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Research & Thoughts

A Shocking Detail

In lieu of being let go from my job, I've found myself nearing the end of my edit of Repbulican WarMongers: A study in political attitude.


Today I'm working on Obama's election and the emergence of the Tea Party. First I wanted to find out when racial profiling began. What I uncovered shocked me. Apparently Obama had a run-in with the Fraternal Order of Police when he was running for re-election in 2000 in Illiniois.


I checked back in my other notes. Sure enough, it was the Fraternal Order of Police that Robert F Kennedy oppossed in 1967.


For those who don't believe history is filled with real stuff, we know two things. We know that the LAPD covered up crucial evidence at the crime scene after RFK was shot. We also know that Obama's election brought racial profiling to our attention like it hadn't in the past.


Did you know that the measures Obama wanted to pass in 2000 couldn't get passed until 2003, when a Democractic Congress was elected? 


If you're not starting to see it now, you will when you read this book. Hopefully the kindle will be out by mid-summer.

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