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Research & Thoughts

Feeling on the Cusp of Things

You know how that goes. Every once in a great while a few nice things coincide to make you feel you're getting places, making the right decisions.


On May 17, my 45th wedding anniversary, my husband reluctantly allowed me to drag him to view a condo for sale in Green Bay. We also have relatives there, so we treated them to lunch first, with as much social distancing as possible in horrible weather. I realized at home that night that, though it had everything we wanted, it just wasn't big enough and wouldn't allow for Joe's massive plants that he's so proud of. He'd have to give up gardening both outside and in.


I made a deal with him the next day. Allow me to take a train trip to ABQ, or Seattle, this year, and I will give up trying to find a place in Green Bay, until the day when he cannot do his share of work around the house anymore. I also told him he has to get the phone numbers of some neighbors to call when I'm on the road, just in case. Or I will immediately put the house up for sale.


Now, only two days after that (I'll skip over the May 18 fun but that was a great day), I got an email from a city councilman, wanting me to apply to be on one of the city committees. Even though, yes, their need is great, I was honored to be asked. Only the week before I'd responded to his request to get letters sent opposing a new charter school in the area. I got that done quickly, and I think that made him think of me.


I had been complaining to Joe that I couldn't find myself in Beloit. I didn't feel I belonged here. And though he's on a city committe himself, he did not suggest this for me.


I told him that the move to Green Bay meant I would have to give up a lot, too, but at least we'd be where we belong. One of the thing I'd have to give up is all the films and commercials I apply for. My talent agency would probably drop me. So the same day that I got that request to apply for a committee position, I was told that I was "first call" for the commercial I applied for through my agency last week. I felt I'd done the best auditon ever for that good-paying role, but I was stunned to see I'm actually in the running for it!


Problem - they need me available June 8th. Yeah. Joe's next infusion in Madison date. Sigh. So I immediately went online to find a car to rent for the day. I won't be able to make it to Milwaukee until 9:30 or so, but I'm hoping that'll work out. Fingers crossed! They said they'd let me know more on 5/22. Until then, I'm going to believe that I'm the best they can find in that role.


It feels, like, okay, I'll resign myself to being here, and suddenly, things start to happen. I also joined the new Beloit Democrats, and made phone calls last week. Where this will all lead will depend on me, and all I need is the right attittude, like the one I had, full of hope, in 2018.

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