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Research & Thoughts

Republican WarMongers

Have you heard the latest? Apparently Trump abducted some masks being shipped to Canada. In today's climate, that sounds like a declaration of war. Mexico closed its border - to the USA, in a nice twist. And don't expect the US to start recovered until NY starts leveling off.


It feels odd now, working on a book called Republican Warmongers: Attitude of a political party (or how we got from Lincoln to Trump). I envisioned this being ready by October, before the elections, to answer a lot of questions people might have. In tracing the party politics and attitude over the decade, it really does seem clear how the politics flipped to give us a black president who's also a Democrat.


The Obama/Trump chapter is next, which means I'm also done with the first draft. Definitley longer than I expected. Of course you can't really explain the Republicans without throwing in some Democrats, too. The Obama chapter will mostly be on racial profiling, the Tea Party and how someone like Trump could make himself look like "one of us." The chapter on politics of the 60s will shock and, if you're like me, frighten you.


I don't know how much I'll devote to the virus. I think it's important to see the things Trump has done, or hasn't done, in his presidency, compared to others. I use only the most reliable of sources (no quotes from Facebook). As impartial as I can find. 


Then after anothe read through, and comments from a beta reader or two, I'll probably self-publish because I've not gotten a response from a query to publishers. I think my timeframe is too short for most.


Do I think this could help un-elect Donald? I think the virus is doing a number on him, but I also think there are lessons here for the Democrats, too. It  will be over 90,000 words when it's done.

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