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Research & Thoughts

The April Fool

Yeah, this isn't really a good year to do any fooling. But I feel like technology is trying to do me in. For the past week I've been a day late and technology short.


Started with an opportunity to audition for a commerical - my first audition with my agency, and how nice it came when I'm laid off of work (officialy on-call, they say). So I did everything I could to make it the best audition - reading and re-reading the instructions, getting the lines down with so many rehearsals. But I didn't have a phone holder for my tripod and my husband said his hands shake too much to hold it for me. So I couldn't pick the best location - I had to shoot where the propped phone could video me from the waist up. I ordered a phone holder from Amazon, but it wasn't due to arrive in time.


The selection for the commercial is supposed to happen today. I got the phone holder yesterday.


But maybe it would be a good thing NOT to be chosen. I found out yesterday when my son Bennett tried to skype me with his daughters that my webcam no longer works. And they plan to film me through my computer. The only thing I could think of was that the recent upgrade to Windows 10 screwed something up, so I went there to get them to fix it. They said, yes, they know, a fix is in progress. And they will let me know when it's ready.


But I need it now! 


No, I don't have it yet.


Then of all the weird things, this morning I looked for the cord to charge my old Kindle and couldn't find it. The one I found no longer fit. I finally found an old cord that for some reason has black tape wrapped around it. At least that works. This Kindle had been lost for a month, and I ordered a new one, finding the old one before the new one came. And the new one came without a cord. I sent it back.


If we're in isolation, and our technology no longer works, then what? 


April Fool. I wish I was just kidding.

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