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October 6th: Will be presenting at Oconto County Historical Society's Beyer Home in Oconto on PENSAUKEE: VOICE OF A LANDSCAPE. I expect this will be the last presentation on this topic in the area. The presentation will begin at 6:30 but I'll be there early with some display materials. Talk will cover why it took me so long to publish the book, why Arndt discovered Pensaukee, his signficiance in the area, the mill's development, Gardner's building of Pensaukee, and the impact of a fire and a tornado, finally to end with how the Arndt Sawmill Discovery Team got the mill site on the National HIstoric Register. Will include a couple fun reads from the book. So even if you came to the one in Oconto Falls, you'll hear new stuff here. And if you've had a chance to read it in the meantime, come with your questions!

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Everything you want to know to help me promote my work. Although I fully expect not to become known in my lifetime.

After earning her master's in history Bebow-Reinhard became obsessed with research. Once field work was done on her master's thesis, and her curator museumship finished she began compiling a master database of all pre-contact copper artifacts found in the Americas (currently totalling 85,000). Along with being an authorized Bonanza novelist, she co-wrote Dancing with Cannibals with an African native she's never met. And she spent the pandemic writing a book on the US presidents, to try and figure how how we got to where we are today.


Bebow-Reinhard earned BA in 2000 / MA in 2006 in history. During those degrees she penned her two authorized Bonanza novels; one has been chosen as required college reading. She has published a major nonfiction book that took 20 years to pull together and has written movie scripts, sold articles and short fiction as well. She is compiling a master database of all pre-contact copper artifacts found in the Americas, and has finished her first copper resource manual.  Her script, "Bighorn Deceit," was a finalist CWA. She is an agented actress and appears in local commercials.




Monette Bebow-Reinhard spent years, while raising children, satisfying her artistic bent by acting, directing and writing plays.  She began writing movie scripts in 1975; in 1992 she gained access to the world of Bonanza through contact with its producer/creator, David Dortort. After three years, during which they wrote scripts together, while convincing him she could write Bonanza material, she became the next authorized Bonanza writer. Her two novels are now in 2nd and 3rd editions. She continues to write movie scripts and has won several minor awards. Her first Bonanza novel, Felling of the Sons, won two awards—a first and a second place—and has been used as required college reading.


She studied acting for a year at college and dropped out for a secretarial career, the family life and raising children. She returned to college in 1994 after a near miss with a publisher on a unique vampire novel series. The BA earned in 2000 didn't give her enough research skills to finish the book on her grandfather's great-uncle's 20 years in the army in the 1800s, so she returned to school and earned an MA in history in 2006.


Her biggest passions are cultural integrity, environment protection, and understanding our spiritual selves. For fourteen years she drove a variety of hybrids and envisions with all her writing to pass on the passion for the environment and peaceful living. Her daughter CarrieLynn is professor at Dominican University in Chicago, sons Adam with his wife Malavika and Bennett and his wife Amanda both work in Seattle; Ben and Amanda have given her two grandchildren.  


Bebow-Reinhard firmly believes to be considered a good writer, you need a publishing contract, and yet currently all her work is self-published. She received some interest in Michigan: Copper Artifact Resource Manual but they would not pay royalties. She needs to earn some of the research money back, and is willing to sell the entire CAMD to the right person or organization. She had two publishers for three novel, but allowed the Solstice contract to lapse because the novel need a new direction and more intense edit to fit the trilogy "Journal of an Undead." Its previous title was "Adventures in Death & Romance: Vrykolakas Tales," but the publisher made "Vrykolakas Tales" the main title and how do you pronounce that for word of mouth? Civil War & Bloody Peace: Following Orders, a major nonfiction she worked on in her master's program, had to be self published. After 20 years of research to pull it together and 10 years of querying publishers, all she heard were conflicting excuses not to publish it. "From Lincoln to Trump" she wanted to put out during the 2020 campaign year and no publisher could put it out that quickly; now in second edition, she got no responses from publishers.


All Things That Matter Press (ATTMP) published Grimms American Macabre, a collection of short stories under the pen name Lizbeth Grimm, which has been a dream of hers since learning her grandmother was a Grimm.  This publisher also released her 6th book, another historical novel, Saving Boone: Legend of The Half-White Son, but with a poor cover and the wrong title, so both contracts were canceled with the help of Author's Guild. "Saving Boone" is now out as a new edit, position as young adult to adult. She's still trying to decide if her Grimms collection deserves another chance. She would have to buy out the contributors. She continues to submit her new novels to publishers. One requested the entire novel an hour after receiving two chapters.


She's given presentations over the years all around the country; her favorite was old soldier Henry to tell his stories. She also presents on her copper artifact master database (CAMD) that she has been compiling—now at over 85,000 pieces. She is also making her decades of acting pay off; she is agented with Milwaukee and Chicago talent agencies and has been paid for short movies and commercials, one aired in prime time in 2020. She also is placed with Casting Network (for a fee) to get access to acting opportunities, and has applied to be a senior model and ambassador with a national online agency. She loves to travel; her latest adventure took her to Crete.


Authorized as a Bonanza novelist in 1996, Bebow-Reinhard earned a master's in history in 2006, after which she published a second novel authorized by the creator of Bonanza. She is dedicated to history with attitude, history that's real and objective and uses that platform for marketing. She's had novels published by small presses and has lately turned to Amazon's KDP for her work, while still querying for the good presses that are out there. She also publishes short articles and fiction.


She enjoys giving presentations as a historian and has done book signings across the country. She will continue to query libraries to pick up copies, offer presentations (she did two zoom presentations in 2020 after the planned ones were canceled.) Below are her social links. She works with daily blogs at her website and adds weekly blogs there. She is picking up guest blog artists.


Bebow-Reinhard loves to travel and plans to do a lot more on the road marketing once the opportunities again become available.