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January 28th: Have you gone to my new site yet? Bebowbooks.blog is what it's called, and yes, it needs a lot of work. I need to learn my way around, I could use a different set up, but I've not taken much time to play with it yet. I'll get there, I hope, because this one is no longer free. I volunteered at JPAC tonight. It's a bad snowstorm today but they would not let me go early, even when one of their paid employees could have taken over for me. I ran the coat check room and I also learned I cannot keep the tips I make. That's $10 I had to turn over. Let's see, snowstorm, stayed late, turned in tips -- is it worth volunteering there? I'm going to check the volunteer service and see what they have that's closer to home. I filled out a questionaire for a gal with WFWA, that was fun, interesting and I hope encouraging, somewhat, anyway.


January 27th: I have told AG to cancel my membership as of 1/31 or the end of this monthly billing cycle. I am going to have more materials available at WordPress (bebowbooks.blog), at my two Facebook groups, and at Academia.edu - hope to see you at any of these places. But I will post here as long as possible. It's Friday and I told them to cancel me and they did not respond. Do you think they'll ignore me? That's possible. They told me I had the right to quit any time during the year of membership that I wanted, and I saved that email. Honestly, I don't blame any of you. I love that you've all taken time out of your busy day to visit, however brief. The thing is, this does take a lot out of my day, not only posting, but then checking to see how I'm doing throughout the day and trying to figure out ways to make it better so that maybe, just maybe, the cost of the site would pay off. Now today I put out a couple of queries on Grimm, and respond to one rejection on AD2M and got some good work done on Virginia City. I also shoveled out the back yard for Keanu and Joe's neighbor did his driveway for him. Lucky us, we have a short driveway. We're supposed to get hit with more snow tomorrow. Guess winter finally decided to settle in for a while. I do plan to continue short blogs at Word Press but they'll be shorter than this. Maybe even half sentences. Bebow Books, if you're ever looking for me, try that.


Well, some takeaways from last night. I need to be shown how to apply makeup. Never ever cut all my hair off again. And how a scene you think you understand can be as changed as the one I was in as to be almost unintelligible. I really really wanted to make suggestions but that wasn't my place. But there were many off-putting scenes and I think overall, for a great project of showing autism through the eyes of the autistic, I would love it to have a better chance. And maybe it'll do fine as is. But my Archie scenes seemed totally out of context. Oh well. Not sure I'll have many more opps like that one. I did manage to update photos for my agency online with their help via phone call, thanks again Abby! So simple once I was shown how. They could provide a simple doc - go to media bank and ... started Grimm yesterday and immediately got a market call that it might fit so, though it's not ready, I queried them up about a particular notation they had. Also had a distressing NO on AD2M and wrote back explaining why I think I'm getting rejections and how I addressed it. Never let a good 'no' go, when so many don't even bother to respond. And now I'm going to try and duplicate these blogs elsewhere, as another step toward saving money and getting rid of AG expensiveness when I don't feel I'm a true "member" there. If that doesn't work, then my blogs will start getting shorter until non-existent. I admit I am quit addicted to this daily posting thing, and do not want to take it back to FB.


January 26th: Gotta chat this up while it's fresh. Saw "Silent Courage" tonight in Madison. Took Joe and Marty along. I have to admit being slightly disappointed because my role didn't appear as I expected. They were supposed to talk more about Aggie, my 'brother', and his experiences in the institution. But instead they didn't mute our impromptu conversations at the table, with Aggie listening. And believe me they were impromptu! When we were done we got applause from the crew. And oh, I looked old. Makeup, when I do it myself, does that to me. That and short hair. I just don't look good in short hair. I'm okay with occasionally putting it up, but it's sure nice to let it down again. What's fun about the movie, I learned, was that all the kids in it, except maybe one, are in fact autistic. I think a couple of the adults are too. I learned a lot. They taking it to festivals. I wish them luck. Autism, there's a full range, but it's mostly anti-social, self-centered, rigid and ritualistic, and lack of control of the temper.


My kids picked amazing spouses. I am so proud of all six of them and I know I don't talk about them much because I tend to make them uncomfortable. But today is Malavika's birthday, and true to her nature, working in Marketing at the University of Washington, she is working today before taking off for some fun - and (I'm jealous) going to the theater this weekend. I have a hard time seeing plays anymore, which is why I'm jealous. Hoping she has a great day. Yesterday I tended to just get caught up on some little stuff -- read some Bonanza stories, worked on Virginia City, created a profile at WFWA and I'm still not quite sure what women's fiction is. The new Comstock book is countering some of the information I'd already inserted, and I don't have a clue who to trust, but this Eliot Lord does seem pretty right on in most areas. We're continuing to get light coverings of snow, which means geting the shovel out about every day, but I like the exercise. I need it. Gaining weight since quitting work. That reminds me, I have to book an expedition in Portland, one of the SAA outings that sounds interesting and will give much needed exercise. Hope EleanorRose work me out in Seattle, too! I hate being inactive, but what's a writer to do? Anyway, for all you older ladies out there (and older guys too) who are growing your hair out, you know it's getting thinner when it no longer tangles after a shower! I guess that's a good thing ... have you read my new blog? I think it has some fun shopping history you might enjoy. What surprises me is learning how old Von Maur is as a department store, and now just moved into the area? Tonight I get to see myself in a movie. Nope. Not looking forward to it. But I am happy to return a jacket at Von Maur because I found that men's jacket at Banana Republic on Sunday that suits me SO much better. Hey, I grew up between two brothers. How could I turn down a $350 jacket for only $80, lined with inside pockets and all? And in the right color and size. They called it a "retired style."


January 25th: I posted a new blog, one basically intact from when I first wrote it years back, doing research on Marshall Fields in Chicago. Many different people shared their memories -- some no longer living, sadly. But I left all these voices intact, and I hope some saw them years back when I first posted it. I am still fuming about the Oscars. I mean, usually I have some disagreement but now we are on total polar opposites. I cannot even bring myself to watch it, even though I do like Everything Everywhere at Once. I think the movie industry overall is sad - and yes, that's probably why they didn't like Babylon. Whatever. I'm more pissed about ignoring RRR for best picture. It is, of all that I saw last year, the one that stays with me the most, as in being so glad I saw it. I won't see movies like Avatar or Top Gun. Their "pop" appeal turns me off. Hated Banshee and Tar, didn't watch them to hate them, mind you. And I know the business is subjective, but there has to be a level of quality overall that they look for. If you nominate mean-spirited movies and not feel-good movies then are we going to see more mean-spirited movies? Not a good idea, I don't think. Anyway, enough of that. I joined Women Fiction Writers Association and immediately (almost) got into it with a fellow AG who directed his comment at me, why do I think only women can write emotive fiction? And I said I didn't think that. I get angry there because it seems the only time my name is mentioned is for a negative response. Which is why I'm trying to get out of here. You know, this daily blog I do doesn't lead to sales, so why do I do it? I do need to cut ties here, and the sooner the better. I have posted one book excerpt at Facebook, and I'm not afraid to do it again. In fact, that posting led me to find a few lines in two chapters that could be improved. Sigh. Will my work never be perfect?


January 24th: I don't like how Amazon's new dashboard works. It's showing only one sale today when obviously I have three because my sales nearly doubled since yesterday. Okay, I don't complain but I like to see what sells and when because it helps me determine if it's related to marketing. Of course none of them are JULS yet. And I just finished a great edit of JUOG&F, too, with a lovely tie-in to JUC. I'm giving JUC until the end of the year to find a publisher and then will put it up myself. Maybe. Still not sure which one should be second. Wish a publisher would help with these two unpublished ones, but why would they, when JULS doesnt sell? (Made some changes to that book excerpt.) Anyway, enough about me. Perseus likes to be played with but he's so exuberant that he's fine alone. I do wonder if taking him outside in spring is a good idea. I know how obsessed Keanu and Nubi both became about being out there. At the same time, I think he'd like it a lot. We'd just have to hope he doesn't go over the fence himself, like Punky did. The other two cats were happy in the yard until she came along. Had a good work day yesterday, getting more cleanup done to Virginia City, too. Decided not to worry about going to AHA in San Fran, with all the plans this year I couldn't afford it anyway, and the book might not even be ready by then. Better to have it done and have them ask me to join a session. Right? I'll be 70 in May so my big plan this year is to ride my bike from Milton to Johnson Creek and back. Will make it an overnighter because it's farther than it was to Shawano and I was a lot younger when I made that trek with Ben. And oh was my butt sore on the way home. I'd also love a train ride to Santa Fe but I doubt my finances will approve. I'd have to have something really definitive to check out for the AZ/NM copper. Projects now include Ode and Grimm's, for which Adam designed a new cover.


January 23rd: I broke Perseus! He used to play so good by himself and now it seems he sits around and waits for someone to play with him. I swore I wouldn't do that again, but he's just so darned cute to play with. Although this morning I saw him deliberately push a ball downstairs just so he could chase it. That was pretty cool. I made another big step this morning. Joined Women Fiction Writers Association (WFWA) and glad for it, they're having a conference in Chicago in September I can go to. I was hoping they had a website creation area like AG but no such luck. Their dues are cheaper though, and AG offers no such conference, except for the free one in MA that I missed because of work. (The boss didn't think I had a right to a life.) I did get the Wittry Updated at Academia.edu and heard from someone I emailed as they may have already published on the Carlsbad rock art, which would cheapen my offering. I asked for a copy of their work, if published. I can add the rest of my copper work to Academia.edu and then just need to find a way to post on my other work. Maybe just at Facebook -- that author page I never wanted before?


And I am now more interested in heading to Yellowstone this summer. Hopefully Carrie will take care of cats because we want Marty to come along. I want to see a state even worse than ours ... you should read the article on the far right militia bunkers in Wisconsin in the current issue of Vanity Fair. Scary. You know, I am really surprised the author doesn't get sued by mis-representing himself for the story. I'm sure VF has lawyers in place. 


Son Bennett treated me to the video of Rose's piano recital. I just love watching that 8-year-old on stage. She has such stage presence. You can see she enjoys it. Such a hard song she chose to play! Can't wait to see everyone in March. And yes, I have to leave Joe home because I need to be all present at the SAA conference in order to see where my future with these copper manuals actually belongs. Sure, he could stay in Seattle the whole time. And sure Marty could take care of the cats. But it'll be much better for him, and everyone else there, if it's a better climate time of year. Son Adam has some great plans for me that we just couldn't do freely if Joe came along. And yeah, that's a shame. But I think the two sons can find a week in the summer that they could devote to him and his needs and I'll stay home with the cats. Yeah, I sold one Illinois so far. To me. I'm getting that final copy today and will order the free copies to send out, also some author copies to provide free. It came today but I'm afraid to look at it. When I make changes and submit, I need to remember to wait a week before ordering because it takes them that long to get that new version live. Why they say it's ready when it isn't, I don't know.  Whew. It's good! Now to order my author copies, and start sending out the free ones.


January 22nd: Despite the nightmare that I let everyone down, I guess today went okay. I didn't realize Jenny didn't know how to get there, but she found it. Mar still had some living plants, I was surprised. I'm hoping Jenny and Mar work it out so that she can get Mar's heat up, it was really cold in there and I could not assure Mar that her water was turned off because I was able to get plenty of water for the plants. That could be a mess if those pipes burst. I hope Jenny enjoys reading CWBP. She seemed happy to get a copy. I'm glad I finally thought of giving her and Mike a copy. I have TWO left of first edition. If you want to snag one, let me know. Special deal for special people. I am not ordering copies of second edition until my first edition copies are gone. Still trying to figure out how many books I can get in my suitcase to Portland. Who needs clothes, right? After an afternoon of shopping with Deb, our routine for the last, oh, 50 or so years, now I'm going to focus on getting OG&F done. Will make tomorrow Virginia City day. Also need to work on Ode and Grimm and ... get a start on on the NM/AZ copper book.


January 21st: OMG that was so funny! It finally happened. Perseus was watching me on the treadmill, and then he stood on the frame, and I'm thinking, he's gonna do it! So I'm ready and as soon as he jumped on in front of me I spread my legs so he went flying through me and off the other end and then took off. I was just cracking up! It was so funny! Good thing I was paying attention! We saw M3GAN today and I guess it was okay. The review we read was a little kinder than I would have been.


I don't know how I stay married sometimes, he's so frustrating. Anyway, my Illinois copper manual is now available at https://tinyurl.com/5n6wb44y for only $8.99. Cheap at any price! I also put the introduction and cover on the CAMD page, so take a look there. I want to migrate all the copper material here to Academia.edu, where at least I can chat with like people from time to time. But they would not accept the Wittry Updated pdf there. I'll have to find out why. Here at AG I just keep getting frustrated. Too much frustration, not good for the body, you know? Anyway, all these hits on these books isn't leading to any real sales, from all appearances. I don't know why people visit me here. And I like it, it's kind of addicting, you know, to know you're out there, that maybe you even care, a little? But I just don't need this AG membership anymore. Trying to downsize, you know? We're going to see M3GAN today, I read a pretty good review. I like "funny" horror, when it doesn't take itself too seriously. It's why "American Werewolf in London" is one of my favorites. Got interesting royalty statements from Amazon. I'm either making $68 this month or they screwed something up. I don't know what an INR report is. But before the IRS comes for me, it would be nice to start making some money on all this work I do. Have a lovely weekend. I plan to. Sure wish the sun would come out, though.


January 20th: I think I had a good month back in November. This month is crap, but I suppose people are paying off their holidays bills. Can't blame them. Supposed to get my Illinois proof in the mail today, so that can maybe go up today. Not that it'll sell any better than the others. I should do another edit on Michigan but just don't feel like it. And tonight is my first JPAC volunteer night since before I started Kwik Trip. Waiting for my hair to dry so I can film a short video for a commercial. But I'm working on the alien story in OG&F and am amazed how many changes I can make to a story I thought I'd had perfect when I first published it. Maybe when I'm 90 I'll be a good writer.


I belong to a rock art group in SAA and they're meeting in Portland - at the same time as my presentation. They said they'd try to set another meet and greet up, too, so I wanted to get this done and get some feedback. You want to read it? Let me know. It's still missing my work at the entrance of Carlsbad so I'll have to add that, but I got through the bulk of Slaughter Cave, where I also used to give tours. Nervous about tonight. I've not done this in quite a while. Not too bad, though I made a few errors on the machine. But it's fun chatting with theater people. I miss the stage so much.


January 19th: I need a WOW moment in my presentation. I decided to do a search on the entire CAMD for how many pendants are included, and in the presentation at the end I can show where they are. Excuse me a moment while I go gather that data. Swell. More than a moment. It used to search within all my excel sheets and now it doesn't. It said none. But when I opened Alabama I found at least 11. Anyway, that can be the wow. My demonstration, especially in these northern states, is to show that, at least in the early days of mining, you needed to have some form of identity there. It's an intriguing thought, anyway, and since I only have 15 minutes, I have to keep the information brief enough while introducing them to the CAMD. So I think I've got what I need now and can relax a little. Oh, and if you're old like me, you've probably already had your "moment in the sun," as they say. Mine was getting acknowledged by David Dortort. Why would I need to seek more than that? You know, I can remember my mother saying I could publish my Bonanza novels without him by changing the names and I even tried to do that. I do not remember her being proud of me for becoming authorized. My mistake, and what's made me an unacknowledged historian, is exactly what Dortort told me NOT to do. Get my master's in history.


Interesting and lovely experience at the Dems general meeting tonight. Got to chat with our secretary, who, it turns out, may have rhinitis like me. It does seem to hit in us older folk. Anyway, she never heard of it and asked what to do about it and I said move to a drier climate, and that got me into mentioned Philly and she must have been there and into talking history. And honestly, it feels good to have someone show interest in me. It happens so rarely. Otherwise spent the day working on the presentation's WOW and my rock art article, which is harder than you can imagine, having been started back in 2005 when I was at Carlsbad and not yet into copper artifacts and all.


January 17th: I never remember to do this at night. Just a brief note to accompany the posting of a new blog. For those interested, what going to an American Historians Association conference was like for me, a non-educator. 


January 16th: I was thinking about my historic past employment. Truth is, it's all temporary. That's right. I never really commited to any one job anywhere. I never really had the job that I thought was the right one for me. I was always just ... getting a paycheck, rather than satisfaction. Did I really think I would last at Kwik Trip? Not really. I mean, I liked the work, as I've said, waiting on people. Ever since my days at Nino's as a waitress and bartender, then, later, managing Sandalwood. Those were good days, but I knew they wouldn't last. It's all temporary. It's a shame that I let other things take preference, like that acting on stage, instead of focusing on finding what I was good at. It's a shame that I spent so much time at that copper museum that didn't pay, when I realized I wasn't being appreciated. Not being appreciated. You know, that's been my problem here in Beloit, too. All the different things I've tried but not stuck with. Oh yes, I worked three seasons at the tax job, but that last year was so uncomfortable. The historical society didn't know what to do with me. The art center didn't know what to do with me. The theater here gave me wrong parts. JPAC has been uncomfortable, but, you know, I think I know how to handle that now. I'll try, anyway. And being treasurer for the DemsRock? I'm not sure they think I can do it. I need more training. Kwik Trip was just ... hard for someone my age. I'm not afraid to say it. 


January 14th: Happy 40th Bennett! There's just something odd about your youngest turning 40. We wanted to know what we could do today to help him celebrate and he suggested Hawaiian Pizza. So we finally want to the Pizza Place I've not been to yet in Beloit, Tilly's. I told the waitress, now this could get confusing, because I wanted a veggie pizza with pineapple, and ham and bacon on only half, and tomato on that half only. Well, they forgot the veggie pizza part, so Joe didn't get that on his half, but he did get the olives and tomatoes ... weird. Anyway, they felt bad and give it to us FREE! Anyway, before that we went antiquing and I found two new Bonanza tins from the Ponderosa Ranch. I am willing to share -- to whoever buys both copies of my Bonanza novels from me! Trying to decide what to charge for the package including postage, as I won't be able to get the media mail postage on it. Could get pricey and the tins cost me $10 each, too. What do you think? Should I put it up for a bid? It's $27 to buy the books at Amazon, not counting shipping. So I could sell the books for $10 each, add another $10 postage, and they'd get the cup for free! I think that sounds like a deal.


January 13th: Got a really horrendous rejection though, on Virginia City. I mean, his comment was that it was too much history for Bonanza fans and too much Bonanza for ... history fans. Okay. Whatever. Moving on. I suppose it'll be self published like everything else in my life. I'll give it a year of submitting though, still some tweaking to do. Did a lot of running today, although my OCD self is upset because I can't prove it. Didn't get my OTC card from Dean's yet and I NEED stuff! Come on, people!


January 12th: I sold another Felling of the Sons, which is good, and my website is working better. Check out the excerpt page and see what you think. I also spent part of the morning vaccuuming up dirt, thank you. The afternoon was shot, going to the PO and the bank, and getting groceries, dropping off the thing at UPS and then the car wash. Yeah. Sometimes, you know, you just have to step away and evaluate. I need to play with Keanu more. She's hard, she ... she's not active like Perseus. But I think she's jealous. 


January 11th: A day of all aggravations. Let's see, where to start? Well, I spent money first thing a.m. and maybe feeling guilt over it. And then I get my Halo, new health watch from Amazon, and the app wants me to link to my Amazon site, so I go to do that, but it wants to verify me by sending a code - to a phone number I no longer have! I never thought of updating my phone number there. I never use it. Talk about going in circles and finding their customer service email is impossible. Finally got the link to have them call me, and they do, right away. She says, well, the instructions say to upload your driver's license. Well, but my driver's license doesn't have my right address. She says that's okay, and tries to tell me how to block out the driver's license number, which didn't work. Argh! All I wanted to get done today was that that final work read of Illinois, where I'm still moving things around and adding types and looking stuff up, and I couldn't even get that done. I did get some T-work done, that site finally worked, but not enough so the ex-treasurer tonight at the board meeting took the work back to finish herself. Talk about making me feel bad. And I get an exit survey from KT, they want to know why I quit. Well, I told them. Not everything, but enough. Will I be able to show my face there again? Why not, I said nothing that wasn't true. What really pisses me off there is they wouldn't let me have the clothes I ordered so I could transfer to another station. Talk about mean. I didn't even mention that part. Yeah, today was no fun at all. Oh and we had a certified letter coming and the PO didn't even try to deliver it but left a note saying we weren't home. Well, we were too! We've been home three days waiting! And Dancing With Cannibals didn't make the first cut in a book to script competition. Come on. Honestly, is there something bad in the stars aboout 011122? And the hits keep coming! I get JULS to work right on the book excerpts page, but in the meantime darn cat Perseus knocks my aloe vera to the floor. Dirt all over. He has now lost office privileges for life!


January 10th: I want to start out each of these with a joke. But I can't think of one. Golden Globes, did you see it? I like that Abbot Elementary won a lot. And that Evans guy for Dahmer, I like him. He looks like Malcolm McDowell, doesn't he? He could do Clockwork Orange, he does a lot of freaky stuff. And, oh, Costner, but he wasn't there. Brad Pitt was but Short Round won in his category. I like seeing what actors are like in real time, and it amazed me how often Brad's name came up. He was Ryan Murphy's first producer, for instance. And something with that guy who did Elvis, I didn't catch that. I was working on entering all my income and expenses, you know, getting 'er done for tax time. We might get a little back but I doubt it. I had two jobs last year, made enough money, really. Still waiting for KT's W-2 but there's a lot of time. Got Alt's. I keep thinking they'll be lost without me but will never admit it. I think that of KT too. Big head, you know. Worked a little on my new volunteer treasurer job but the website still isn't cooperating. Got my hearing aids checked. They're old but still working. They want me to buy a new pair for $6,000. I just kind of laughed. They are nice though, smaller and more comfortable. But that's the price of a good used car for heaven's sake. I gotta reserve a car for Seattle.  Why is it making me nervous? Why are the cats so quiet? 


January 9th: Well, today was spent trying to get my feet back on the ground. I had to call Illinois Tollway to find out why i was charge $150 for tolls over the four days of travel. That's a lot! But they said I have $43 left. I found out Amazon has its own to compete with Fitbit (mine broke on the trip) including a monthly premium feature with more options, and theirs is only $4 a month instead of $10. And it's a much cheaper watch AND they include a free second band that you can pick out yourself. What a deal. Another treasurer's meeting tonight. I'm getting closer to understanding the job. Shouldn't be too bad. I've kept account books before, after all. But since I have T-work tomorrow, I better get back on the movie script tonight. Mexican Wall Affair is a satire on Trump, maybe it'll be more acceptable now.


January 8th: It was a fairly uneventful drive home. No football traffic to speak of. My GPS tried to route me into Chicago but I caught on when I saw the road sign to stay on 294 to Wisconsin. Twice in the Chicago area I took a few quick dives onto the right road. Scared the crap out of me. One interesting thing. I sold a copy of From Lincoln to Trump, and I can't help but wonder if it's related to leaving a copy behind at the conference. I suppose I'll never know. 


January 4th: Here I am in Philly, the end of a long drive. I actually thought I was going to try to drive the whole 14 hours on Saturday to save the $60 in Toledo, but I nearly couldn't finish the 8 hours. By the time I got down town - and yeah, traffic jams at 7 p.m. here, thank you, everything hurts. I forgot how beautiful PA is to drive through, with the Alleghany Mountains. I love tunnels. And fog above the trees. True to myself, I buy only one meal a day, today was Burger King, honest, that was my only choice! I saw a Hoss's Steakhouse but it was mid afternoon. Tire pressure low went on - twice! Nothing wrong the first time so now we'll have to have the sensor looked at. 


January 3rd: Today was learning to be treasurer day, but I also got the Virginia City book off to its first publisher. I'm going to put out a proposal to a couple more, but honestly, there aren't a lot of prospects for a book like this. I have to send a PDF to Joe, too, for his final approval. I have another resource book coming, but it's only to help me clarify a few things. Being treasurer of the Rock County Dems won't be too bad. 


January 2nd: We have a winner. My first sale of 2023 is ... (drumroll) ... Felling of the Sons. Didn't expect it, glad for it. Since I'm working hard on Virginia City it's welcome news since throughout last year my Bonanza novels did not sell well. I thought maybe the market was tapped out. I hope it will never be tapped out. The series deserves to keep picking up new fans. It was nice to get a phone call from Aunt Marlene last night. I now have a job to perform, and it will take me to Green Bay in January. I need to go in and water her plants. 

January 1st: Goodbye 2022, hello things will never change. They say we're supposed to love ourselves. I wish I could find something to love. And yes, that's really the message of the new year, isn't it? Find a way to love yourself, even if it means totally recreating who that person is.


December 29th: Yesterday was a good work day. JUOG&F is not a read aloud yet because I'm making too many changes, getting rid of wordiness but I'll do a read aloud on the chapters I send out before I send them, after this edit is done when I know how long it'll be. I'm thinking I'll hit the 96,000 mark fairly easily. I like how the narrator's tone is progressing, a different narrator than in JULS. Really, these three in the trilogy are like putting a puzzle together, the way they relate to each other. I think it's fun, anyway.


December 24th: Christmas wishes really don't come true, you know. Mine was simple, but still no sale on JULS and how can I interest a publisher in another of that trilogy if this doesn't sell? And there's no reason it shouldn't sell. Anyway, I know wishes don't come true on Christmas. 55 years ago on Christmas Eve, or the cusp of Christmas Day, my father died. A good Catholic girl, I prayed hard for him to come home to us. My life changed completely. He was well known in the community as a Boy Scout leader and I was newly in high school. Never could get a date in high school, was seen as a penniless and sad orphan. Anyway, for your unbiased review of BABYLON! Yes, we dared the cold yesterday, but also because we needed hardware at Menards, which was close by. Our party is on today and I found some sore spots that needed immediate repair! I do not think Babylon will win best picture, though it probably does deserve to be nominated. There were a few over-the-top moments, and I don't mean the nudity and fornication. The vomit scene would have been more effective if she had done it alone, outside, and the elephant shitting on the guy trying to feed it was way too much. But the movie had some really great moments. It's about the transition from silent films to talkies, with Brad Pitt portraying one who was fabulously famous but couldn't say a line to save his life, or so the audiences thought. Anyway, don't want to spoil too much, but the wonderful scenes included how filming was done in those days with these huge scenes where actors really did get hurt, and the transition to the sound set where any little awkward noise meant they had to start over. They even had a "gimp" scene, although that was kind of effective, showing an underworld that probably didn't exist, but is symbolic of ... something. You might have seen a trailer where Brad Pitt did a little dancing and fell off the balcony? The actual scene is a little different. He plays a very dignified actor who gets drunk a bit too much, and what happens when he realizes he's done for, well, he probably won't win the award, but as usual, he's award worthy. Everyone is really good, not like someone said, cardboard charicatures, but all playing it really well, even Margo, as an over-the-top determined to succeed at any cost actress, who then acts out when they begin to "talk" about where she's from. The only real plot is watching Hollywood's transition in the form of these many players. For a three-hour movie it went fast, but probably some of the end could have been cut. What excited me most about watching it is more personal ... I have a story at the end of JULS and wonder if mine is over the top. Good to see I captured 1933 pretty well. And now - on to today.


December 21st: Happy Saturnalia! Will be dancing in the street tonight to make sure She knows we want the days to start getting longer again. Oh, my hands hurt. Last night had to work in the cooler, a little too long. Okay, I think it really IS time to retire. If Marathon doesn't hire me, it's out for my health time. I honestly had a hard time sleeping last night. Now I understand snow birds. He's gonna give me the rest of my hours back too, as long as I promise to work them. And I think, geez, what made him think he can't trust me? Had two unexpected sales, on Pensaukee and on Civil War & Bloody Peace. Think the first was that AHA guy, and the second? Well, it appears that my Little Big Horn article was my most popular paper last month at Academia.edu, so maybe that helped? Gonna end up being a pretty good month anyway, though my Christmas dream is to see JULS start selling. It will find its audience, I'm sure, anyone who likes romance and thrills with their history will love it.



December 7th: Oh, this month is going too fast. I put my name in with the Rock County Democrats to be their secretary and this was election night. The place was packed! If two or more wanted the position, they had a ballot vote. And those two competitors would stand for a few minutes and say why they wanted the job. Well, secretary was the only other position having two candidates, so I bowed out. Said I applied because typically that was a hard position to fill. Good move on my part, because the interim secretary was the other candidate, and she was already taking the minutes. I'm very intuitive, but I also saved time not having to count ballots. And I'm new there, I figured I didn't have a chance anyway. Well, then they announced that no one applied to be treasurer, so they opened the floor to nominations. Yup! You got it. You're looking at the new treasurer. I've never been one but I've always been good with money and accounting, often thought I missed my calling. 


December 4th:  A couple of fun tidbits this morning. First if there are any of my Pensaukee readers still out there, I found an obscure little note on the back side of a printout from Oconto's library that says: November 13, 1879 - "Gardner has re-purchased the Pensaukee property and intends to place it in first class shape for an extensive business -- good news to everyone living in the vicinity." Well, if you read the book you know what happened there. I am surprised this info did not make the book. I'm curious now how he lost the property to begin with, but it must have happened after his hotel was destroyed by the tornado. If I lived in the area, I would try to find that information. But newspapers are a limited source, and I'm not sure where else to look. Maybe I should share this with Pete at the Title office there. Then, as promised, here's what the Buddha believes is our true sources of happiness today: economic security acquired by just and righteous means; spending the same liberally on loved ones and desired charities; be free from debt (I imagine that means owing no one anything); and to live a faultless and pure life, free from evil thoughts, words and deeds. There you have it. Your guide for life. I'm curious about his relationship to Confucius, because it seems they have many of the same philosophies in common. They were both before the birth of Christianity. Also aging body pain comes from inactivity, not activity. Aching hip out of bed this morning gets better as I move around. So don't stop moving around! 







NORTHERN WISCONSIN: COPPER ARTIFACT RESOURCE MANUAL. These manuals include all the copper artifact data I've been gathering for over a decade in location table format. They would be appropriate for anyone who enjoys reading about the ancient past and their first metal technology, with lots of fun insights from professonals and a few theories of my own. 


PENSAUKEE: Voice of a Landscape. A project began in my undergrad history degree, developed while I tried to get an environmental masters. This has the most complete body of research I've ever done, and includes all the history used to get Arndt's Sawmill Site on the National Register.


MICHIGAN: COPPER ARTIFACT RESOURCE MANUAL: This would be appropriate for anyone who enjoys reading about the ancient past and their first metal technology, with lots of fun insights from professonals and a few theories of my own. 


FROM LINCOLN TO TRUMP: A Political Transformation, 2nd edition: Added features include a look at ALL presidential elections, and finishing Trump's presidency with much of his own words. You'll see more dedication to issues of economics, the Supreme Court, and women's rights, along with some cleaner text and less of my intrusive thoughts.

CIVIL WAR & BLOODY PEACE: FOLLOWING ORDERS, 2nd edition – a soldier's orders that are followed between 1862 and 1884 show relevance to today's world. Divisiveness today is easier to understand, and maybe even to deal with when we see the similarities related to race and equal rights. How did we get this way?


FELLING OF THE SONS – In 1860 Nevada, after the Paiute War, a father fights a nemesis out to destroy all he loves. His dilemma, when all three of his sons are in danger in different directions, which one does he rescue first?

MYSTIC FIRE – The Civil War in the East reaches Nevada when runaway slaves are sent to find a Cartwright to help stop Lincoln and end up tearing the family apart.

DANCING WITH CANNIBALS – Are cannibals monsters or real people? You might be surprised. Follow the adventures of two colonists to the Belgian Congo in 1906 and discover the reason some cultures eat human flesh, and how they struggled in this historical fiction to keep their world from being decimated.


SAVING BOONE: Legend of a Kiowa Son - This was previously published in unmarketable form with a horrible title and cover by All Things that Matter Press. Now in a new, more condensed edition, for young adult to adult, it has a great cover as you will see in the excerpts tab. It is very hard to find a publisher for an OOP book, especially one I never marketed.


THE BIGHORN DECEIT: An infantry soldier in 1876 feels torn between duty and what's right. A FINALIST IN THE 2020 CREATIVE WORLDS AWARD COMPETITION.

AWAKENED: In 1503 Greece a cowardly soldier loses control of his demons after enacting vengeance for his undeath.

THE MEXICAN WALL AFFAIR: A Mexican woman gets rescued beyond expectation when she calls to her gods for help. ENTERED INTO CINEQUEST 2021.

DEAD MAN'S PASS: A cattle drive turns deadly when the drovers are forced to take on an obsessed drifter.


IF IT RAINS IN PARIS: Secrets tear apart a mother, daughter and granddaughter while on vacation together far from home.




FINAL CURTAIN: An aging actress is not ready to give up the stage, but the stage is ready to move on without her.


WADE & AARON'S BRAVE NEW PLAN: What happens when two fellows don't understand that technology is taking over their lives.


DEADLINE: Envisioned as the afterlife of assassinated people, and a play that the characters can be cast as any age and any sex.


SAGA OF THE BUTCHER BROTHERS: Fun in a saloon when one of three "brothers" turnsout to be a sister.