of this, because of, well, many of these kinds of unfunded setbacks, I will no longer be sharing any copper research anywhere except an occasional post at Academia.edu. I will pursue my love of this exploration of a vast Americas trade network for my own satisfaction, and to hope that someday my offerings will make a difference.


I will continue to work on the resource manuals but with no delusion that I will find an interested publisher. I will continue to call museums on my list to ask for information over the phone because I can no longer afford to travel anywhere. But I will expect a further lack of cooperation because of my inability to demonstrate any professoinal support.


I will no longer do a newsletter in any shape or form. The copper topic will remain here, however, and I will on occasion share something fun. While I dearly loved contact with like-minded people, i was unable to obtain any real support except for a "good job" every now and again. I recently heard that my most avid supporter, archeologist Jack Steinbring, has passed away. I knew he was in ill health. That has left me feeling the void.


But I cannot give up, because this work is that important. To me. While others continued to make fun, I continued to see validity in my progress.


If you are interested in any aspect of this research, there is one way you can help. Wherever your area of interest is, request a copy of materials found there. It won't cost you a lot. But it could save the CAMD's life.


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