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January 20th: First night without the lead blanket was weird. I felt I was drifting among the clouds but then my legs started twitching. I do think I slept better though. I'm returning it, and left a review; as I did, found out it's not recommended for anyone with joint issues. Well, I didn't have one until I started using it! Anyway, I don't recommend this as a sleep solution, at all. I'm already starting to recover from what I felt was theatrical exhaustion caused by painful sleep. Speaking of which I've sent out the email to our AG Theatricals so if you signed up but didn't get it, please let me know. And COPPER! Fun stuff yesterday at MPM, like one identified as a chisel that's more likely an arrow point. But also, just before I left for Milwaukee, I got the photo data from Field Museum! Guess what I'll be doing tomorrow? It's all steam ahead to finish the Northern Wisconsin book now. Of course this weekend is also shampooing that incredibly huge carpeted basement. Remind me never to carpet a family room. Ugh. But once done, I can put the Kirby at a further discounted price.


January 19th: Copper Day today! I love copper adventures. Always something new to learn. Heading to Milwaukee Public Museum. Got a good start on my new play yesterday, although I am filled with doubt that anything I write is worth anything. But at least I'm enjoying it, right? And who knows, maybe someone else will, too. It's a play to bring young kids back to the theater, not just acting but in audiences, too. This one is designed to appeal to them. I call it "Wade and Aaron's Brave New Plan." You might call it Bill and Ted as the Odd Couple in the computerized world. Pulling togther a theater group from Authors Guild so that we might all benefit from each other's expertise, experiences, and love of theater, and form Zoom groups to do read alouds of these scripts. We could even record them to play back on YouTube. I'll have to write up a list of suggestions to see what everyone will be interested in. It'll be great to mingle with theater people again!


January 18th: Dreamed last night of being at a bar that I was told got busy this one night of the week because of a dart tournament so we took a back table but I was pressed on more and more and more by the crowd until I could taste the tang of their simultaneous sweat. I managed to escape with my life only to end up in someone's garage. Anyway, headed to Madison, then the Art Center, then out to a hopefully quiet unpressed dinner. Along the way though I'll be starting a handwrite of the new play about humans in a computerized society. Working title is Wade and Aaron's Brave New Plan. Cast completey eclectic. Catch you on the flip!


January 17th: I'm thinking about how the overwhelming beliefs these days in fake news applies to this problem of teaching standardized history in our schools, and I think if you can understand how everyone is taught a different idea about who the USA is and who we are as people, you can understand why some would say "Make America Great Again" and others say "when has it ever been great?" These beliefs are becoming too ingrained, like a religion to people, that they willing to accept whatever affirms those beliefs. So to get rid of Fake News, and maybe it's too late for many of these 20 year olds now, but it has to be addressed for our future. With college enrollment declining, more probably entering trades where the real encouragement for jobs is, there is no further learning of history beyond high school. We have to standardize that NOW. Or this country is lost.


I'm going on record here and calling the NFL MEAN! Yeah, we're in the playoffs in Green Bay until the Super Bowl, that's bad enough. Why make it a night game? That's just plain mean. Wild card games aren't supposed to be very good -- glad the 49ers won, though. Can't stand the Dallas coach. In other news? Well, projects are progressing, that's all. One publisher opened a conversation about the Virginia City project and said he thought there was enough V.C. history out there. Ha, not like this. He referred me to the Lieby book, which I got a sample of and find the writing to be too simplistic. Certainly not the V.C. history that mine will have. And fun stuff! With emphasis on history in the Bonanza episodes! How is that like anything else? Hopefully he's taking a closer look at the proposal. Either that or I blew it with my response. I usually do.


January 16th: Since when do we not have standardized education? Is it true that every school is now allowed to teach its own approval version of history? This has to stop, and now. My next history lesson will be coming up in a matter of days on this. I am simply horrified to realized how this is further dividing us and will continue to divide us for years to come. There is only one history, real history, that involves ALL of us. It's why I researched and wrote From Lincoln to Trump but it's not selling so that's not helping, either. But obviously the issue is worse than I realized, juding from a Madison's Ithmus article I read this morning.


Had a lovely day on the road yesterday with snow falling as though in a snow globe (sans blizzard). Headed over to Johnson Creek for some January deals at an outlet mall. Outlet malls are suffering, like anything else, there's no question. A good eight or more empty stores, but the ones I like are still there. Then took a leisurely backroad route to get to the restaurant for the company dinner. If you've never been to the Butterfly Club in Beloit, DO NOT go on a Saturday night! Every single table of this very large restaurant was filled and the noise deafening. It's a fun place to eat though, if you're ever in the area any other time. I was the first to arrive because ... did I mention half those outlet stores were closed? Fortunately there was also a Kohls nearby.


January 15th: Finished the last segment of Get Back last night, and did not see any cop telling the Beatles to stop playing. I read the cop's report that he interfered with them playing, and is known as the man who stopped the Beatles' last concert. What I saw was four cops watching the Beatles play. Paul saw them before John, but they didn't stop playing. Mal did turn off George's speaker, but George yelled at him to turn it back on, so he did that. Once they finished that number, they just quietly broke set and went downstairs. John was last, giving his crack about passing the audition as the last thing said. But they finished their last song, did not stop because any cop told them to. The rooftop concert was definitely the highight, the rest almost painful to sit through if you're not all that interested in how music is made, but it's true, not a lot of negatives shown between them. John was quite often funny, but the rest was dry and, well, dull. The concert was really cool, though, the way they combined street scenes and interviews (CC) with the actual playing. Even some of the old people were digging it. 


Got inspired to write my next theater play for a competition, to be entered by the end of February. I'll probably be handwriting it, in snippets, to be all woven together. I've come up with the gist of an idea, just now how it's all going to work. The competition's theme is how do we retain our humanity in this computerized age? I'll have to have my daughter read it for me before I submit, because she's an expert on that topic. Kind of what inspired me to write the script, since I'm transcribing for her. Obviously my Zen play is over everyone's head, so I'll have to start with something else, first.


January 14th: Ever sleep under a lead blanket? I mean, seriously, it's a blanket that weighs 15 pounds for someone of my weight. It's supposed to help hold you in place so you sleep better. I'm pretty much a tosser/turner so with this blanket it's like a night of exercise! I can feel my muscles building in my sleep! Lift and lower life and lower - and sweat off the pounds, too! Is my sleep better? Nah. How do I use it in the summer? Made by someone living at the North Pole, no doubt. So I'm on this new Medicare program with an OTC card that's supposed to allow me up to $50 in free goods at CVS but I went there yesterday, and though I prepped myself in advance by exploring their website and downloading the app, nothing scanned as free. I expected to see a qualified / non-qualified come up in the scan but I got weird buttons that I couldn't interpret. Plus they won't let me leave a message for my new doctor so I can update him, nor could I like my old chart to this new one. I feel ilke I'm in limbo. I had a dream where I got a male walking friend, because his wife and my hubby are both disabled. We were enjoying the walk until I grabbed his arm in enthusiasm and then he went all tight on me. Can't help it, I'm just a natural flirt, even in my dreams. Sorry, Mike or whatever you name was.


January 13th: UPDATE of an UPDATE: On behalf of Sirhan's denied parole, again, I put up the controversial history blog. Will also be sending it to two historical organizations to see if someone wants me as a member. 


My son Bennett's birthday is tomorrow. I don't know if he ever visits here but I have no problem talking about what I have bequeathed him. You see, I've been working on movie scripts for a long time now. I bought a screen writing book and was able to make some good changes to If It Rains In Paris and Mexican Wall Wars, both of which are in competiton now. But the success of my low budget Escanaba-based "Graveyard" still escapes me. I've been making changes but something feels missing and I can't figure it out. So I sent it to him in a box with some other goodies and my copy of Dances with Wolves shooting script, and also bought him a different script writing book I heard was really good. You see, once when I was talking about all of my unfinished projects and who to will them to, Ben seemed the most enthused about them. He's also the one of my three who's done the most acting in his younger years. Oh, all three are talented that way, but Ben's even been on the Weidner stage and did Community Theater while still in high school. And if none of my scripts make the cut in their current competition, well, I'm out. I simply have too many other projects, and thought I'd spend a little time on writing stage plays, instead, to direct locally. (I found a place to turn into a theater but would have to sell a script first. Ah, life.) Do I just toss all these scripts? If anyone has the talent to work on them, it's Bennett. And now when he calls tomorrow and says WTF, I'll read this to him. Wish me luck! Mostly I'd love to see him engaged in his own creativity.


January 12th: Hate coming up with good stuff in the middle of the night. Then try to remember it in the morning? Here's one on a new way to promote Saving Boone. Maybe the current way is to esoteric? "Boone still needs to confront his father to learn the truth about his mother's death, but in his delay, now finds he has to save his father first. After returning from the War Between the States, he decides to give his wife what she wants to give him, even at her peril." Hey, I figured the best way to remember it is by going backward. "Maybe his mother was crazy, but she didn't deserve to die. Boone runs off, only 12, vowing to kill his father. He is taken as a slave, but on escape finds a kindly German and a large lost chunk of gold in the river and retrieves it for him. This fate rewards him with the settler's disabled daughter, giving him, as his readings of Shakespeare remind him, that he might fail of a right casket and woo the maiden -- finally giving Boone something to live for. But how will she take to his desire for revenge?" That's kind of the gist, but I need to rework it a little. Right?


Oh, the fun watching Bank Run last night! A Bonanza episode that now appears to me to be a play on the conniving Bank Crowd of Sharon and all. Sharon determined he wanted every mine in Virginia City, but McKay stood in his way, much as the Cartwrights do here. They had a cute bit of superstitution when Joe and Hoss walk on either side of a pole. "Bread and Butter." "Come to Supper." They each mutter to themselves. We have a year on this, conveniently given in the beginning, 1863, which was a year before Sharon came in (not to upset his heirs perhaps?). It was the Harrison Bank of Virginia City, not the Virginia City Bank. The former did not exist. But they also several times mentioned Bucket of Blood, which was not a saloon in the 1880s but, and here's where I'll have some fun in the book I'm working on, did in the Bonanza filming days. A little TV advertising for the upswing vacation destination of Virginia City? I found another episode that did that, which you'll see in the book. Maybe some of you are already very aware of that blatant advertising in that episode to visit the Tahoe area.


January 11th: So what else is going on? Not much, kind of a dull January so far. Was supposed to have my cleaning lady yesterday and we were going to tackle the basement shampooing of carpet but she said her kids are sick. I said she could set her own next appointment and I'd have her cleaning regular the last Monday of the month. No response yet. Sure hope they don't have covid. Daughter-in-law Malavika sent us another of their fabulous magazines from the UW Seattle campus, where she's in charge of the marketing department. Always an inspiration read, but this morning I have to work and then I get this obscene hair cut. Then I'll have to upload another casting photo. I hope the hair turns out, would like something I actually like enough to keep. And not just say, well, shit, it'll grow out. I'm showing her one of my older photos of a cut I liked once. Or was it that I didn't like it once but should have? Anyway, finding some good resource materials to use in the copper manual, like this one dated 1902 from Publius Lawson that has some pretty good quotes. As I've said, I'm a historican, not an archaeologist, so my work does reflect historical patterns in archaeology, as well as new ideas based on new and updated copper types and where they were found. Michigan is a fun read, even if you don't collect artifacts but are just interested in pre-history and how vast the populations traded before the Europeans got here. I'm still working on my daughter's transcriptions, too, so that's stalling up my progress on these materials. I'm an ace audio transcriptionist, if you know anyone who needs that. Wish me luck at work today!


January 10th:  Wow, look at the year go! Before long we'll all be dust! Had family over yesterday but it's a long drive for people who are getting up in years, yet we couldn't convince them to stay the night. We have the room. I told Joe that we aren't going their way without plans to stay the night because I'm just not interested in a 6-hour drive in a single day anymore. Oh man, I remember the day I drove 17 hours! But that wasn't straight, of course, I'd get out for lunch and gas and exploration, so maybe I wasn't behind the wheel for 17 hours, but it took that long to get from the place where I'd stayed to home again -- at 1 a.m. Not that young anymore! 


I'm on a "Proof of Life after Death" Facebook page but I don't think I'll stay on much longer. So many people are whacked and a lot are Christians looking to convert you. Who needs that? my belief is both scientific and spiritual, just like what the Earth itself is. What the universe is. Just look around you. Who needs to believe in more than this?


January 9th: Some good work done on Pensaukee and Northern Wisconsin CAMD yesterday. In the Northern Wisconsin (as opposed to Central or Southern, the other two books), I am finding quite a few things to trace in the Summary section, as I did in the Michigan book. For instance, Mark Hill noted in his conclusion that there appears to be no reason to believe that those at the Riverside site in Michigan had anything to do with those at the Burnt Rollway sites, though both were Late Archaic. That's one I'll ever further clarify or find an opposing summation. Here's an excerpt: "Mark Hill (2012:282) referred to Burnt Rollaway sites in northern Wisconsin as copper production sites of beads, awls and points, contemporary with Riverside across the Menominee River in Michigan. "Copper acquisition and production have now been observed on several sites of the Burnt Rollaways phase where copper was obtained from secondary sources in glacial moraines [not mined] and used for manufacture of tools and ornaments." He dates them (284) between 1600 BCE and 300 BCE. We'll look at this potential connection more closely in the summary. What he noted (289) was that there seemed to be no connection between the two; can we verify that? Instead, Hill connected Riverside to Reigh, which we'll explore further in the Central Wisconsin Resource Manual."


In Pensaukee, I'm removing more material that's either out of place, or that I can't reference appropriately. I did ask for permission to use a 1917 photo of Pensaukee that I found in an old Wisconsin Archeologist, but the response indicated that I had to check around to other museums to see if they own it. I really doubt anyone is going to object to this use, and I'm sure the photographer is long dead, so I'll use it and take my chances. I'll just not be able to have son Adam work on the cover for me if it's not free use.


January 8th: Tired of being a football fan, of defending Rodgers, so I'm making it official here. Win the Super Bowl, Aaron, because after this year, I'll be done watching, and I'm hoping you'll be done playing, too. The shit they're pulling on Aaron is just NOT to be believed. That he'd boycott playing in the Super Bowl to get the NFL to change its vaxx rules which are lenient now as is? As hard as he and the team have been working to get there? Who in their right mind believes this? Oh, yeah, Brett Favre fans. And that, right there, is why I'm leaving the game after this season myself.


Let's see, what else was rotten about 2021 that we can say good riddance? Well, I've left Beloit Clinic behind, after the way they treated me. I hope I have better luck with SSM Health - oh, and people say they saw my biking commercial I did for them on TV again! Why do I never see it? That's the fun thing, having people tell me they recognized me, quite a few, even though I never get to see these commercials on TV myself. Other negatives? Having that panic attack before going to Seattle, our first visit there during COVID, and getting my first speeding ticket in 30 years and finding out cops lie to you. All the rejected auditons, when I'm obviously good on camera makes me sad. My agent says no, they don't hire you based on previous work. That makes me sad. Diet on top of diet - I drank some not quite hot coffee this morning to see what it does to me, not a full cup, and not a hot cup. Terrible experience at Beloit Historical Society, I feel really bad about that, but wonderful experience at Beloit Art Center, they love me there. We went to their open house last night, which was great. Getting called back for the third year at the tax office, although you can imagine they'd prefer not to retrain and retrust someone else.


But now this month isn't starting off great either, since a book signing got canceled and a filming of a short video in which I play a serial killer is again put off. Still a busy month, start training to be a poll worker when it's not something I'm sure I should be doing. My first meeting on my new city committee isn't happening this month either, which means it'll happen during my work shift which means I'll have to take my computer to work and stay there to get online for those meetings. And still no book contract. Still no sales on any of my books this year yet. Hoping the first will be Saving Boone or Dancing with Cannibals. Every day of no sales makes me wonder if I'll ever sell anything again. Sitting here on projects, day after day, with no compensation, it's really hard. Really hard. But honestly, if I didn't do this, what would I do?


January 7th: (UPDATE) I remember saying I'd report on the first bad thing of the year, and though you may have a different list, I'll report here that Sidney Potier has died at 94. I know that's a good long life, as Betty White had a good run, but people seem in our society, with so many babyboomers as the first real generation to grow up with TV and a lot of these people became so well known to us, that we seem to take these deaths a little harder, in particular because it's showing us how fast time truly does go. I remember when my first child was born and my aunt said enjoy, because they grow up so fast. And jeepers, she's right! So the main thing is to enjoy. Why don't I worry about the pandemic as a bad thing? Because I'm fully vaccinated and stay safe, is why.



Anyway, I am VERY proud to report my first doctoral student request for the CAMD and I wish him all success with it. This is exactly one of the reasons I created this copper artifact master database. He bought my first book and THEN asked for the data on two areas, for one of the reasons I noted in the book, I've compiled the sources where you can go to get a closer look. Obviously I cannot share all the photos in my book. But the listing I have of sources should be invaluable to students in their archaeological career, especially needed if the future of this copper industry research is going to continue. I am feeling very satisfed today. (I'll admit, last night, after spending all afternoon getting it ready for him, I was afraid he was a fraud and I'd never hear from him again.) And now I'm ready, archaeology students - ask away!


January 6th: If you listened to Biden's speech this morning, you heard something today. He spoke in no uncertain terms about the blame Trump bears for the insurrection on the Capitol a year ago. Like no one before in history, Trump challenged our democracy and even after recounts proved the votes valid, he refused to concede, and felt, like a petty dictator, he could force the country to accept him as president again. I loved one of the comments Biden made that I'd not thought about. These criminals were waving Confederate flags in our nation's capitol, flags that had never been there before. Not even during the Civil War did Confederates get that close. But somehow these people, these white surpremacists led by a bully sore loser, did just that, as though saying, hey, the South should have won and all blacks destroyed. Rebel General Jubal Early got close, was even able to fire bullets into the room where Lincoln was standing. But never made it inside. But here's the thing about a year ago today: we never came close to losing our democracy that day. It wouldn't have happened just through a handful of criminals. Our Constitution declares that it takes a majority to overthrew a petty tyrant wrongfully holding a minority rule. If Trump had somehow been able to declare himself the winner, and refused to leave the White House, then the majority rule would have removed him, and that would have been upheld by the Constitution, considering the vote remained as valid as it has. Trump MUST be held accountable. He cannot be allowed anywhere near our elective processes, ever again, and as voters let's be sure to vote OUT all those who want to subvert anyone's right to vote. This is just too important. And that's my summary of President Biden's speech.


January 5th: I'm still trying to figure out how to be a long distance grandma. I was so disappointed in myself the last time we went to Seattle, because of that ER visit the day before, and being so unsure about my health and worrying about covid and being afraid to just give them a hug. They're a busy family, we know we can't talk to them once a week as we'd like. My son, their dad, is having a birthday soon and I'm sending a box of stuff, including something I created for each of the girls, but I don't know if it'll hit any mark. This getting old is a pain, more so when you don't have any loved ones around you, you know? Filled with insecurities.


How about another share? This is something I learned about Virginia City I'm going to put in the book, but haven't gotten there yet. Too many projects! Not used to working on three nonfiction at the same time. Getting one last proposal out on Pensaukee today. I doubt it'll take them long to respond. Anyway, miners spent eight hours down in the mines at the height of the wealth of the Comstock. Did you ever wonder what they used for a bathroom? What I found out was that the miners loved their rat population, because cleaning up their feces was one of the things rats lived on. Imagine that! Yeah, it'll make the book. This book is going to be the most real thing of anything I've ever created.


January 4th: UPDATE: Got a guy who bought the Michigan book and wants access to another database. I am thrilled with the request but am torn with the desire to just give it to him, and to charge a nominal fee. On one hand it's possible I'll never get the Canada one done, though I would like to tackle it after Wisconsin and Illinois are done. Canada is going to be hard, it's a huge country and I want to trace the cultural developments with includes the crescent, which I believe stays more north as the celt goes south. But do people respect what they get for free? It's always been my belief, which is why I had rummage sales, because people respect more what they pay for. So I gave him a few options and a small price, and the request that he promise not to share the material, that it's for his own research. And if it IS just for research, I can also give him the confidential material, which no one gets in the published books. A promise I made to museums and collectors. Enjoying the cold? I'm not. I am enjoying the fur coat I bought. (Fake of course) I did get a date pinned down at the Milwaukee Public Museum for this resource manual I'm working on now. But it means juggling two other appointments that day. Ah, life.


January 3rd: Okay, so the Packers have top seed. Big deal. How many years now have we waited for Aaron's second Super Bowl? And he wants to be MVP? Gotta make more touchdowns than that against a crippled team. Goodness, look what the Seahawks did to the Lions. I doubt Aaron will sit out against the Lions next week, because he wants that MVP after the crummy personal year he's had. On a lighter note - oh wait, I don't have one. We have to had to Madison in a few minutes so I better get moving!


January 2nd: Do you think my cat cares what day it is? That's why they say live for the moment, although my new expression is today is meant to link the past to the future. I saw, 10 p.m., that my chest of drawers old paint was ready to be scraped. Not what I wanted to do, but what I had to do, that time of night. Here's the thing. I use CitrusStrip and the container says not too smelly - it was - and that after a half an hour check to see if I can scrape. Here's what it should have said: Use well ventilated and do NOT start to scrap off the old paint until it has started to bubble. I didn't get it all off so it will need another application, but it did work nice where it worked. I doubt I'll do it again until I can open a window. I also need to varnish some pieces but that can wait, too. Glad I got at it, though. It does look nicer and it's one thing off my list before I start work.


January 1st: I'm loving this year so far, how about you? I'll make note of the first bad thing to happen and we'll see if you agree it was the first bad thing of the year. So it won't be personal. I'm going to have a med-free, ticket-free, and rejection-free year! My resolution!

December 31st: I dreamed about brother Billy last night. Hope he's okay. We don't hear from him anymore. He's uber-Christian and won't talk to us because we aren't. But humans are only animals, crying out for help to our invention called 'God'. Or as a Lennon said, God is a concept by which we measure our pain. 


But yeah, got done with work early, ran errands, went to Rock County Honda, saw NO used cars. There goes that idea. We could just sell them the car, and buy one off a used lot somewhere. I'd have to talk him into it, and will, if he complains about this one once more. We will not going on any long trips, even to GB, for awhile. We also did our eating out yesterday, rather than chancing it tonight, and holy cow, did everyone have the same idea? We should have stayed at Appleby's but I think all places suffer from lack of employees.


Keanu, man she is so smart. The last two mornings I had the alarm set for 7 so I could get up for work. Yesterday she acted all huffy at me. When I had her in my apartment as a kitten she was alone when I worked, so I'm thinking she hated the idea I was going to do THAT again. This morning no work, so at 7:02 she came in and snuggled. Like she knew we were back to normal again. Fortunately my regular schedule is 1 to 7, but she'll probably give me the evil eye when I do that for a second day. Such a character.


December 30th: Make your new years plans yet? I have. We'll see the Matrix tomorrow, eat out somewhere and I'll stay up alone and alcohol-less watching American Werewolf in London with one of my favorite fellas. Seriously! My sister got me a photo glossy of him where he wrote "Mo, Wish you were here" after she told him, on a flight, that he was one of my favorites. So what streamers are you going to get next year? Apparently cable is on its way out. Maybe that's not such a bad thing. There's so much on it we don't watch. I haven't decided on my next streamer yet. Might have to be AMC if that's the only way we can watch Better Call Saul's final season.


December 29th: Okay, I lied. Casting Network has given me free access to the end of January and no one kicks a gift horse in the mouth, right? It was a simple audition to say a few words about vitamins, which suits me, so I did it. Not expecting anything. Pay is better than the one that insisted I get a teleprompter, too, so what the heck. Nothing from my agency in a long time, and I have decided I will only audition for what suits me. Now that my job is starting up again, I'll just be unavailable to them anyway.


Had to shovel snow yesterday. And yes, I said I'd be willing. Joe did say he'd try the snow plow next time. Good! Because he promised when he bought it last year that he would use it more than one year. I hate broken promises.


December 27th: Enough with the problems today! I'm gonna go shopping. But I want to make a pitch for Medieval Jousting, if you ever get a chance to go. Yes, we had mead, which for the four of us was over $50 but we got to keep the very nice glassware they served it in. They gave us half a chicken each! Tons of food! I wish I'd known we'd get to take doggie bags, I wouldn't have eaten so much. We first drove to Carrie's house and had brunch, since the food serving started at 3 but none of us had much room for dessert when we got back to her place again. And then last night, right at bedtime? A thunderstorm! Check the date -- I'm saying thunder and lightning! Weird weird weird.


December 26th: Yup, a little wine with Pizza and Packers didn't hurt, but too much sitting around all day did. Game day fun! Packers won, Aaron made history, how about that defense! For game winners, I took Gin, Darts and Cribbage, while Joe had Uno, Chess (I don't like how he plays) and Yatzee. You know what this means? We have to play Scrabble for winner. I think he could have taken me in Darts with a couple more games though, as he was just catching his stride. 


December 25th: When you wake up at 4 a.m. like a kid at Christmas, but instead it's because you had too much schnapps the night before (less is more now, it seems), and you can't get back to sleep because you feel like puking, then you know it's time to give up alcohol. I have a digestive disorder and already had to give up hot and cold beverages. It means I can't drink coffee because I can't drink coffee lukewarm, so I've had to switch to tea, which I can allow to cool. The doc says it's chronic. Hell no! Not accepting that. 


December 24th: Do you have any goals for today? Last minute shopping, hanging with friends or family, office Christmas party, eggnog, watching It's a Wonderful Life, perhaps? Mine is finishing the edit on this book because the next two days are work free days. Yeah, I know, I have a hard time imagining that, too. Dinner at Marshall Field's is wrapping up and I hope I end it in a spectacular manner, one that says, yeah, that's why I read this book. I hate novels that don't end well. Don't you?


December 23rd: I'm here to talk about Max. I've been a stage actress all my life and there are a few I like to remember. Bob, my main guy in Oconto, Frank, who was crazy fun, Mark, because he showed up drunk for his first audition -- well, some need the courage (and his fly was down), but oh how great he was for our group -- and Max Frost. I first heard about this man who actually founded Evergreen Productions. I was only in two DePere productions with them, and often heard other cast members talk about him. I was cast as the lead in Forty Carats under the great Herb Williams and I even saw Max once, but I was not a blip on his radar. Then came the audtion in Community Theater in Green Bay for On Golden Pond. Well, I wasn't even in my 60s yet but I did have gray hair so I thought, why not? I had just finished my master's degree and needed something more in my life. I was the only one who auditioned with gray, too, so felt maybe I had a shot, and she did try me with all the guys there. A couple of them I knew, but didn't particularly like working with. Then she got me and Max on the stage. Immediately he put me at ease, so much that at one point during the audition I put my hand on his arm. That clinched it, I was told later, for both of us. And we were great together. Max was so happy to have the role we stayed friends after. We ushered together at CT's next performance and he really enjoyed the comments we got from people we were seating. The last I remember of him, I had told him about a role I thought was perfectly suited for him that I found on Actors in Wisconsin, and he auditioned for it. But the next thing I knew he was telling me he had to back out. I didn't know it then but that must have been the beginning of his Alzheimers. A horrible horrible thing to happen to such a sweet and loving man. I know I'll never forget him.


December 22nd: Humans are just animals who are crying for help.


December 21st: I am happy to report that I have found a director to read Deadline -- no, not anyone on the list I sent off yesterday. My understanding is they're all actors, and I wanted an individual response, rather than sending my script by group email. They might have changed their minds, after all, after reading ten pages here. Actually I should have told Bernie to do that, too. Oh well. I am familiar with the conservative area where he directs, but that's the kind of audience I'd love to impact. Plus that's where the Bebows were born and raised.


I have three scripts in competitions right now. All three - Big Break, Filmatics and Cinequest - should start making their cuts soon, if they haven't already. I'll have to go check them out. Only good news here, folks! But that will be it for investing in movie scripts. I hope Netflix does another open submission series, though. I'll take advantage of anything free!

I'm also happy to report that a reader of "Civil War & Bloody Peace" is reading it the way it's meant to be read. Thank you David H! I sure appreciate your comments! He bought second edition all on his own, and is an artist in his own right - beautiful paintings.


December 20th: I will go on record now and say I am not in support of another lockdown -- IF it continues to appear as if those of us who are vaccinated are protected and the most we'd get is a bad cold. Those who are vulnerable, and with small children, yes, they would have to make choices. Mom, breastfeed that kid until she's five. I am in favor of us having to show our vaccination cards to go places like the theater. I am in favor of continuing to wear masks in places like stores. I will keep a mask in every one of my coats to wear whenever I am in a social situation. We do have to continue to be smart, probably until next summer. 


December 19th: Could I finally be getting older and wiser? Putting childhood toys away? I will be rejoining the WHS and the Dem Party in the coming year, and looking outward, rather than inward. It's actually a rather freeing feeling, this not pursuing an unrealistic dream. To let myself age in wisdom, rather than in wrinkled hope. It might mean I have fewer "fun" things to share, but that's okay, too. Once I get Dinner at Marshall Field's to bed, hopefully the last edit for serious submission, I'll get Pensaukee ready for publication. I'm not pursuing agents anymore but will hope one finds me, as one did once before.


December 18th: As much fun as yesterday was, it's time to come down to earth. The project manager, Jan, was not in love with my amateur response to a teleprompter. She used it as an excuse to insult my acting. She expected, I guess, that I'd be professional enough to buy myself a teleprompter. So I guess it's all my fault, right? But when she insults my acting, I've had enough. I mean, I've had enough everywhere. I'm not meant for film. I'm a stage actress, and that's all I'll ever be. It happened when I was doing commercials - they both thought I was over the top and had to tone me down. (Nissan doesn't count - the commercial didn't even air because of shortage of vehicles to sell.) I've already canceled Casting Network, and I just canceled Backstage (and they refunded me). I dreamed about helping paint a house last night (at least not about killing myself, right?) and think it's time I stop the daydream. Just stop. I won't cancel my agent, but I will pick and choose ONLY those I feel fit me so I don't waste anyone's time.


December 17th:  Yesterday was weird/good/crazy. I had to make another product video and am expecting to get a check for that today, which is good because I suddenly realized my budget is all screwed up, when I got a bill that, in a brain fart, I thought I'd already paid. So then I had to look at my budget and go - where'd all the money go? That taping took three tries but it was all impromptu so not hard. While I was set up I thought I'd give my next video job a try. This one pays way less and requires me to have a teleprompter because they don't have time to wait for memorization. Okay. So I looked for one for my "cracked" phone, which I'm handling with care. Couldn't get any to work without paying a fee. Not interested in a fee for the little I'm making. So I had to figure out how to get hubby to slowly raise the paper up so that my eyes don't do a lot of drift - believe me, I tried taping it to the tripod - not good. But when he did that we could hear the paper rattle. Okay, think think. My basement finished family area is my studio, where I have open wall areas for that non-cluttered look. And when we first moved in we removed the lowered ceiling tiles hiding the rafters because I have a very tall son. So I'm looking around, thinking. I spy the cat toy on a string and stick hanging from the rafters. Hmmm, what if ... I taped the script to the cat toy, and hubby used the stick on the other end to slowly raise the script up as I was reading - no paper rattle! Of course I had to stand instead of sit, but I already had it printed with big letters anyway. So I got one video made. I think the lighting was a bit off, but I sent it to her for her feedback. If I have to buy a teleprompter she can either fire me or pay me more. Then I attended an acting class where we met each other, and played a few exercises. When they were about to start the third, which I didn't understand, I said, I got a pan frying (I was still transferring the darned videos to send) but I'd love to share my script for an open read sometime, and got everyone's emails and sent them my link here to read the first 10 pages, so am I hoping I can make that a reality, but boy, I'd sure rather do that in person.


December 16th: I joined Backstage to try and find acting roles -- I have professed to do this film acting because my voice is no longer strong enough for the stage. My agent might not like it but he said they focus on commercials because that's where the money is. Well, maybe I'm not commercial material, judging by all the rejections I get. 


if you don't have a case for your smart phone - get one! (I feel for you with the flip ones.) It is not worth the risk of dropping it, not when you can get a case for only $10 at Amazon. I thought my phone was safe in my wallet pouch, and it was, until the day I was fumbling in a cement garage and forgot to snap the wallet shut.


December 14th: I made another plunge. This time only $75 for a whole year, easy to swallow. I joined Backstage, another casting network, to try my luck there.


December 12th: But let's get serious. How does the Kennedy family (sans two) believe that Sirhan Sirhan was the killer? He played a role, yes, he was there to distract the crowd from the real killer. How do they discard the fact that RFK was killed from behind and Sirhan was never that close to him? Is it just really that convenient for them to carry hate for one man than to try to seek the truth? This family should be smarter than this, but I fear they're only reflecting Ethel's belief, and that's too bad. Even Jackie Kennedy knew it wasn't just one man who killed JFK, and she actually fled the country after RFK died, fearing her family could be next. I just wish people would read "From Lincoln to Trump." Honestly what happened in the '60s changed this country, and not for the better. Obviously these Kennedys can't see that either. And I'm not talking QAnon here. I'm talking facts. QAnon grabbed onto real conspiracy in order to promote bogus ones. QAnon would not exist if this country could accept the truth.


December 11th: Have to appreciate being a member of Western Writers of America (again) because of, well, it's just a bunch of friendly folks (for the most part) and I seem to fit there. They published my article on "How Bonanza saved a city," a nice full page at the back, with a bio including my newest release in the front. I think the article turned out really well, too - but, update, the agent ultimately turned me down. I have never had luck getting an agent off a convention. It's time to stop trying. They need to find me, as my first agent did, I guess.


December 9th: There appears to be a link between social media and depression, so says researchers in an article I found in "The Week" December 10th issue. How can social media make us feel like failures? By showing us how well so many others are doing. Then I meet a fellow who is obviously bi-polar, and I picture him only on social media, the only form of interaction he gets, and I know that they are out there, too. 


December 8th: Now the anniversary of John Lennon's death, a day I hate remembering. Anyway, had a little fun yesterday. Had a veggie pizza at Sabaro's at the mall yesterday - it was good though a little cold in the middle - and working on my copper after chatting with the Dean's Health gal Mindy about my benefits and this guy saw me with this copper book called "Wonderful Power." Well, he must have thought it was about God! He showed me what he was reading and said I had to read it! It was religious trope, about near death and "seeing the light." Right away I go oh-oh and asked if a Pagan would enjoy it. He goes on to tell me about this girl who had this near death experience and saw her older sister in heaven. Her mom says but you didn't have an older sister. Turned out that woman had a miscarriage. Right away I'm thinking of my encounter at Scientology in LA, where he said he believed that souls enter the womb at moment of conception, and he remembers it because he was there! I told him no way, too many miscarriages. Anyway, I told this guy, thanks but I'm more into Karma and Reincarnation. He left me alone after that. 


December 7th: Anniversary of Pearl Harbor? Is it also anniversary of the real truth about it? Likely not. See, this is what I don't like. In my books you'll find -- not me telling you history -- but me showing you history throught events and attitudes of the day. That's where the truth emerges. What do I have on Pearl Harbor in "From Lincoln to Trump?" Good question. We all know how it got us into WWII. We all wonder if we allowed Japan to hit to give us that excuse (similar approach, some believe, to 9/11). But you'll have to look elsewhere for that particular controversy. This book gives only glancing comparisons to Democratic Presidents as it attempts to figure out why the Republican party changed so much from the seemingly liberal approach of Lincoln to what we ended up with under Trump. You will see other controversies there, though, that make the idea of the deceit of Pear Harbor very real.


December 6th: What the heck are dreams? Where do they come from? Secret desires? I've never wanted to drive a bus full of people. Past fun times? I suppose hunting for copper the few times I did it with hubby was fun but I do NOT like spending the night at a stranger's house. Symbolic messages? Maybe my need to be the leader of a group of people explains the bus dream? Where do they come from? I thought anxiety and fears. Why we dream is still one of those great unanswered questions, I learned at scienceabc.com but here's an interesting comment:


"To understand dreams, we need to take a quick look at how humans go about living our lives. Life is a lot like shopping. You have so much to choose from, and whatever you choose, see, or experience will go into your shopping cart. We might also call this shopping cart our 'experience' or 'memory bank'. All of the encounters and events of life stay in our minds. ... The unconscious mind is a bit trickier and much bigger. The unconscious mind is not bound to reality, which makes it a lot more playful. The unconscious mind is always at work, namely imagining things, twisting reality, and playing tricks on our minds. The unconscious mind is also a known culprit for causing "Déjà vu" or the feeling of having seen something before. https://www.scienceabc.com/humans/the-science-of-dreaming.html 


So I'm going with the desire to be leader of a group, contained by my visions (illustrated by driving the bus) and this makes sense to me because of all the groups I've dropped out of lately where I just don't fit. I'm dearly seeking a group but not just to participate - to have a voice, something to say, to lead by experience. After all, I am 68, and I have been a manager and leader in the past, and to some success, too. I guess that's my basic desire. I have to really fight it when I'm at the art center, because I know that there, I'm really not in my element, and yet this basic desire to lead comes out. So I apologize for everyone I've bossed around over the years! I'm going to have to return to that link on occasion, so I'll keep it here.


Monette Bebow-Reinhard spent years, while raising children, satisfying her artistic bent by acting, directing and writing plays. She wrote her first movie script in 1975 but author William Peter Blatty said it was already a movie. In 1993 she gained access to the world of Bonanza through contact with its producer/creator, David Dortort. After three years, during which she promoted a script she wrote, she met with him in LA and convinced him she could write Bonanza material. After the Calder contract ended, she became the authorized Bonanza writer with two novels published, now in 2nd and 3rd editions. She continues to write movie scripts and has won several minor awards. Her first Bonanza novel, Felling of the Sons, won two awards; a first and a second place. She earned a master's in history in 2006 and Dortort felt her vision of the Civil War, and of Lincoln, was the same as his. She picked up a co-author for Dancing with Cannibals, an African historical in 1906, using his research and vision to help him make it a controversial and exciting adventure. Between 2016 and 2017 three novels got contracts but all are no longer available, due to her disappointment in these two publishers. She has done a lot of film acting in recent years, is agented, and filmed a local commercial that aired, even in prime time, in 2020. 

Bebow-Reinhard’s most recent publication is SAVING BOONE: Legend of a Kiowa Son. This was previously published in unmarketable form with a horrible title and cover by All Things that Matter Press. Now in a new, more condensed edition, for young adult to adult, it has a great cover as you will see in the excerpts tab. It is very hard to find a publisher for an OOP book, especially one I never marketed.




MICHIGAN: COPPER ARTIFACT RESOURCE MANUAL: This would be appropriate for anyone who enjoys reading about the ancient past and their first metal technology, with lots of fun insights from professonals and a few theories of my own. 


FROM LINCOLN TO TRUMP: A Political Transformation, 2nd edition: Added features include a look at ALL presidential elections, and finishing Trump's presidency with much of his own words. You'll see more dedication to issues of economics, the Supreme Court, and women's rights, along with some cleaner text and less of my intrusive thoughts.

CIVIL WAR & BLOODY PEACE: FOLLOWING ORDERS, 2nd edition – a soldier's orders that are followed between 1862 and 1884 show relevance to today's world. Divisiveness today is easier to understand, and maybe even to deal with when we see the similarities related to race and equal rights. How did we get this way?

FELLING OF THE SONS – In 1860 Nevada, after the Paiute War, a father fights a nemesis out to destroy all he loves. His dilemma, when all three of his sons are in danger in different directions, which one does he rescue first?

MYSTIC FIRE – The Civil War in the East reaches Nevada when runaway slaves are sent to find a Cartwright to help stop Lincoln and end up tearing the family apart.

DANCING WITH CANNIBALS – Are cannibals monsters or real people? You might be surprised. Follow the adventures of two colonists to the Belgian Congo in 1906 and discover the reason some cultures eat human flesh, and how they struggled in this historical fiction to keep their world from being decimated.


GRAVEYARD: A dead woman chases her identical twin to a new town in a comedic attempt to claim her husband and her children, getting them mixed up in some afterlife hi-jinx. 

THE BIGHORN DECEIT: An infantry soldier in 1876 feels torn between duty and what's right. A FINALIST IN THE 2020 CREATIVE WORLDS AWARD COMPETITION.

AWAKENED: In 1503 Greece a cowardly soldier loses control of his demons after enacting vengeance for his undeath.

THE MEXICAN WALL AFFAIR: A Mexican woman gets rescued beyond expectation when she calls to her gods for help. ENTERED INTO CINEQUEST 2021.

DEAD MAN'S PASS: A cattle drive turns deadly when the drovers are forced to take on an obsessed drifter.


IF IT RAINS IN PARIS: Secrets tear apart a mother, daughter and granddaughter while on vacation together far from home.




DEADLINE: Envisioned as the afterlife of assassinated people, and a play that the characters can be cast as any age and any sex.


SAGA OF THE BUTCHER BROTHERS: Fun in a saloon when one of three "brothers" turnsout to be a sister.