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August 16th: What a day. It must be me, right? These things happen to me because I'm me, or it's my karma, or whatever the load is I carry on my back. I had to take the bus to the Center today because Joe had the car. Now normally that worked pretty well. Today I was feeling sluggish, after working yesterday, kind of a hangover, and I was almost to the bus stop when this little voice said "turn around" but I didn't. I knew I was getting there in time and suddenly the bus passed me by! Just like that! Five minutes early! Oh chagrine, watching that thing going on down the road without me on it. You know those little voices? Always listen to them! So I knew it came every half hour. Okay, I can still get there on time. Thing is standing in the sun was pretty hard, so I sought some shade, but that made me nervous because I was too far from the bus stop. Finally it came again, and I got my transfer and all's well, right? She asked where I was going and I just said downtown. We get to the Pig for me to get my transfer and she says I can take that one. Well, it was the #6 and I thought I used to take a different one. Well, before I know it I'm riding around the west side of town going WTF? And I know I'm not going to make it in time. Finally I see a place to get off before the bus ends up at the city transfer center, so I get off, I start with with energy I don't have, and yes, I get there five minutes late. I tried to email about it but that guy wasn't working that day. And well, shit, wouldn't you know I had a lot of people right before 5 but I had to kick them out because Joe was waiting. If I have the car, I don't mind staying a little later. Oh ugh.


August 15th: You're kidding right? I feel like I just wasted years (0.45 or whatever) of my life watching Better Call Saul, for what? That stupid ending? No way is that better than Breaking Bad. No Effin Way. I had a horrendous day today, thanks for asking. First, going through my Pensaukee presentation gave me a case of the heebee jeebees. I mean, I've not given a presention in a ... very long time. I don't know how long. I had to do some rearrange today. I'll go through it again tomorrow, and Wednesday and then ... showtime. Honestly, I should be able to do the whole thing off the top of my head, except people expect pictures. And that's throwing me off. Then work? Take the word and double it. They wouldn't even let me on the cash register until 7:30 and then made me work a half hour beyond my scheduled time. This has to stop. I mean, seriously. It was dark when I rode my bike home. I hurt all over. I feel filthy. You call this recycling? It's a joke. And forget our insurance coverage for the carpeting. Joe blew that and without even checking with me first. Well, hell, okay, we're still getting the carpeting, but we'll pay for the whole thing. And we'll find better insurance coverage. If such a thing exists. Why am I still married to this man? And now it turns out BOTH my sisters are coming and want to come up on the 23rd. I says, okay, that's fine. It doesn't matter if I'm here, right?


August 14th: This was supposed to be my next best fun day of the summer. Really looked forward to it. Didn't know Carrie's partner had such social anxiety or I would have completely discouraged this. We went for him. He'd never been to a Renaissance Faire before, while the three of us had. Pretty much can count on there being a lot of people there, but it was a cloudy rainy day and I'd hope that would keep a few away. I've never seen a Renaissance Faire THAT packed! Long story short, he left, so we had to drive Carrie home if we didn't want the day to be a total bust. Bristol is situated kind of between the two of us. I'm glad we stayed and she stayed, even though the food was in no way suited for my diet. It's fun just seeing all the ways people dress at these things. It really is like a big fan faire. With - what's that word? Atlernate history punk reality - I know there's a word for this. I can't think of it. Steampunk? Finished reading that darned Stranger in A Strange Land, too, while Joe and Carrie drove. Ugh. That was a classic back then, maybe, but it's nothing but annoying now. I expect better from Heinlen. Got a little Illinois copper done, but am finding less copper in my sources, not more. Darn it. Then sent back rummage for our sale, and sister Mindy asked when I'm free next week. I think. Boy, it's tight to the end of August. Whew. I do plan to dive back into Dinner at Marshall Fields after my presentation. Lots to do to get ready for that! Came up with a different ending for Rediscovery, a little more Steampunk (I think).


August 13th: Yes, we are short-handed at Kwik Trip. Please don't keep expecting so much from us. We're doing all we can. Oh, how I wanted to say that to everyone tonight. We were so busy. I had to stay an extra 40 minutes. Glad I drove. My instincts said to drive, and I listened. Otherwise worked on Illinois copper today, and wrote up my rummage ad on Craigslist. If you're anywhere in the area, check it out. We're taking the highest offer on both legos and the Kirby. Got my extra copies of Northern Wisconsin today. Ha! I sent an email to OCHS say the 5 will cost them $30. Hope they come through like before. Doesn't anyone want Bonanza novels anymore? Is it truly over?


Would love to see more people visit my links page and download their free copy of Cartwright Saga. Never read a Bonanza novel? Perfect chance to give it a try.


August 12th: UPDATE: See my new blog. I wrote it on Trump back in 2019. Very interesting in hindsight, especially in view of what's going on with him now. I got ALL the Bonanza episodes now entered into Virginia City and have a few more pages of research to enter before I do another read through, and then it goes to my historian for his validation. Whew! And the books I checked out at the library might actually have some Illinois copper I can add. That would be good. Illinois is a little anemic, copper-wise, so I'm doing a little more work on other areas related in other books.


August 11th: I'll have to get a photo of how nice the hobo clock my great-grandad made looks where we put it, on this cute little kid's desk that's solid wood in the basement. Will be nice to re-finish the desk one day. This one didn't fit in the car but we bunjyed it to death. Getting it out of the trunk and down the stairs was another thing. Joe says, oh, we'll drag it. I go, we're not draging solid nice wood on cement in the garage. Got stuff up out of the basement, too - including a huge case of Legoes, which I hauled myself because I found out it has a handle. But I wanted to get stuff out of the way so the floor can get measured down there. All rummage sold will be money toward the carpet.  Roof money will have to come out of the CD, but we'll get financing if we go through the guy who measured today. I don't know what the other chaps do. Yet. But I am working for this. Speaking of which, I can't wait to work again on Saturday so I can rest. Tomorrow it's painting day. 


August 10th: Okay, here's funny. Yesterday I go round and round with Amazon customer service about getting an earlier ship date for Northern Wisconsin copper book, right? And she just kept saying since it was coming from a different place the the Pensaukee book, there wasn't anything she could do. Well, I guess there was nothing SHE could do. What I did was order another copy, paying full price, while the other 7 I ordered back on 8/3 were author copies. They were going to take more than two weeks. Well, this new one I just ordered last night was going to get here in three days. Yeah. Figure that out. Then today I get an email saying that my shipment of 7 will now be here on August 13th! Ha! Guess who outsmarted who? I'm just glad. It might have happened anyway, I suppose. 


August 9th: No, I didn't get into trouble for surmising what I did about Kwik Trip. Come on, don't tell me you haven't wondered about cheap bananas. And they're good, too! They've got a good business model, utilizing their own kitchen, but I really doubt they grow their own bananas. Anyway, second day off and I'm only getting in half the steps. I'll be so out of shape by Saturday! But I'm enjoying this time off. BULLET TRAIN! A must see movie on the big screen! I mean, special effects surpass anything I've seen before, and the action - well, they have to establish all those characters but then it's no holds barred! Surprises and just basic Pitt charm throughout. Gotta love the ending. Stay for some of the credits! They finally decided they want to hire a part-time executive director at the art center. The only problem, of course, is that it'll quickly become more than she/he can handle once the volunteers stop doing stuff. One paid person with all volunteers? I don't know. Anyway, I volunteered to be on the hiring committee. Gotta make sure I don't get roped in. Haven't heard a peep from the LWV after I sent the edited fundraising letter. They don't like it? They know I'll walk. But it's way better than what they had. So's my research on who to send it to. You know, I think my writing luck peaked in the 1990s because that's when I was trying the hardest. I guess I really just don't care so much anymore. Oh, but two fun things. I posted my favorite copper video at Twitter and actually got a subscriber at YouTube out of it. He compared it to Time Travelers, on PBS or somewhere. And another who misses me on Facebook and says everyone's talking about my coming Pensaukee presentation, they're hoping I bring books. You betcha, baby. Doesn't look like I'll get the copper books on time, though. Nuts.


August 8th: Not much energy to work on anything. Got Final Curtain submitted to Yale. Otherwise worked on Virginia City. Went to look at flooring in Janesville. I like the guy, he gives free financing, so I'll go up to $6,000, you know, pay half, finance half, work my brains out to pay for it. Try to get at least 25% of it out of the insurance company, too. Working on that. Two meetings in the afternoon. Life is taking on some kind of convoluted meaning, anyway. I do like the shape I'm getting into with all this working on my feet. Five days last week of over 10,000 steps each? Now six days off - that's gonna hurt.


August 7th: Joe pulled some more crap on me, so now he doesn't get to go the carpet store in Janesville tomorrow. I'm tired of that crap. He can do whatever he wants to the roof and I won't interfere, and he can't interfere with me, and we'll be spending a lot but the house will be in good shape when we're done. I bought a square reader for taking credit cards to sell more books. I'll get it for the 18th and if it works, I'll keep it, even if I never use it again. I got one once before but for some reason I didn't like it or it made me nervous or something. I got a new edit of Final Curtain done and will be entering it at Yale tomorrow. I like it, though it didn't make me cry like I wanted it to. I survived Hell Week! Yay! But my next work day is Saturday and I'll be all out of shape by then. I'm really happy by how much I like Rediscovery. I'll do a read aloud in a couple days and see how that goes. 


August 6th: I think I had a near perfect day today. I didn't do a lot. I felt like just resting. Got too blitzed last night. But I finished Rediscovery and I really like it. I don't know if anyone else will. Hubby says he did, but is he a good judge of my work? Anyway, I'll do a couple more drafts and give it a virgin run. See if it flies, or at least floats. I finally got the results of the last entry I made for a screen play. Bighorn Deceit last time placed as a finalist, but this time didn't make first cut? What's with these contests? I had, I think, a near perfect day at work, asking questions when I needed to. Learning new things. I found out that I have to order my shirt. Me, myself. I asked another new person, no one else said boo to me about it. 


August 5th: Man, life is hard. I can't sell a book, can't get a commercial or local movie role, can't have a good day at work. I'm trying, but man, having a goal as a perfect day at a gas station.  We're going tomorrow to look at new flooring for the basement. I have nine books for sale - are you sure none of them appeal to you? Check out the excerpt page. It won't take that much time. The two copper books are on the CAMD tab. You aren't going to bother with those unless you're into archaeology. 


August 3rd: Got the results of our mold test. I honestly didn't think anything significant would turn up. But they said that we have a certain mold in the house they could not identify outside - and it's one that causes allergic reactions. Curvularia: "Like other kinds of mold, this strain of mold is associated with a number of health problems, some of them quite serious." Hit some snags working on Illinois today. The artifacts I thought were found in a certain place seem not to be there now. Makes no sense to me. It was going to prove long distance trade. So I sent the museum an email to see what they say about it. Quite a bit of obsidian turned up though, enough to prove a workshop on obsidian blades. Oh, and I DID get the Earth Shoes refund, as promised. 


Northern Wisconsin Copper Artifact Resource Manual is NOW available in 2nd edition! (see link on CAMD page.) 


August 2nd: Made plans to visit a copper guy in Monroe on the 10th. Actually next week I don't work from Monday through Friday, but I have something to do just about every day, so I guess that worked out. Oh! Catch this movie on Netflix called RRR - it's fantastic. Made in India, and you know how much fun their movies are, with all the animals they like to use that are computer generated. I won't say more but if you like cultural stuff, this is set during British colonialism. Then come back and take a look at one I co-wrote called Dancing With Cannibals, about Belgian colonialism in the Congo.

July 31st: A day of accomplishment. Got a story sent out, the presentation wrapped up, Final Curtain draft done, the car cleaned on the inside (Joe did the outside). I am glad I turned the Kirby into hand vac because the other thing wasn't doing the job at all. Laundry hung out and brought in (last time I forgot until dark), rummage date chosen and planned out, with tagging begun. I simply cannot do it before the 20th. BUT irritant of the day? I got the new Updated NWCARM today and it was NOT the updated NWCARM! Yeah, the one I worked so hard on to get so I could proof so I could order the 7 for the 18th? How annoying is that? I better go and order another one, and see what happens because I cannot dinker around and wait for Amazon to respond. Yes, I'm sending it back. I know they'll destroy it or offer it at a discount but I can't help that.


July 30th: Just not much to say today. Ho-hum. The art center is in its monthly transition so I helped with that and then worked on Final Curtain. After, I walked downtown to get some goodies and a munchie (broccoli salad, what else?) at Bushel and Peck, our organic food and book store and deli. When Joe came to pick me up, I left Final Curtain there and had to go back for it, so decided to sit along the river to write a new scene for it. That was nice, a break from the ordinary. Sure got to watch for goose poop there, though! Joe went to his first ever book club and it sounds like he had a good time. They just happened to be doing Braided Sweetgrass, which I got him for Father's Day. He plans to go back next month. Could be good for him.  Illinois, I realize, is going to be a different animal than the other two. More emphasis on professional site excavations so site names will be included. It could be challenging. 


July 29th: I am frigging exhausted. Darn that MegaMillion lottery anyway. We did not - I did not - get a break at work, and worked 15 minutes over besides. Someone better win tonight and it better be you! I don't know. Maybe it's already drawn. Anyway, I think if they like me I can start making demands, I don't know. I gave my husband the first three pages of my new fiction project, in 2nd person, and he actually acted surprised that he liked it. Okay, maybe I would too. How often do you read something in 2nd person? I don't work again until Monday but tomorrow first thing am I'm headed to Beloit Art Center on my bike. Gotta stay (or get) in shape, after all. Finally got the Northern Wisconsin 2nd edition Copper Artifact Resource Manual published. I'll get my copy Sunday or Monday and then will give the promos for it. But check the CAMD tab to see the index.


July 28th: I'm supposed to be working on something. It's 9:47 at night and I'm sitting here waiting for Amazon to respond because I submitted my book with fixed up index (see the 2nd edition index on the CAMD page) and they screwed up the formatting. Art Center was quiet, except for bum who talked a lot trying to geo--cache, and the plugged up toilet which, hey, I'm a volunteer, I won't even do that for pay. Seriously, at work the other day she said plunge it as you flush and I says no, let's just flush. Thankfully that worked. What's with people plugging toilets?  I'm still waiting for Amazon (turned out to be my fault, as always), have to work on my Pensaukee presentation, trying to figure out how much to bore them, and need to work on my new short story, and my play, and ... yeah! Virginia City! But I'll get the presentation done first. Oh! And discovered my Visa is missing. Yeah! I had to call that damn Delaney and ask if they have it because that's where I used it last, and they do. They do! Hell, I'm not going back to Madison to get it. So I called and ordered a new card. Screw 'em, let them hang on to it for a year and wonder when am I coming in again? Haha, I'm out $170 but the last laugh is on them.


July 27th: Yesterday was my first day on my feet for the whole 6 hours and I could barely walk when I got home. I thought I'd broken all my toes! Still in the process of finding shoes that work, but I do like this purposeful work with pay to get exercise. I really think I should hang in there, no matter how negative I feel. You heard it here first! No, sorry, I'm not thinking positive anymore, not after it cost me that much money. I had one nice lady at work say "you have such a nice personality" and I wish I had responded with "it's easy with you." People say we should just accept compliments. I say we need to learn to reciprocate.


July 26th: Even thinking positive doesn't stop bad things from happening. Lesson learned. So excited about winning dinner coupons from a TV contest. Picked them up, was told to scan the code to find the restaurants to choose from, never saw the restaurant name printed on it. Well, when I picked them up, I had to do all the driving, you know? But when we got there, I asked the bartender if they'd honor them, and he acted, well, kinda iffy. Didn't say no. Only said they didn't plan to participate next year. Nice place, too. Too bad this ruined it for me. After we were done eating, and oh yeah, some other people at the bar congratulated us and said they entered, too, then we were told they would not honor them because we were supposed to eat somewhere else. Well, what can you do? Make a fuss? I don't like doing that, not in my new stay-positive mode. But it's true, as I've said elsewhere, if they can lie to you to get your money, they will. Sure, I emailed the station. They'll just say go a different day. But we can't. Then they'll say give the tickets away. We could. But they'd just get tossed anyway. UPDATE: $170 is what we're out, total, including the $60 we will now throw away. Anyone going to be in Madison by Friday? Stop over and I'll give them to you. But you have to use them at Eno Vido. I swear it's true -- only I can turn a win into a loss. ANOTHER UPDATE: It turns out they didn't give us those coupons back. The restaurant is Delany's on Grand Canyon near West Town Mall in Madison. Don't go there. Not worth it. Try Doc's Smokehouse, or my favorite, Bonfyre.


Nice day up to that point. NOPE was a pretty good movie, not as much of a waste of time as almost all the other movies I've seen so far this year.  Went to Whole Foods, too, and made the mistake of buying perishables, which meant I had to buy a bag of ice to keep them from perishing.


Hmmmm, maybe I'm just not meant to be a positive person.


July 25th: If you can't say something nice, say nothing at'all. That's going to be my new motto, as soon as I can internalize it. I know i have to be a better person, less angry, less raging. It's just not so easy when life doesn't go the way you want or expect. But learn to take what does come, that must be the trick.  Anyway, on track with Northern Wisconsin. Am working on the index now. UPDATE: Thoughts in response to a statement change from "No, it's not, you stupid twit," to "thanks for noticing, I think so, too!" It'll take work. I come from a long line of negativity, including a mother who never liked me and was the most negative person I ever knew. My father died when he was only 41.


July 24th: You know one of the hardest things about getting old is the way the young generation treats you. I mean, especially me, especially my generation. They think the Boomers are at fault for Trump and Biden and everything wrong in our world today. I don't think Trump and Biden are boomers, actually. How old is the oldest of us, anyway? Supposedly the oldest today is 75. But why are we Boomers at fault? Why, when young kids see gray hair on a lady, do they immediately assume she's dementia? Demented, they call it. 


July 23rd:  I'm hot. I'm tired. I'm thinking about getting drunk. This morning I had to return some items to Johnson Creek, which is an hour and a half round-trip. Not as bad as going to Madison, which we'll be doing on Tuesday to pick up our winning gift certificates. In the afternoon volunteerint at a beer fest. Don't ask me why. Thought it would be fun. Brought Joe along, not knowing entrance tickets were $50. He wasn't the only one who complained. I volunteered to ID people. Why not? I'm a former bartender. Our neighbor was there and she worked that table with me. She recognized me even with hat and sunglasses on. I didn't recognize her. I have that Brad Pitt disease, I think. Nice of her to reintroduce herself. Anyway, Joe bought a designated driver pass for only $20 but didn't get to drink much beer with it. Go figure. So I got to stand out in the hot sun for three hours, big deal, right? Better when the clouds moved in but the humidity is awful. It was fun anyway. Then we went to a west-side burger joint we were never at before. Saw lightning at 4 a.m. and got up to look for Keanu, who is locked outside now because she keeps bringing critters, dead and alive, into the house. She was sitting on the porch, watching the storm, and first thought I was coming to sit with her. I asked if she was coming in, so she did. I left the back kitchen door open a bit because I needed sleep so bad and didn't want her waking me up to go back outside. Somehow that little shit did go back out, find a fallen or wet bird somewhere.


July 22nd: Kind of digging this late night thing. How about you? A night owl? I am, and yet, I'm not sleeping in like I should. Must be true, when you get older you don't sleep as much because the end is getting so close. Great day at work today. I got to work on the register. The boss said he heard I did well anyway. Rode my bike there, which didn't take long at all, and now I'll be working 2 to 8 which is even better. A better shift for me. Didn't get any writing done today. Rhinitis - that's what doc says I have. But I'm not about to get medication for something like that. Not if he doesn't tell me what causes it. Just the fancy word for what your nose does when you can't blame allergies. Or maybe I'm allergic to something they don't test for. Earth Shoes was nice to me, first said shoes were not returnable, but I pushed hard enough, so I'm getting the refund and get to give the shoes away. I really cannot wear them.


July 21 (late): Today was a day and a half. I'm observing for a while, and then I'm allowed to ring up a few. What I don't like is the lottery cards. Those are so confusing. Then they got busy and another floor leader wants me to take a register. Uh-uh, not so fast. I did help with the self-check a little while, so that helped. I also had to sweep, clean up spills so no one slipped, make fresh coffee, stock napkins, check bathrooms, you know, all the stuff that keeps the place looking good. I really enjoy cashiering, I have a knack for it, I think. But I was so tired by the end and then had to run home, change clothes, grab some food because you don't get a break if you don't work 6 hours (found out later it's every four and if you don't take it, you're out of luck), and get downtown for the Art Center shift. Working on Final Curtain, and entered some copper I found at the burial museum.  Oh, and Doctor finally responded, says I'm not allergic to anything.  Apparently if you test under a certain level that means nothing. Geez. So it's stress, after all. Story of my life. He still wants to put me on medication. Ha! Don't treat my symptoms, find the cause, you lazy doctor.


July 21th: I drove to Green Bay today for two reasons: get on a waiting list at a retirement village -- like what I saw but will have to fill it out and mail it in, need to include Joe's info. We qualify for Wheda housing but not if I make over a certain amount on my new job or (fat chance) on my books. If you start making too much, they kick you out. So they have a few apartments that are just regular, not Wheda, and I can apply for both and only pay one holding fee that is refundable. It was nice dropping off books in Oconto, they had a check ready for me. I gave her a free copy of the copper book and she wants five of those now. I then went to the copper museum, you know, the one I put together and ran, and they have some new copper there that I can enter into the edited edition, nice kid there, actually acted respectful when I told him who I am. Feels nice. I got home to find a thank you from Pensaukee for their free copy -- best thanks for an author? Buy a book! I have not sold a single Pensaukee at Amazon since I gave out all those free ones. The copper museum will always be the one thing in my life that breaks my heart. I try not to think about it. 


July 19th: Why the hell can't I have a normal body like other people? Why do I have allergy symptoms without testing for any allergies? Yeah, at the consultation they did that pinprick test of like 16 different things, indoor and out, and nothing? What a stupid body. Then why feel this way? Is it stress? Don't jump to covid, I've had these symptoms at least as long as my move to Madison in '15. I have been Type A, always active, many things at once, ADHD kind of person, and is this how I'm being repaid? Anyway, allergist ordered a blood test, said it might be something else. Goodie.


July 18th: A most unusual sighting in a tree on my way to Starved Park in Illinois yesterday. Four huge black birds sitting in a tree. I mean huge. Not crows. Like eagles but no white heads. Wish I hadn't been driving. I found out that vultures will rest in trees. When they do, they're called a committee. Vultures are very sociable. One thinks they hang together for easy feeding, but that's not it. They hang and eat together because they are sociable. Starved Park was so busy so I went to Buffalo Rock, which was supposed to have an overlook according to this nice guy at Illinois Waterways Visitors Center, one unvisited site. They had a lot of artifacts there but not copper. None in the museum at Utica either, but saw a lot at the Artifact show, which is why I went. I did find what's called an effigy tumuli walk at Buffalo Rock so I went on that, and as soon as I got walking I started hearing this rat-a-tat sound. At first I thought it was fireworks, but the sound started coming much too fast for that. There's a walk that is marked private, and that's where the sound came from. It went on during my whole walk and I started imagining AR-15s, you know? Since I wasn't seeing any effigies, well, except maybe one, I headed back. FYI - Kohls in Machesney Park is the best one I've found.


July 15th: Got the job. Of course I'm excited. I'm told Kwik Trip is a great employer, and the better thing is, if I pass the 90 day trial, I can take the job back with me to Green Bay. But also this one here in Beloit is so close that I can ride my bike, and plan to, often. If not always. Depends on the weather of course. Like today, I'm headed to Johnson Creek to shop and it's a rain day. Goodie. Not so bad to a mall, but this is an outlet mall. Deb is coming to stay overnight, which meant I had to find a gluten free pizza yesterday. Found one that sounds good enough to eat! Got all my forms filled out for employment online, the drug test we did while he was going through stuff with me. I sat with this thing in my mouth, which then gets stuck in solution and shipped off. Nice way to do it. Background check done, makes me look boring. My training day begins on Tuesday, they're having a job fair that day. I asked if others will be training that day and he says so far, just me. They must be really struggling for help. But there's no doubt I stay in shape. Imagine how my life might have changed if I'd known since Monday I had the job. AND I finished the end of Of Gods and Friends, which means that I've now been successful in editing all of the novels I've wanted to edit, all in the first half of this year. It's been a great experience. I started the OF presentation, too, first powerpoint in a long time, I almost couldn't find the program! 


July 14th: Got the house inspection done, lots of flaws my husband doesn't want to fix. I told him we should at least get the plumber in for under the sink, at least before we close out the claim. And get a mold test. Got the radon set up to, but I don't have a lot of faith in the results, and I can't open the windows this morning. It's 20 degrees cooler outside! Darn it. Have a job interview this morning, then have to find a gluten free pizza for a friend staying over tomorrow night. Carrie came up with a transportation solution for Joe for when I'm out of town, so I'm hopeful. But I won't know if I'm going to Lenox until the middle of August. I should book a room though, one that I can always cancel. 


July 13th: Had the most abrupt doctor's appointment yesterday, I think in part because they still don't have my records from Beloit a (bullshit, they do - need to dump Dean's next year). Which means I have to go and yell at them again. And then stopped into optical to see if I can find a better pair of glasses, decided to use my own money and buy a new pair of transitions. Then to a 3 p.m. LWV meeting to pick up a new project, gee goodie, to a 4 p.m. to approve some liquor licenses because hey, it's not our place to reject them, and then to the 5:30 meeting to take the minutes of an art group whose conversation goes all over the place. But I told them I can't work Saturday so I did get out of that (Although I don't think either of those ladies showed up that day). 


July 12th: This week is all downhill, because I can't take anything for my allergies for a week before my appointment on the 18th. Not that I don't have enough to do. I can only hope Tylenol and cough drops help me through it. Last night was rough. Today I have four appointments, maybe five. Tomorrow is blissful free day, with our house inspection in the morning. Both Joe and I get stabbing head pain so I won't be surprised if we get a positive radon test. Won't know that until Friday. Thursday is another interview and the Art Center and then friend Deb is coming for two days. Sunday is Starved Rock. All of that before the allergist appointment. Sigh. Working on three projects as time allows. I think I've finally got a handle on Dickson Mounds, thankfully. I had that book with me at the book fair and a guy from Illinois asked if he could buy it. I showed him a copper book and told him Illinois is next. The next day I sold one of my copper books at Amazon. Connection? Will never know. A little boost in read here, too, maybe from the business cards people took. Don't know. Missing Facebook? Yes. But there's nothing I can do about it. I think one of the brain fogs as you get older is the inability to listen to your instincts. Possible, right? And Facebook is the worse place to be if you can't do that. Of Gods and Friends is going well. Started out at 102,000 words but I think 98,000 is in reach. For Virginia City, all that's left is to start adding episodes where I can and do more research off those.


July 11th: So far this morning went well, Joe found out he isn't dying anytime soon so he can no longer use that line on people. I guess he's disappointed. I got like 4 calls this morning while at his clinic - unheard of for me! Another interview for a different position, I think, with Kwik Trip. Office work? Plus my outing with Debbie is on for Friday, which means I need Saturday off at the art center. Pensaukee clerk wanted some more details on my book because she's going to talk it up tomorrow night at their board meeting. And the alcohol committee wanted to make sure I'll be there tomorrow night. Darn. I thought I already told them. And Love Stories is now being reconsidered. Got my Pensaukee presentation outlined and it's perfect. And drat - found a pricey bracelet at an antique store I just have to have. (No, I don't.)


July 10th: What a day! The library sits on the beautiful Lake Geneva, so we had a view of that all day long. People on Saturday all over the place, kids, dogs, boats one the lake. And the weather couldn't have been better. We had tree shade for the first three hours, but then that sun got hot, though it was still cool in the shade. I sold only four books, but have been at events where I sold none so I consider that a win. Now if only the check doesn't bounce. Will have to get a card read for the Oconto Falls event. Surprised me that two Pensaukee sold. Also sold my last Grimm, and a Civil War & Bloody Peace. Got into a few arguments with Trump supporters. One was a nice black lady, the other a whacked out white lady. The black lady goes, but we can still be friends. As the whacked out white lady, who insists trump is still president of the real Constitional Country, walked away all I said was "Good luck with that." Definitely an old tea partier. I donated a copy to the library. People took cards, didn't get any nibbles on the Photo with an Author idea so that's dead in the water, so to speak. Came home very exhausted. Going round and round with the publisher on Journal of an Undead


July 8th: We've decided to get a glass door for the separation between kitchen and laundry room, the one we're keeping closed now all the time to keep Keanu from bringing varmints into the house, dead OR alive. She was very forgiving this morning when I went out to get her. I'll also put food and water in the laundry room to encourage her to come in there at night. 


July 7th: Yeah, I know, I'm late this morning, broke your routine. Sorry about that. Lots going on. We managed to trap the chipmunk in the laundry room, open the door to the outside, and managed to see him crossing out into freedom again. Now we are going to keep the kitchen door to the laundry room shut, so Keanu can get into the house through the pet door but not into the house with a living critter again. Last night was miserable. Still suffering from having taken Claritan before my interview, too early, causing wooziness the rest of the day, and reeling from not getting the phone call saying I got the job, I had to lock Keanu and Matrix into my office and try to help the corral the critter, beast actually running over me to get away. And me, tripping over the big bin of book fair materials trying to pick stuff off the floor that it could hide behind or wreck. Anyway, trauma over, solution in hand -- replace the laundry/kitchen door with one that has a window so we can see if Keanu has something before we let her in. 


July 5th: Yesterday spent the day with daughter Carrie and her partner Chris. Chris is a great hand at the grill. We had to beat a parade to town, however, which went past their house and I made the mistake of taking the wrong exit off the 294. We got there, after a few wrong turns and a wrong address in the GPS, and a road block we had to wait to clear. Then Chris needed more charcoal, so I worried about going for it, but Carrie knew the roads, of course, and when we got back, we wondered where did all the people go? Parade couldn't be over that fast. Come to find out there was an active shooter at nearby Highland Park, shooting at people from a rooftop. 6 dead, many injured, he was on the loose for 7 hours. All 4th celebrations were cancelled in the area. I got tired of sitting in the house though and wanted a walk, so Carrie came with me. The streets were really quiet. Some kids riding by on bikes tell us to be careful, there's an active shooter loose. What were they doing out there? Nice walk though, it had just rained a little earlier. When we got back we learned he'd been caught. Another radical right white weirdo. 


You know, I was thinking about what life is all about. Is it eating, sleeping and waiting to die? Is that all it is? Married to my husband, it appears that's how I've counted the days lately. Lucky I've been absorbed in my edit of Journal of an Undead: Climax, where my main character, T. Louise, had those thoughts as well. "A normal life? What was a normal life? Eating, sleeping, waiting to die? No, life was more than that. Life was a sense of adventure, of tackling the unknown, of learning and discovering, every day, so much that you forget to eat, forget to sleep. Life was giving birth with love and ability and knowing that you'd do anything for them, even if it meant sharing them with immortality. Doesn't she want that for her children?" Well, you'll have to read the book to see how THAT goes.


July 1st: The start of the new, with much to anticipate. There's the home inspection, the body inspection, the first book fest in years, and maybe a new job to start. Yes, I got an interview with Kwik Trip, and I guess I'm more excited than I should be. I love being in public. Jobs are like performances to me. My problem with these volunteer jobs is I don't feel I fit. I get that way with jobs, too. A fish outta water, that's me, always gulping for the right things to say and do. Oh, not always. I was in my element at Nino's for quite a while, and Easter Seals, until they moved, although that job started weird because I had to go and yell at the lady training me because she was being a you know what about leaving, I think. Machickanee Players was a home to me for several years. They thought I got uppity when I got my first role in Green Bay, which for me wasn't a fair assessment. Some of this FOOW feeling might come from being left behind when my mom moved my brothers and sisters to Phoenix. I became a FOOW in my own family. Feel that way with my kids now, too, why I spent three days with gut aches. Like that? Fish outta water - FOOW? 





NORTHERN WISCONSIN: COPPER ARTIFACT RESOURCE MANUAL. These manuals include all the copper artifact data I've been gathering for over a decade in location table format. They would be appropriate for anyone who enjoys reading about the ancient past and their first metal technology, with lots of fun insights from professonals and a few theories of my own. 


PENSAUKEE: Voice of a Landscape. A project began in my undergrad history degree, developed while I tried to get an environmental masters. This has the most complete body of research I've ever done, and includes all the history used to get Arndt's Sawmill Site on the National Register.


MICHIGAN: COPPER ARTIFACT RESOURCE MANUAL: This would be appropriate for anyone who enjoys reading about the ancient past and their first metal technology, with lots of fun insights from professonals and a few theories of my own. 


FROM LINCOLN TO TRUMP: A Political Transformation, 2nd edition: Added features include a look at ALL presidential elections, and finishing Trump's presidency with much of his own words. You'll see more dedication to issues of economics, the Supreme Court, and women's rights, along with some cleaner text and less of my intrusive thoughts.

CIVIL WAR & BLOODY PEACE: FOLLOWING ORDERS, 2nd edition – a soldier's orders that are followed between 1862 and 1884 show relevance to today's world. Divisiveness today is easier to understand, and maybe even to deal with when we see the similarities related to race and equal rights. How did we get this way?


FELLING OF THE SONS – In 1860 Nevada, after the Paiute War, a father fights a nemesis out to destroy all he loves. His dilemma, when all three of his sons are in danger in different directions, which one does he rescue first?

MYSTIC FIRE – The Civil War in the East reaches Nevada when runaway slaves are sent to find a Cartwright to help stop Lincoln and end up tearing the family apart.

DANCING WITH CANNIBALS – Are cannibals monsters or real people? You might be surprised. Follow the adventures of two colonists to the Belgian Congo in 1906 and discover the reason some cultures eat human flesh, and how they struggled in this historical fiction to keep their world from being decimated.


SAVING BOONE: Legend of a Kiowa Son - This was previously published in unmarketable form with a horrible title and cover by All Things that Matter Press. Now in a new, more condensed edition, for young adult to adult, it has a great cover as you will see in the excerpts tab. It is very hard to find a publisher for an OOP book, especially one I never marketed.


THE BIGHORN DECEIT: An infantry soldier in 1876 feels torn between duty and what's right. A FINALIST IN THE 2020 CREATIVE WORLDS AWARD COMPETITION.

AWAKENED: In 1503 Greece a cowardly soldier loses control of his demons after enacting vengeance for his undeath.

THE MEXICAN WALL AFFAIR: A Mexican woman gets rescued beyond expectation when she calls to her gods for help. ENTERED INTO CINEQUEST 2021.

DEAD MAN'S PASS: A cattle drive turns deadly when the drovers are forced to take on an obsessed drifter.


IF IT RAINS IN PARIS: Secrets tear apart a mother, daughter and granddaughter while on vacation together far from home.




FINAL CURTAIN: An aging actress is not ready to give up the stage, but the stage is ready to move on without her.


WADE & AARON'S BRAVE NEW PLAN: What happens when two fellows don't understand that technology is taking over their lives.


DEADLINE: Envisioned as the afterlife of assassinated people, and a play that the characters can be cast as any age and any sex.


SAGA OF THE BUTCHER BROTHERS: Fun in a saloon when one of three "brothers" turnsout to be a sister.