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Research & Thoughts

In Honor of my First Agented Audition!

Okay, sometimes I get a little self-serving here. But I'm very excited that finally I got an audition through Milwaukee Talent Network. It's a nationwide commercial, but sadly, I probably won't get it. The requirement was that I film it on my phone in a fairly uncluttered area, and I didn't have a phone attachment for my tripod. Yeah, I ordered one today. (Not like I can run out to Best Buy, after all.) They will be filming whoever they choose in their home location, so having that right backdrop, I'm sure, will figure into their choice.  


Anyway, I decided to share some of my Youtube video links here on the links page. They're for the copper documentary I'm filming because I finally figured out how I want to open the video. This I'll be filming shortly. Hey, we're home-stuck so might as well make it productive!


It amazes me that I got that audition only shortly after being laid off at work. So here's hoping. I think I did well. But they're looking at more than that in this one.

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