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Research & Thoughts

How a Pagan views Disease

This will be hard to write.


I am eying Sweden's disease experiment with great interest. Could they be right? If you let the disease run its course, will there be no mutation? No second wave?


Are we doing the wrong thing with lockdown?


I think we're doing the only thing that today's sane people can do -- put lives over money. 


But will this come back to haunt us? Will this prove to be the wrong move?


I think about how ancient cultures let the weaker of society die when food was short.


I also think about the 90% death of the Native American Indians when Europeans first arrived, because they had no immunity to their diseases.


I think about how much worse many of us thought this could be if we don't take precautions. Yes, we don't want to overwhelm our hospitals. But how do we know it can't get much worse later?


I'm not saying my right to go shopping or get a haircut or have wine in public is more important than your mother's heatlh. Not at all. It's not about shopping. It's not about how many people are unemployed and can't afford food. It's not even about how we might run out of food if we don't start up the economy again.


But in a way, it is. If we don't die one way, we'll die another way.


One thing I know for sure. If Trump says it, it's wrong. Trump's motives are always self-serving. There's no doubt in my mind about that.


But we've seen cities as being those places were more people will die than anywhere else. And that's the Democratic base. That's why Trump let this virus loose.


So remember this, and know that no matter what we do to fight this virus -- we might be right, we might be wrong. The only right thing is going to be to stop Trump. Stop the GOP. 


So protect yourself, protect your family, protect your vote. That might be all we have left. And it might not be enough.

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