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Research & Thoughts

First Bike Ride - Hopefully not Last!

We have a nice little party/floral shop down the road that also handles UPS/USPS packages, and I had to return the Kindle I bought. So I hoped a bike ride would give me some needed steps I'm losing out on because of not working with the public anymore. (I did make $95 - ask me how!)


It was a little chilly and the sun went under some clouds but I rode on. We have a pretty decent bike path from here to there, about a mile and a half. I had called first to make sure they're open. (They created this gorgeous arrangement my boss gave me last week, flowers are still opening on it.)


Afterward, chatted with some folks about the bike ride. As I mounted my bag with the water bottle on my back must have shiffted because as I mounted, down I went! You know that feeling when you know you're going to fall and there's nothing you can do to stop it? I think that's my first fall in five years or more. Wait - I don't think I've fallen since I was 15!


Anyway, I leaped back up before anyone could see me and rode off, had to turn around and go back for the water bottle. (Did you know you should drink water after every personal encounter?)


But right now, wow, right hip is sore. Which is odd, because I fell on my left side -- I can tell because my left coat elbow is dirty, and I'd just washed the coat, too. I made it home, that's the important thing. And didn't get near the steps on my Fitbit, either. It generally does count my bike rides.


So, bummer. But I'm still glad I went by bike. More of those to come, if I can still move tomorrow.



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