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Does My Website Remind you of The Black Forest?

Well, maybe that's a deliberate subliminal choice. I didn't think of it when I chose the style, but definitely afterward. My business is Grimms, Etc., because when I was about 6 I found out I'm a Grimm and decided I was going to have my own fairy tale collection someday. Still working on it! But Germany is also next on my travel list. I was there once before but not on my terms. The Black Forest is on my list.  Here's what I found out about it:


Located in a large mountain range in Southwest Germany, Black Forest or Schwarzwald in German, is home to the cuckoo clock, the Grimm Brothers' fairy tales and world-renowned thermal spas. Black Forest Germany is a popular vacation spot for locals and tourists alike. With the Rhine valley to the west and south, the Black Forest of Germany is known for its hills, valleys, rivers and forests. If you're planning a trip to Germany, you'll want to spend at least a couple of days in the Black Forest, the most beautiful region in the country.


It should be unsurprising that forestry is one of the biggest industries in the region. Logs cut from Germany's Black Forest have built ships in the Netherlands and buildings in Japan. Before industrialization, many farmers used the wood to build cuckoo clocks to supplement their income during the winter months. To this day,  Black Forest cuckoo clockmakers preserve the rich history of the region, using the same means as their forbearers to produce hand carved cuckoo clocks famous for their quality and craftsmanship.


Today, the spa town of Baden-Baden, the national park surrounding the 12 thermal springs, and the small towns that dot the landscape attract visitors from all over the world to Germany's lush Black Forest.


That pretty much settles that! My great-uncle was from Baden-Wurtemberg, too! I also have to go to Zurich, so I think I'll start there and make my way to the Fairy Tale trail via the Black Forest.

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