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Research & Thoughts

Earth Day V. Pandemic

I am horrified to see that i've gone over a week without a blog! I guess I'm getting lazy. Actually, this stay at home thing is good for a writer, we can get more done. But it seems the more I get done the more I have to do. I just started working on all my Bonanza short stories, updating them becuase Bonanza still remains the best thing that ever happened to me. But my growing disillusionment with blogging is what I hear from others - no one reads them. Thinking of it as journaling instead, with a bit of a bite.


I am also getting the final draft done on my new book, now called "From Lincoln to Trump: The Grand Old Party Attitude." Hoping to get it under 90,000 words. If I don't find a publisher by June, I will go ahead on my own. Again.


But let's talk about Earth Day. How hard it is to be environmentally correct today. You can't bring your re-usable bags to the grocery store. You can't fill up your water bottle anywhere. I haven't checked, but I'll bet you cannot buy those gallon jugs and refill them, either.


So what can we do? Well, on Saturday I did something I swore I'd never do. Pick up other people's litter. Ugh! I had my husband make me one of those stabbing sticks, you know, with a nail on the end? But he made it with a screw instead. Goal was to jam it down on the item and twist and voila!  Well, that worked a few times, and then I lost my voila. It was easier just to pick the stuff up by hand. Yes, I had gloves, and a mask, and my water bottle clipped to my pants, that I had to then keep pulling up. I had only a couple small grocery bags with me. They have handles and I thought that was handy so I could tie the bag shut when it was full. Well, I had to have my husband come and pick up the first bag - and his poking stick - and bring me another bag. It was a walk of about 7500 steps and I filled three bags and had to leave some stuff because I just had no more room! And oh, my acthing back. But this morning, that road sure did look nice! I could almost see it smiling at me.


I've got these steel tumblers that I wanted to be able to use when we go to places like Culver's for soda, but they didn't come with covers - straws, but no covers. So I walked to the gas station today to see if those throw-away covers would fit. I could always re-use them, right? But it turns out I'd need a smaller size than they had. And they don't have their soda machines working, either! Sometimes I think we're taking this too far.  Now I gotta figure out how to find a cover to fit my steel tumbler.


Look, I know it's hard, not buying water bottles right now. But they really are bad for you, and the environment. If you can find any other solution, go for it. When we first moved into this house, we installed a water filtration faucet just for our drinking. We had one at our old house, too. It's sooooo worth it! But if I go for a bike ride, I won't find any place to refill it. So I will have to make that one fill-up last. I'll put that to the test, hopefully, on Wednesday, when I bike ride to the post office. I'm entering Civil War & Bloody Peace into yet another competition. 


And hey, I know gas is cheap right now. Who'da thunk? But don't give into temptationi and buy a gas guzzler car, because you know what goes down will go up, right? I think I'll start using premium, it might increase my hybrid's MPG.


Happy Earth Day! And no, the Earth did not give us this virus. We did this ourselves. This is a pollution issues, and an abuse of animals issue. Never blame the Earth. Hell no, she doesn't love us. She doesn't even tolerate us, half the time. But she's all we got.

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