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Research & Thoughts

Copper Newsletter Due 1st of May

(You can add your email on the copper tab and I think that does something. Let me know.)


I am just putting up a little newsletter here every month of some new discoveries. I tried but was unable to figure out how to create an email list at either of my email sites, yahoo or gmail. If anyone knows how, hand me a few steps, eh?


But I'll tell you, I'm pulling my hair out lately, trying to go through resources to work on for the resource manuals. I keep running into ones I've already used, or they don't have anything or what they have is confusing - I'm no archaeologist, after all. And I have to be careful not to tred on any toes with my silly ideas, right.


Breathe, just breathe.


Hey, if only I wasn't onto something in my undergraduate work in the late 1990s that gave me this cocky idea that I might have some good instincts for this work. If only I didn't ... then maybe I wouldn't be here drowning in 78,000 artifacts trying to figure out how to make this collection available for use.


The biggest thing I fear? Museums will start trying to grab from each other. Please! That's not the purpose here. 


Well, keep an eye out for the first of May. I won't be able to share photos online, though. Not like I used to with my newsletter.


And don't forget to go to the links page and download the Wittry Updated Typology.

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