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September 29th: Gonna keep this brief because I need to hit the sack. I've been trying to conjure an Illinois article for ISAS, as they asked, but I've come up with nothing yet. It will have to emerge in my Summary material, I guess, but I'm getting impatient to hit on something. I found a bunch of new material laying around my office, today, which is good, and Saturday I head to Madison for the final (I hope) leg of research. SAS asked me to clarify what more specifically I plan to present in Portland. I hope I was able to impress them enough. I'll be sure and announce it here if they give me a time slot. I think they will. They did before and I didn't go because I wasn't ready. I am now. Oconto presentation is next week, I think I'm pretty ready. Peshtigo Fire Museum hasn't responded as to why they think that fire started in Pensaukee. Illinois will be published by the end of the year, I am promising myself. And maybe the new Grimm, too. But what I really want before the end of the year is a publishing contract. Gosh, I say that every year, don't I? I need to query more. Met a lovely artist at the Beloit Art Center today. He tried to help me with my sinuses when I told him I thought it might be stress because it's not allergies. He might have cured my neck pain anyway. You just never know who you're going to meet when you volunteer! Fingers crossed this cold medicine works, though I'm having a hard time taking pills tonight after watching the Netflix movie Blonde. Whew. The price of stardom, right? When all you want is love.


September 28th: Ugh. Sorry I've not been able to post lately. I did include the missing one as soon as they fixed the problem with my web page. And that's not the only bug going around. Got a cold, myself. Or maybe I took too long to get the flu shot. But this seems the perfect way to end a really awful month. Work on Illinois copper all morning, and had an okay day at work but only because I mentioned I was getting that cold and we were so busy they couldn't have me doing any cleaning anyway. Oh, I kept trying to keep my hands clean, of course. Dancing With Cannibals is now off to a cinematic book competition. I know you never hear me talk about this one, but I asked my co-author if he wanted me to submit it. His half of the fee is only one-fourth, because that's all I owe him from our sales so far. I don't pay to promote it, but I should try to find some kind of outlet. I do bring it along on all my book signings, though. Dicho really wants it made into a movie. I think it would be a good one, too.


September 27th: Oh, boy, am I in trouble. I made the mistake of not letting Keanu know that the cleaning lady was coming today, and that we wouldn't be here to protect her. When I got home the house was clean but it appeared she'd bolted through the folding glass door we put up to keep her inside. it folds out so she can get out, just not back in. And now she won't come in. I saw her in the shed in her loft, but couldn't reach her. And haven't seen her since. It's cold out, she hasn't been staying out all night. So that's how I know she's mad. Bollocks. I remember the day I moved into the house, after the lease on my apartment was finally up. I was hauling stuff inside the house without saying hi to her first. Next thing I know she's gone over the fence into the neighbor's yard where there were four dogs. She didn't like being ignored. She gets really testy with me. Sometimes no fun having a smart cat. I just wish she wasn't so afraid of everything. She's seen that cleaning lady plenty of times. I found the Illinois copper presentation I gave back in 2014 and it's great being able to add some of this reference material to the book, plus more sources for the biblio. I wish I could find my Cahokia presentation though. I had an interesting trade map in that one that I wanted to dissect. No, I didn't have to work today, but I had to go to a work meeting at night. How come no one told me you were expected to wear your uniform?? I was so embarrassed. At least I wore my nametag. Learned some good stuff. I hope I still get paid the two hours. Got to see Derek, the one who hired me, and he remembered me. Couldn't resist the raspberries at Trader Joe's today. You know, cravings. I had to mail Rose's birthday package. Did you know they don't do 7-day shipping anymore? Uh-uh, four days so they can charge you more and it'll probably still be seven days. Ah, well, once a year, right? Got a rejection on Rediscovery. Same old comment I always get - "I just didn't connect with it." I don't connect with most of the crap I read in magazines. A writing career is shit. Don't do it. Looks like I made the right decision not wanting to watch Packer games this year as it appears I'm scheduled to work all of them.


September 26th: Saga of a Kwik Trip employee. I got asked if I could work today. Oh, I wanted to say no. But I couldn't. I even asked if there wasn't someone else. I just like being needed and can't stand how I would feel laying around the house knowing they were short-handed. That doesn't mean I'll always go in. Man, I do not want to do 7 days in a row, which is almost what this week is. Anyway, I got the house ready for our cleaner tomorrow and we're leaving for Mad first thing a.m. I know I won't get to sleep before midnight though, and even that if I'm lucky. Today we had someone ranting that our prices are higher than Illinois. I don't see how that's possible, and they weren't when I drove through yesterday, but whatever. Having just one ranter is probably pretty lucky. We are higher than the two other stations around us though. Maybe to make up for yesterday. I also managed to get through the Pensaukee presentation and make some adjustments. And finished the Virginia City and got it off to my Virginia City historian for his feedback on where I might have got something wrong. I think it's a fun read. But then, I think that about all my books. And i got a rejection without comment on Rediscovery. Sigh.


September 25th: What a difference a day makes. 24 little hours. If that tune didn't get into your head, you're not old enough. Anyway, I decided this morning I have stage disorder. Yeah, that means that when I can be in front of an audience, I can perform, no matter how tired or in pain I am. But if you send me backstage, I collapse, and I cannot eke out a smile for nothing. That's the difference between yesterday and today. Now, mind you, while I love working in front of and with people, that doesn't mean I don't find some of them to be reprehensible. But that's acting. I can fake it. Today we had some fun, because for some reason we were selling gas at only $2.78, a buck cheaper than it was supposed to be. When I pointed it out, the bosses got a little concerned. Is that why we're so busy?? They had it fixed in no time after that, but if the boss wants to know who to thank, I want credit, thank you. But heck with the job. This morning Joe and I drove to Machesney Park in IL to the Target there to chat with Rose about what she'd like for her birthday. I found out what a great team player she is, that she likes soccer sort of, and we were able to, together, pick out a book she hasn't read and a treat she'd like for her birthday, as well as a couple presents. Very happy that we were also able to engage Eleanor in the process. No, I'm not allowed to show you photos. It's a sad world, isn't it, when we have to fear for our children's safety that way? Another reason we went that way instead of Janesville is I wanted to go to Valli Produce. They have fun stuff there. Will have to take Martin at some point. I got a little work done on Virginia City today, but that's about all.


So, what do you do when you realize that you've had ADHD all your life and it's basically ruined you and you're 69 and there's nothing you can do about it anymore?


September 24th: I'm gonna start to sound like a record stuck in a track but I'm so tired. And throw in a little pain while we're there. I'm just too old for this job. I know that. Maybe I could handle a different Kwik Trip, but this Beloit one is just to busy for me. Too tooo. They don't take my age into consideration when they assign me stuff to do, either. And continue to tell me to do stuff without giving me the rules, just so they can yell at me for doing something wrong. The morning was kind of nice. I started putting the basement back together. But had to quit because I had to reserve some of that energy, right? I was supposed to have tomorrow off and now I don't. I told her tonight I should stock the bread and she said no, nobody cares about bread. And I'm thinking, oh, that's why the shelves are half empty. Then 20 minutes before my shift is up she goes, oh, you should do bread next. And I'm like no, I'm almost out of here. Needless to say, I got all of five minutes time to work on my projects today. I found more magazines and when through them, instead. I found something I can use for my Pensaukee presentation, and hey, I found all the materials I bought when I worked at Carlsbad! Now maybe I can get that project on rock art there done. Eventually. Let's celebrate. I'll post one of my New Mexico photos. I don't know where my Carlsbad ones are. I'll have to look for them. Let's just say not all memories there are good ones.


September 23rd: And the basement carpeting is in! I need to vacuum tomorrow before we put the room back together but it looks great! Kind of hard. I mean, carpet tile has no padding, you know? But we'll manage. I'm going to order a couple of rugs with padding for the foosball table, probably get a yoga mat to put on my yoga mat. Things like that. No biggie. Found out the boss scheduled me for more days than expected these next few weeks. Unusual for him to do that to me without saying anything. For instance, I had Sunday off, now I don't. I can still do the shopping thing with Rose, though, if they stick with the 11 a.m. my time. Today my toes went kind of funky after work, hope they quit doing that! He also put me down for a couple hours Tuesday night, which is odd. Made some great finds in some old magazines for the Illinois Copper Artifact Resource Manual, so spent most of the day going through old magazines I found in the basement. Also got Rediscovery out again.  Oh, and got my bumper sticker! If you see "Lower MPH = Higher MPG" honk, okay? That's me!


September 22nd: Yesterday's comment came because a friend criticized my feelings. I suppose I had it coming because don't we all do that? When it appears someone is struggling and needing help don't we try to offer it, when really, all they want is for someone to listen? Anyway, she said I sounded unhappy and I don't even remember what I said. This morning I thought I could feel my health improving as our basement carpeting got torn out. Is that possible? I mean, I thought I had allergies, I was tested and I have no allergies. He did say he thought he saw mold on the wood work, so after he pulled that out I hit those areas between floor and panel with vinegar. Well, I didn't have anything else. Anyway, it's not all done, but honestly, the house smells so much better. The carpet tiles are not padded and are put directly onto cement, so the floor is noticeably harder to walk on. Now i'm looking at a series of padded rugs that can be moved around, for instance, when we play foosball. I also might want to put a yoga mat on my yoga mat. I'll see how that feels, first. It was an entire day of working in the living room, waiting to see if he needed me, waiting to finish my vinegar work. But I got two things done, one is Dinner at Marshall Fields. This edit went so well that now I think doing a red-line edit right following an edit is the best way to go, while it's all still fresh. And then tonight thanks to a phone suggestion, we watched "Capone" on Prime, but unfortunately it wasn't much about his life in Chicago, just his paranoia and dementia late in life. Oh well. It did inspire a little for that novel.


September 21st: You know what? It don't matter. Shit don't matter. You know how fast time goes, right? How soon you're gonna be dead? So why sweat the small stuff? So what if people don't like me. I'll just keep being as nice as I can and if they can't dig it, well, they gotta do what they gotta do, right? Today I wore a pain patch on my back and that seemed to help. Oh, I was still tired after work but work actually went okay. I didn't let them open a till for me because there were enough people working them. Sometimes they don't have their act together. There was enough work to do on the floor anyway. And I love helping people out. My favorite was this guy who needed me to find the things on his list for him. How sweet that was. Was kinda hoping they'd keep me an extra hour today but no one suggested it, so I was outta there. Had a good morning, too. Now tomorrow we're supposed to get our new carpeting, but I didn't get a call to confirm, so who knows. I am tired of waiting. I don't know why I'm tired of waiting. It's what I do my whole life. One shouldn't have to wait, you know? Life is too short. You wait and wait and then you die. The thing is not to worry about it. Chances are no one else is anyway.


September 20th: I keep wondering, why do I screw up relationships? Do I really not want people to get close to me? Does it frighten me? From my many attempts at volunteering here in Beloit to make friends, and blowing every one, to tonight's zoom with writers that I completely forgot about. Why? I don't know! And I stopped in at Kwik Trip tonight with my new haircut and wearing these big sunglasses and I pretended not to know anyone. Why? Because visiting my place of work to buy stuff is so freaking unusual for me. And because, just in general, I don't feel I fit there. Oh, I don't think that's in a snobby way. More like ... in an old way. I hurt yesterday in places I didn't know I had. But I can't say that there. I can't admit it. Today I did file a preliminary application for work at Woodmans. Yeah, the grocery store. I figure I can work the register, or bagging, either one. Stock shelves, why not? Work the front desk, hey, I can do all that. It's a little far for a bike ride but I think on good days I could even do that, depending on how tired the job makes me. Even that short bike ride to Kwik Trip is hard because of how tired the job makes me.


Tonight we had a fabulous storm. I mean, have you heard rolling thunder? It's thunder that does not quit! I took a videotape so I could hear it again. And then there's these loud thunderclaps, too. Lightning was more like heat lightning rather than bolts, you know. Keanu likes to watch storms with me on the porch but this one scared her. Marty had been out walking when it hit and had to wait it out. When he got back to his apartment found that the large tree in the yard had fallen onto a guy's truck in the parking lot. He still had power though. I went to pick him up but he just sent me back home.  I like my haircut. I like Nina. I gave her a bigger tip than last time and she actually expressed thanks. Few stylists do that. 


September 19th: Did you read my new blog? No comment? Man, today was not good. Oh, I got a few things done in the morning, but I get to work, am told to work the floor but when I try am told to stop, and do nothing. What? The bosses were there checking out the place so we had a ton of staff working and not enough for everyone to do, but to polish polish! I was working in one area and the guy comes over and sees some dust that was missed by an earlier shift. They seemed nice though, and gave us high ratings. Seriously, I was at four different Kwik Trips in as many days and none of them are as busy as we are. This is nuts! This is Beloit. Maybe I should see if I could work at one of the other ones. Sure, I'd have to drive but I'm not even sure I care anymore. I checked out the jobs at Kohls and they only pay $10 an hour. My muscle aches from the past weekend kicked in, too, that didn't help. Man, it was just a constant flow!


September 18th: UPDATE: I don't know if an agent or publisher ever visits here, but I posted a blog about why all my books are currently self-published. It wasn't always this way. Am I too hard to work with? Feel free to read and judge me. Yay, yay, the Packers won. I'm not caring, not getting emotionally invested in this, not while Aaron is QB. Not even a single shot for a score. I'd not watch at all except that Joe has no one to watch with. No one here in Beloit at all. Marty won't watch, and besides, we'd have to go get him and bring him home, as he doesn't have a car. I wanted to move us back to Green Bay, but now, with Marty here, we can't. Doubly sad because it appears all my kids just want to visit Green Bay when they come. That's why I'm upgrading our basement, to hopefully change that. We went to AMC in Johnson Creek to use up my gift certificate and saw Barbarian. I also had a coupon for $15 off $15 or more at the outlet store Talbots but they were closed, and it expired today. So we drove back and hung out at Janesville for a bit. Got our free turtle sundaes - why'd they have to be two-scoop!? Anyway, Barbarian was pretty good, but I'm still unsure about the title. I think there's a subliminal message there. I like Justin Long, he's in it. No other names. Yesterday I found I could play music through the car radio by just Google-searching on song titles. Turns out that You-Tube offers this service for $10 a month. It matches what you ask for with other similar era songs. Pretty cool. Might pay for it. Right now we in the free trial. Looks like this month is going to end up on the warm side. Joe says there was a typhoon in Alaska today. Imagine that! When I get done with Dinner at Marshall Fields I'll get right to work on Grimm's American Fairy Tales. Adam sent the cover with the title on it, looks great! I do have to type up a new blog to tell agents and publishers why I have nine self-published books. That could actually be working against me. I made some good progress on the Oconto presentation -- Will chat with the Peshtigo Fire Museum staff soon. Turns out I'm presenting near that fire's anniversary.


September 17th: UPDATES: A big THANKS to whoever gave my book Pensaukee a five-star rating. Not a review, as they made no comment and I would have loved to know what they liked about it. But very much appreciated. Forgot to mention (tired) the weird circumstance at the estate sale. Joe was manning the garage and I was in the house. Well, he saw a couple of people he instantly knew and so addressed them in that friendly tone, and I later learned, his brother-in-law thought, why is this guy acting like he knows us? It was his sister Margaret and Ken, who just stopped on a fluke, didn't know that was our house. Ken rememberedf thinking, gee, he looks like Joe! Too funny. Yup, estate sale come and gone. Only the small things sold, none of the ones that would have needed major hauling. I figured it would go that way. But it IS a shame, leaving some of that behind. I would have loved the record player console. But No way to get it here. All tolled, I'd say we cleared about $30. I mean, after buying lunch, gas, the newspaper ad. Oh well, it was a chance, as I said, to say goodbye to the house my great-grandfather built and that was in our family ever since. But it was such a mess. A guy living alone? I'm not sure it's had a decent cleaning since 2016, after mom died. Seriously. It was a bit embarrassing having strangers in, though we did clean things up as much as we could. I was just too tired to do a lot. I did get a wooden magazine holder that is heavy and sturdy and Aunt Mar swears they had since she was a kid. So that could mean great-grandpa built that, too. Wouldn't surprise me. He was always working with his hands. He's the one who invented chicken booyah, too. Yeah, he's a great guy to remember. Alex Hannon. A playful guy who loved kids. So many memories in that little house. I guess it's going to be an Air B&B, being so close to Lambeau Field and all. So maybe, someday, we can rent it for a few days. Won't be the same, but at least it'll be clean! Oh and yay, they found my hearing aid at work. But am I embarrassed, though? Gas went up 10 cents a gallon today. Anyone know why?


September 16th: Nope, no call for a commercial. Bummer. I guess we (I) just don't have what it takes. Today was agony, as expected, but more so because of the new crap they laid on me at work. Can't they tell when I just need to chill? I got a record number of steps in. Previous was walking to the Shell station and back from our house in Abrams. Here it was helping Marty move into his new apartment, so I had the added thrill with steps of carrying heavy stuff. I did get an apology (of sorts) from a boss. Fridays are the absolute worst, honestly. And it doesn't help that we keep running out of stuff. This Beloit station is just way busier, I think, than others are, more people to take advantage of cheap stuff. Tonight they had me stocking shelves, which was honestly the last thing I needed to do. Anyway, Marty's moved in, and I've still got a few things to do yet tonight to be able to leave by 6 a.m. tomorrow. Hope you all have a good weekend. I'm sure I'll have another nightmare about the estate sale tomorrow.


September 15th: Finally got my 2nd person POV short story out today. I hope I get some kind of comment. I know it's different, and maybe a little difficult, reading a story written like that. Oh, but I'm learning how intolerant I am! Marty's only here for one night and I'm snipping at him! Well, geez, he got water all over the kitchen counter and didn't wipe it up. Papers got wet. Who does things like that? Our carpeting is not scheduled to go in until next Thursday, and my house as been torn apart since last Monday. And no word on the commercial. I really thought Joe had a chance. Hopefully tomorrow.


September 14th: Oh, man, I gotta learn  to say no. I was asked to work a shift today and I'm, oh, okay, even though we had plans to have dinner out. It was a good day for a while. Got work done on Dinner at Marshall Fields and Joe and I filmed an audition, with my agent's enthusiasm. They're looking for a 70 year old in a walker, so I offered him along with me. We'll have to know by Friday, though, they plan to shoot next week. Why am I always the one who has to work over my scheduled hours? Always. Even more nervous about the presentation next month when they asked if I had a laptop with USB hookup. Oh dear. And then he told me to order some more copper books, although unable to tell me if OCHS had any left.


September 13th: Adam wants it made clear that it took him 10 seconds to run a program that turned a real Grimm house into a fairy house. It's the new look for the second edition -- sort of. I had an anthology called "Grimms American Macabre," but it's no longer available in any form. It had the house in its real form on the cover. We took that house and I told him, I wanted it colorful. The new edition will have new stories, reworked stories and will be called Grimm's American Fairy Tales. Anyway, today we were supposed to get our new carpeting but didn't. I worked on Virginia City all morning. Had to get the railroad section straightened out, and did. I went to the carpet store to file the paperwork for the free financing. I think I need to get off the BAC board, too. They sure like to ignore me. I know that's mostly on me, I just can't find a way to make myself heard. Remember I said I felt weird yesterday? Well, this morning Keanu didn't come in as usual. I was getting ready to get on my bike and go look for her, like i did when Nubi went missing, and started into the garage when she came running in. How in the heck did she get trapped in the garage all night? We'll never know.


September 12th: Something feels off, weird, distorted. Like a rip in the time-space continuum. No, it's worse than that. I just can't put my finger on this eerie feeling. It's not that it was a bad day. Well, we got the basement ready for the new carpeting tomorrow only to get the call that he didn't get the shipment yet and has to delay until Friday or Monday. I got a photo approved for the Illinois copper book and Adam helped me get that photo looking good, so now that cover is ready. Unless I hear from my other contact with something better. But this one is cool. And then Adam came up with this great new cover for Grimms American Fairy Tales, that I'm in the exploratory mood on. I have to get rid of a few stories that were in there and replace them, make a few that were in there a little more whimsical. Got more work done on Virginia City. Oh, I don't know. It's like ... "some consequence, yet hanging in the stars ...". I really hate these bad feelings. 


September 11th: Finally finished my blog link page. Are you in need of some quick reads to pass the time? Go to my LINKS tab and scroll to any of the topics listed, copy and paste the link. And comment away. Would always love to hear from you. Boy, what a good sleep that was! Not sure I mentioned this before, but my theory is that alzheimers happens when you can no longer tell your dreams from reality. In other words, you get stuck in sleep/dream mode. Just a theory. I'd sure love to know where those people go. I can't get my Grandma's last days out of my head. Work was better tonight. I think some are more suited to being shift leaders, but it helped that Ricky acted as our right-hand man. He's often in the kitchen, instead. A lovely rainy fall day today. I look forward to fall. Seems like it's taking its time this year. I keep thinking about the October 6th presentation. They're pretty sure they can get the equipment for the powerpoint. I'll just have to be ready to have some fun if they can't! 


September 10th: Got to play cricket today! Ever play? It's actually kinda fun. Like baseball, but not. You got a bat and a ball but the pitcher stands so far away from you that the ball ends up bouncing, and you got to hit it wherever it is, kind of like tennis, but what you don't want is for the ball to hit the stakes behind you on which the wickets rest, because if they fall, you're out. You keep swinging and hitting until that happens and of course you get tired. Oh, forgot to mention, if the pitcher catches the ball you hit, you're out. Now we weren't playing full teams so I'm sure there's more to it. It's heritage days weekend in Beloit so we were at one of the events. The poor guy dressed to teach us looked bored so I offered to learn. Had to cancel my trip to Lenox. Boss didn't give me off, after confirming a few days ago he got my request. Well, with the presentation and the estate sale, I guess I'm not terribly disappointed. Except for the marketing materials I ordered.


September 9th: I am thrilled to have sold three Bonanza novels this month, after no sales of them all summer. I was getting worried! I do wish more of you would claim your free copy of Cartwright Saga, just go to my link page and download it. Oh, I know, some don't like reading on a computer. Sorry about that. Today was lovely. I rode my bike downtown to take part in Beloit Heritage days, which included a tour of the new visitors center and was shown all the plans they have, then had a musical lunch with the Friday in the Park taco van. Shopped a couple of our cool downtown stores before I had to be at the art center. Seriously, there's a reason Beloit was given the honor of having one of the top ten small downtowns in the state. Our bike routes, though, pretty much suck until you get alongside the river. Then we have the best around. Got letters from Ellie & Rosie today and they can't wait to play the foosball table I plan to get, a real one this time, no letting Joe buy it. I also thought of getting a pool table. But if we do that, it will stay as a fixture. Hey, who could hate buying a house with a pool table? 


September 8th: I'm starting to lose the desire to do anything. Yeah, my ego took a bad beating today, and maybe today I realized my ego is really a bad thing. All my life with these dreams of grandeur and where has it gotten me? I cannot, I just cannot find a community. Everywhere I go, everything I try, failure. I'm really tired of trying. Today's was a Dramatists Guild Wisconsin group and they just went around talking about what each is doing with playwriting, and applauding each other and when it came to me, I says, well, I'm starting out in writing them but have been an actress all my life so I know the stage, and how I like to write for the audience, to involve them, and no one seemed to think that was cool, and about how I was waiting to hear back from a contest, and that led to a discussion on rejection. I was sure not looking for that. 


September 7th: Finally, got Joe to take the bus. We walked down to the street, and when we got to the bus stop he said he wished there were more sidewalks because that's easier than that tilted road. Said taking it was easier than he thought it would be. Got to shop at his favorite grocery store, and see how it takes him to the clinic. So I think he's ready to do it alone. If he ever wants to, or needs to. In a couple weeks I leave for Massachusetts, unless I decide not to. Started working on the Oconto Pensaukee presentation, which I think will work, and anyone who saw the first one will get to hear something different at this one. Started to red-line Dinner at Marshall Field's. Not something I generally do as soon as the last edit is done, but I figure, what the heck. I have to watch another Bonanza episode before I can get back to work on Virginia City. Just so nice not having to go anywhere today. Except the bus, of course. I'm going to really cry if I can't find my Cahokia presentation, because I had some good stuff I could use in the Illinois book. Am digging through my CDs. Found some stuff for the Pensaukee one, anyway. Weather is warm. Should be loving it but ...

August 31st: Okay, so to catch up. When last we left ... I made a new decision for my health -- an experiment, you might say. I'm going to, well, I have a digestive disorder that seems to permeate throughout my body and I am going to continue to experiment. I read that you shouldn't drink much with your meals because it interferes with digestion. Drink before, drink after, but not during. So that's one. Of course that does mean you better slow down, take smaller bites, that sort of thing. I bought a sandwich at Trader Joe today that I thought looked good but didn't settle well, so packing sandwiches is a thing, but I can't buy that real heavy sourdough anymore. See my mom died of a digestive disorder and it was not pretty to watch. Not at all. No one wants to go that way. So now, I am only drinking wine between four and five p.m., no other time. When my current stock is gone, if I haven't felt better, I will stop buying it for a month. I will also, starting today, not drink any alcohol for a month. I truly do hate waking up at 4 a.m. (even after just a teeny bit) and not being able to get back to sleep again. We are what we ingest, right? Right. I don't mind the idea of dying, just to be clear. But there are certain ways I do NOT want to go. Got a few more books in Madison, but there's nothing in Wonderful Power for the Illinois book. I hope the other provides a little more. Hate wasting trips. I've got five days - no six - in a row now with stuff to do, so will have to squeeze in writing where I can. Isn't that always the way, though? Writing is a luxury. As much as I want it to be my bread and butter, it just isn't. I don't have any of my family saying "shouldn't you be writing?" Well, maybe Ben and Amanda, because they are paying for my cleaning lady, after all, and say it's so I can spend my time writing. I wonder if I appreciate that enough? I really must.


August 30th: Jeepers, there I go forgetting again. Marty DID put down a deposit on an apartment, nice location, but since he didn't have his checkbook, I had to pay for him. We then had to choose a place to eat out and Mar, who drove him there, suggested Beloit Family Restaurant so I says okay, Mar drove him, let's go there. Well, she started getting all bent out of shape about that. So then I says, ok, we'll just go to Sophia's, where she proceeded to get what I thought was the worst looking meal on the planet. Mine wasn't too hot, either, so that's the last time we do Sophias. After a game of cards, they headed home. I know Mar's upset. She'll no longer have any family in town. Good think she has a strong friend network. That's something I've never had. It's going to be weird having Marty here. He doesn't want to use the bus. He plans to walk or bike everywhere. He's on a nice bike route to our house, but only if he obeys the biking rules, which he seems to have a hard time doing. He's 71! He gets in a zone and expects everyone to watch for him. I'm going to teach Joe the bus system and hopefully encourage Marty to try that route, too. He still thinks he can move everything himself out of the old house, but I just don't see him moving that grandfather clock alone. He can afford movers. He's just determined to show off what good shape he's in for his age. He's had back surgery, he's been in a bike car accident, he just shouldn't push it. Oh, and I agreed to run their estate sale to help clean the house out for the buyers, so I had to ask for the 16th or 17th off. Now wait to see if I get one of them. I'll get to keep whatever I make. Goodie.


August 29th: UPDATE: A new ebook fair to check out, many for young readers. Check it out, and enter to win! https://www.ebookfairs.com/Fair/Book?id=X8_D0wHXL0KzOvGdX5rn9w

Hey, back on track. My knee straightened itself out, fortunately, and though I spent the day exhausted, on little sleep, and nearly got taken by a scam (oh how sad, an online job offer as a scam), we managed to salvage the day by getting my sister's birthday surprise in the mail and shopped our brains out with four rebates of almost $100 at Menards, trying to buy groceries so we spend less at Woodman's tomorrow. But the high point of the day, after months of begging, we got to Skype with Eleanor/Rose today. They are such cuties, watching them interact together, teasing them by pretending I don't know how old they are, of course, that little joke won't work much longer. Marty didn't come today but plans to tomorrow. We'll see if this moving to Beloit is something he actually goes through with. I managed to get the rewrite down on Howl of the Wolf. It's now Howl of the Malsum and had to be shorter and more erotic so I worked on that. Don't know Malsum? Well, I don't want to spoil it. If it doesn't get chosen for the anthology (I'm never erotic or scary enough) I'll put it in the new Grimm book. I have to remove some of the stories and replace them, so it's more going to just be contributions by my family. Tonight on our walk, Keanu wanted to be carried more. I don't know if it's because of the helicopters buzzing high above us. I mean really high. They didn't have the normal straight line pattern of an airplane. I wonder what they were looking for? Sent my pitch for a presentation on the CAMD to the Society for American Archaeologists. That's next March in Oregon. I'm hoping to interest someone in taking over the data that I won't have time to publish. Whole reason for going. And to sell books. I'll have Illinois CARM done by then - something to shoot for. I don't work until Friday. Hopefully be rested by then!


August 28th: Wow, I missed yesterday. Well, who can blame me? I started to limp at work. Not surprising after all the work of rummagine the last week and at Kwik Trip for five days straight. No, I"m not happy with the rummaging, I made some mistakes, in part due to lack of focus, I guess. I've never been in this kind of situation, after all. And now I'm trying to get a short story rewritten, from a vampiric to a mythic by a deadline submission of tomorrow. I am going to rewrite the rummage ad to see if I can bring a few people back, like the fellow who wanted to buy Carrie's entire DVD collection and who I didn't even ask what he'd give for it. I feel awful. And she still has so much Etsy to sell. I really honestly feel like just crawling under a rock sometimes.


August 27th: Can you believe we're this close to the end of August? All you moms and grandmas out there, getting ready for the kids to go back to school. Exciting, right?  Well, changes here, too. Marty is NOT moving to CA, he hit a glitch, so now he plans to come here on Monday and look for an apartment to rent in Beloit. Interesting. Yeah, it means I won't be moving to Green Bay after all. I mean, Mar is still there but she isn't giving up on her house. I thought we were moving into a retirement village together, but she never applied. So I might as well stay here. She could move here too, but she has a close circle of friends there, and plans to spend half a year with her kids in TN. Soooo ... having Marty here will allow me to travel more, for sure. As long as I can afford to. They're cutting my hours at work to two days a week, which is fine. I already made my plans for MA in September, now I'll ask for the days off I need. Today I had to work the floor. I am NOT a cleaner/cashier, I am a cashier/cleaner. Oh, but I made so many mistakes today! Egad. Darn rummage sale. We had more people than expected today, lots of sales in the area, so they came here, too. Now tomorrow is buy one get one free (of equal or lesser value), and closing at noon so I can collapse for an hour before I go to my shift starting at 2. What will they do to me tomorrow? Then I'm off until Friday. I told Joe to convince Marty to buy a house here, though, because property values are bound to go up around here when the casino is being built.


August 26th: Oh lordie, I'm tired. For the first time I almost broke down at work. I'm so tired of being told to do stuff without direction on how to do stuff. I'm tired because I got 6.5 hours of sleep last night and walked 17,000 steps today because of the first day of the rummage sale and having to work 6 hours, too. Put in 17,000 steps which is only 4,000 steps less than my record. I once walked from my house on Sandalwood Road in Abrams to the Shell gas station on the highway and back and that was 21,000 steps. Yeah. So I get yelled at for all the wrong reasons at work and honestly, I am tired. I don't ever want to work five days in a row. Ever. But I feel I have to work when I'm needed and one of our workers will shortly be out on maternity leave. I wouldn't work except we need new carpet in the basement and insurance would not cover it so we got new insurance. Rummage sale went well. Joe had a good way with customers, gives away stuff from his garden, they love him for it. I'm happy with how it's turning out. We have two more days.  So come on over.


August 25th: Darn that cat. I was getting a good night's sleep, dreams and all, and she has to go and wake me at 6 a.m. Of course I can't get back to sleep. It's Thursday, so she hides out in my bedroom until the trash collectors go by. Speaking of which OCHS hasn't sent a check for the five copies of NWCARM I brought them on the 18th. How long do I give them? Pete was going to see about schedulng me for a presentation there, too, but he stopped writing. Oh, Oconto. You always break my heart. Just mostly finishing touches on the rummage sales that starts tomorrow. Work was interesting. All the bosses were doing inventory, leaving us peons to fend for ourselves. I got the signs up and some lady stopped me. I feared the worst, but she was curious about my cat following me. I managed to get away before she asked to see what is in my garage. Sure hope everything goes okay. We have so much to get rid of. I told Joe Marty moving away means Mar can never come here again. We would have to go there to watch Packers with them, and all I'm interested in is seeing Aaron taken out of the game, one way or another. Honest. I don't want to watch with him anymore. Do you blame me? He can have a stellar regular season and completely blow the playoffs. I made my hotel reservations for the Berkshires AG conference using my Wyndham rewards, and open another card there. And scheduled a hair cut. Also plan to cancel my Ann Taylor card. What a jerky customer service! I had to send a letter. You can't get through any other way.


August 24th: UPDATE: I am in love with my Pensaukee readers. Is that silly to say? Obviously word of mouth (WOM), what every author craves is good. Without a doubt this is my best month of sales. I know the market for this will likely tap out quick, but hey, one can enjoy riding the wave before it hits shore, right? Hope a few of you will stay in touch. Heck, maybe moving back to the area would be the best thing. I need family so bad and just don't have any, anymore. Our last vestige of home in Green Bay, the Hannon house, has just been sold (yeah, a seller's market out there) and my brother moving to California. Even leaving my aunt behind, who'd come to depend on him, as we have. No, I don't blame him. It's his life. I'm jealous. Of course. Freedom. I don't know what my next move should be. I'd like to think my aunt would depend on me if I moved to Green Bay, but she has other family, too, and they'll have a say. She never did file her reservation papers at the retirement village like I did. Maybe I should live my dream, too, and move to Santa Fe. Carrie could take Joe's half of our house money and buy a house there for him to live with her. As she has in the past suggested. All options on the table -- we'll see which one beckons loudest. Still considering my trip to the Berkshires in September. Gotta make a hotel reservation or two.


Epiphany! I've been doing rummage sales wrong all these years! All a person needs, not a money box, you need a fanny pack. You carry the money around with you like that, and you don't have to worry about leaving your table when someone wants help with something. This will be very handy for Joe for when he's there alone. I sure hope people don't take advantage of him, though, he doesn't move well and today he broke one of our plastic boxes by falling on it because he wasn't watching where he was walking. Sigh. We got our new car/home insurance today, which isn't as much as I feared, with State Farm. Back to work, and I thought I did well. Don't know how my till could have ended up short, but you know, people think nothing of using your till when you're not there. Anyhow, the first thing they asked was that I do the outside garbage, and I said I'd rather not, thank you. So I did the floors instead. A better deal. I heard back from Soft Skull, who cannot take my new edited verson of Archaeology of the Dead, which is too bad and shame on me. And I got two auditions out today, one from my agency, which means they haven't given up on me. Well, why would they? Anyway, I'm going to ask for the shoot day off, just in case. It's in Glenview, where my daughter lives. We might go to her house to see her 9 kittens over Labor Day. Yeah, I think she's nuts to foster that many kittens! In her small place. Joe wants one. I don't think that's a good idea. I will fight it. As long as I can. So snooze ready right now. Only six hours of sleep last night, but hoping to see Keanu first.


August 23rd: Yeah, we're signing with State Farm, only $400 a year more than the useless agency was. Today was also the day I got to see my two sisters from Phoenix, one of which (or maybe both) is denying us a fair share of our parent's estate. One says she has sole approval for any emergency monies. I'd rather drop dead than ask. But, in spite of all that, and my sick stomach all day, it went okay. I was fortunate in that I got to work the Art Center in the afternoon. My whole family shows up to look around at about 4:30 and leave Joe there for me to take home. I got another 10,000 plus steps in getting the rummage ready and find out that my daughter won't be coming to help this weekend after all. She's cat sitting. That means when I have to go to work each and every day, Joe will have to man it alone. 


August 22nd: Did you ever wonder why women were told to ride side-saddle in the 1800s? It has to do with a particular satisfaction women can get riding a horse bareback. Think about it. Let me know if you guess right. Some women, of course, bucked that tradition. I read that someone suggests that Biden pardon Trump. That would work great IF Trump is feeling so threatened that he will reneg on the 2020 election and finally concede, saying he was just playing with his followers. You know, throw them under the bus like he did the January 6th marauders. And then, you know, crawl away into oblivion where he belongs. Nice scenario right? It could help to reunite our country and maybe we would start voting for good people again.


August 20th: Got some work done on Dinner at Marshall Fields, which inspired me to read a book on submitting manuscripts, which inspired me to write a blog to help writers edit their manuscripts. The writer takes short-cuts in her explanations, but my advice is fully fleshed, and it works. Okay, not because editors are knocking down my doors, but this process gives the novel a much more finished feel. Then to work on Illinois copper the rest of the night. Anyway, if you're writing a novel, check out my new blog. See what you think. 


UPDATE: I'm operating on four hours of sleep and I worked six hours, and I didn't do too badly there. Happy to say I got my first GREAT Pensaukee book review in writing. It would be nice if I got one at Amazon. Funny at work, my hearing aids started going out at 5 p.m. because I was on the road since 6 a.m. We took Mar out to breakfast, after waiting for her to get an estimate on stump removal at 6:30. Got back to Beloit in time to meet with a new insurance agent, but just left info for his staff so they could give us a quote. Had a ton to do when I got home, like send an invoice to OCHS to get the $30 they owe me for NWCARM. I do work that Friday and Monday of Labor Day. Good. Today I got to learn the floor cleaner. And how to check out a diesel truck driver. But now I don't work until Wednesday so I'll probably forget. They need a better recycling system. I'm still in a little bit of a glow from yesterday, I will admit. Especially with that review today, though I don't think he was at the presentation. It's fun to hear people talk about what they know or didn't know in the book, people who's names they know, that sort of thing. I knew the locals would enjoy that, but I had to balance that with a certain amount of readability for the general audience. Or my readership on the book would dry up quickly. It was great to see local response, though.


August 19th: For the rest of my life I will NEVER have another presentation like the one at Oconto Falls Library yesterday. Okay, I did do it to myself again, by ordering only 10 copies of Pensaukee: Voice of a Landscape. But in my defense, I get stuck with overstock like ALL the time. This time, the book sold out BEFORE the presentation. And I sold eight copies of other books besides! You can imagine my shock getting back from the bathroom to see a line at my table ready to buy. I had to sell my copy besides, AND order two copies to send out by mail for the offer price paid there. I'll take a hit on the price and postage, but hey, I'm happy to do it. It's just impossible to prepare. I did learn a valuable lesson - if you want to sell books, write something no one else possibly can. I think I did okay presenting, considering I'm out of a practice. I do tend to talk a little too fast. And Pete Stark was a GREAT help. He and I are all that's left of the Arndt Sawmill Discovery Team. My favorite moments? A gal there said she lives in the Gardner house and had a photo on her phone so I had to show it off to everyone. And the guy who said he real the whole book in a day and a half. (But refrained from saying how great it is, darn.) There were things I was told or asked that I did not know or could answer, but you will never find a more complete Pensaukee book anywhere. And what a history that place on the bay had! Anyway, we went to Chris and Ashley's after. Joe had called them and the Gatzes and they were all there. I am now operating on very little sleep over two days and have to work from 2 to 8 today. I hope I can keep my head on. BIG Thanks to Amy Peterson at the library for her invitation and the gas gift and well, just everything! I'm glad I got to use my Square card reader, that it worked, and now I'm hoping I can use it at the rummage sale next weekend. Extra happy to see John Magee there, with a couple new copper pieces for me! He's amazing, so glad to see him again. I even sold both my copies of From Lincoln to Trump, first edition. Good price at $5 each. And my very last copy of Vrykolakas Tales, although, if she contacts me, I will swap her for my author copy. I found a teeny little problem with it, and hope there's not a bigger one inside waiting for us. Most all of my Northern Wisconsin copper sold, too. Whew!


August 16th: What a day. It must be me, right? These things happen to me because I'm me, or it's my karma, or whatever the load is I carry on my back. I had to take the bus to the Center today because Joe had the car. Now normally that worked pretty well. Today I was feeling sluggish, after working yesterday, kind of a hangover, and I was almost to the bus stop when this little voice said "turn around" but I didn't. I knew I was getting there in time and suddenly the bus passed me by! Just like that! Five minutes early! Oh chagrine, watching that thing going on down the road without me on it. You know those little voices? Always listen to them! So I knew it came every half hour. Okay, I can still get there on time. Thing is standing in the sun was pretty hard, so I sought some shade, but that made me nervous because I was too far from the bus stop. Finally it came again, and I got my transfer and all's well, right? She asked where I was going and I just said downtown. We get to the Pig for me to get my transfer and she says I can take that one. Well, it was the #6 and I thought I used to take a different one. Well, before I know it I'm riding around the west side of town going WTF? And I know I'm not going to make it in time. Finally I see a place to get off before the bus ends up at the city transfer center, so I get off, I start with with energy I don't have, and yes, I get there five minutes late. I tried to email about it but that guy wasn't working that day. And well, shit, wouldn't you know I had a lot of people right before 5 but I had to kick them out because Joe was waiting. If I have the car, I don't mind staying a little later. Oh ugh.


August 15th: Then work? Take the word and double it. They wouldn't even let me on the cash register until 7:30 and then made me work a half hour beyond my scheduled time. This has to stop. I mean, seriously. It was dark when I rode my bike home. I hurt all over. I feel filthy. You call this recycling? It's a joke. And forget our insurance coverage for the carpeting. Joe blew that and without even checking with me first. Well, hell, okay, we're still getting the carpeting, but we'll pay for the whole thing. And we'll find better insurance coverage. If such a thing exists. 


August 14th: This was supposed to be my next best fun day of the summer. Really looked forward to it. Didn't know Carrie's partner had social anxiety or I would have completely discouraged this. We went for him. He'd never been to a Renaissance Faire before, while the three of us had. Pretty much can count on there being a lot of people there, but it was a cloudy rainy day and I'd hope that would keep a few away. I've never seen a Renaissance Faire THAT packed! Long story short, he left after 10 minutes, so we had to drive Carrie home if we didn't want the day to be a total bust. Bristol is situated kind of between the two of us. I'm glad we stayed and she stayed, even though the food was in no way suited for my diet. It's fun just seeing all the ways people dress at these things. It really is like a big fan faire. With - what's that word? Alternate history punk reality - I know there's a word for this. I can't think of it. Steampunk?


August 13th: Yes, we are short-handed at Kwik Trip. Please don't keep expecting so much from us. We're doing all we can. Oh, how I wanted to say that to everyone tonight. We were so busy. I had to stay an extra 40 minutes. Glad I drove. My instincts said to drive, and I listened. Otherwise worked on Illinois copper today, and wrote up my rummage ad on Craigslist. If you're anywhere in the area, check it out. Got my extra copies of Northern Wisconsin today. Doesn't anyone want Bonanza novels anymore? Is it truly over?


Would love to see more people visit my links page and download their free copy of Cartwright Saga. Never read a Bonanza novel? Perfect chance to give it a try.


August 12th: UPDATE: See my new blog. I wrote it on Trump back in 2019. Very interesting in hindsight, especially in view of what's going on with him now. I got ALL the Bonanza episodes now entered into Virginia City and have a few more pages of research to enter before I do another read through, and then it goes to my historian for his validation. Whew! And the books I checked out at the library might actually have some Illinois copper I can add.


August 10th: Okay, here's funny. Yesterday I go round and round with Amazon customer service about getting an earlier ship date for Northern Wisconsin copper book, right? And she just kept saying since it was coming from a different place the the Pensaukee book, there wasn't anything she could do. Well, I guess there was nothing SHE could do. What I did was order another copy, paying full price, while the other 7 I ordered back on 8/3 were author copies. They were going to take more than two weeks. Well, this new one I just ordered last night was going to get here in three days. Yeah. Figure that out. Then today I get an email saying that my shipment of 7 will now be here on August 13th! Ha! Guess who outsmarted who? I'm just glad. It might have happened anyway, I suppose. 


August 9th: Second day off and I'm only getting in half the steps. I'll be so out of shape by Saturday! But I'm enjoying this time off. BULLET TRAIN! A must see movie on the big screen! I mean, special effects surpass anything I've seen before, and the action - well, they have to establish all those characters but then it's no holds barred! Surprises and just basic Pitt charm throughout. Gotta love the ending. Stay for some of the credits! They finally decided they want to hire a part-time executive director at the art center. The only problem, of course, is that it'll quickly become more than she/he can handle once the volunteers stop doing stuff. One paid person with all volunteers? I don't know. You know, I think my writing luck peaked in the 1990s because that's when I was trying the hardest. I guess I really just don't care so much anymore. Oh, but two fun things. I posted my favorite copper video at Twitter and actually got a subscriber at YouTube out of it. He compared it to Time Travelers, on PBS or somewhere. And another who misses me on Facebook and says everyone's talking about my coming Pensaukee presentation, they're hoping I bring books. You betcha, baby. Doesn't look like I'll get the copper books on time, though. Nuts.


August 8th: Not much energy to work on anything. Got Final Curtain submitted to Yale. Otherwise worked on Virginia City. Went to look at flooring in Janesville. I like the guy, he gives free financing, so I'll go up to $6,000, you know, pay half, finance half, work my brains out to pay for it. Try to get at least 25% of it out of the insurance company, too. Working on that. Two meetings in the afternoon. Life is taking on some kind of convoluted meaning, anyway. I do like the shape I'm getting into with all this working on my feet.


August 7th: Joe pulled some more crap on me, so now he doesn't get to go the carpet store in Janesville tomorrow. I'm tired of that crap. He can do whatever he wants to the roof and I won't interfere, and he can't interfere with me, and we'll be spending a lot but the house will be in good shape when we're done. I bought a square reader for taking credit cards to sell more books. I'll get it for the 18th and if it works, I'll keep it, even if I never use it again. I got one once before but for some reason I didn't like it or it made me nervous or something. I got a new edit of Final Curtain done and will be entering it at Yale tomorrow. I like it, though it didn't make me cry like I wanted it to. I survived Hell Week! Yay!


August 6th: I finished Rediscovery and I really like it. I don't know if anyone else will. Hubby says he did, but is he a good judge of my work? Anyway, I'll do a couple more drafts and give it a virgin run. See if it flies, or at least floats. I finally got the results of the last entry I made for a screen play. Bighorn Deceit last time placed as a finalist, but this time didn't make first cut? What's with these contests? I had, I think, a near perfect day at work, asking questions when I needed to. Learning new things. I found out that I have to order my shirt. 


August 5th: Man, life is hard. I can't sell a book, can't get a commercial or local movie role, can't have a good day at work. I'm trying, but man, having a goal as a perfect day at a gas station seems impossible.


August 3rd: Curvularia: "Like other kinds of mold, this strain of mold is associated with a number of health problems, some of them quite serious." Hit some snags working on Illinois today. The artifacts I thought were found in a certain place seem not to be there now. Makes no sense to me. It was going to prove long distance trade. So I sent the museum an email to see what they say about it. Quite a bit of obsidian turned up though, enough to prove a workshop on obsidian blades. Oh, and I DID get the Earth Shoes refund, as promised. 


Northern Wisconsin Copper Artifact Resource Manual is NOW available in 2nd edition! (see link on CAMD page.) 


August 2nd: Catch this movie on Netflix called RRR - it's fantastic. Made in India, and you know how much fun their movies are, with all the animals they like to use that are computer generated. I won't say more but if you like cultural stuff, this is set during British colonialism. Then come back and take a look at one I co-wrote called Dancing With Cannibals, about Belgian colonialism in the Congo.





NORTHERN WISCONSIN: COPPER ARTIFACT RESOURCE MANUAL. These manuals include all the copper artifact data I've been gathering for over a decade in location table format. They would be appropriate for anyone who enjoys reading about the ancient past and their first metal technology, with lots of fun insights from professonals and a few theories of my own. 


PENSAUKEE: Voice of a Landscape. A project began in my undergrad history degree, developed while I tried to get an environmental masters. This has the most complete body of research I've ever done, and includes all the history used to get Arndt's Sawmill Site on the National Register.


MICHIGAN: COPPER ARTIFACT RESOURCE MANUAL: This would be appropriate for anyone who enjoys reading about the ancient past and their first metal technology, with lots of fun insights from professonals and a few theories of my own. 


FROM LINCOLN TO TRUMP: A Political Transformation, 2nd edition: Added features include a look at ALL presidential elections, and finishing Trump's presidency with much of his own words. You'll see more dedication to issues of economics, the Supreme Court, and women's rights, along with some cleaner text and less of my intrusive thoughts.

CIVIL WAR & BLOODY PEACE: FOLLOWING ORDERS, 2nd edition – a soldier's orders that are followed between 1862 and 1884 show relevance to today's world. Divisiveness today is easier to understand, and maybe even to deal with when we see the similarities related to race and equal rights. How did we get this way?


FELLING OF THE SONS – In 1860 Nevada, after the Paiute War, a father fights a nemesis out to destroy all he loves. His dilemma, when all three of his sons are in danger in different directions, which one does he rescue first?

MYSTIC FIRE – The Civil War in the East reaches Nevada when runaway slaves are sent to find a Cartwright to help stop Lincoln and end up tearing the family apart.

DANCING WITH CANNIBALS – Are cannibals monsters or real people? You might be surprised. Follow the adventures of two colonists to the Belgian Congo in 1906 and discover the reason some cultures eat human flesh, and how they struggled in this historical fiction to keep their world from being decimated.


SAVING BOONE: Legend of a Kiowa Son - This was previously published in unmarketable form with a horrible title and cover by All Things that Matter Press. Now in a new, more condensed edition, for young adult to adult, it has a great cover as you will see in the excerpts tab. It is very hard to find a publisher for an OOP book, especially one I never marketed.


THE BIGHORN DECEIT: An infantry soldier in 1876 feels torn between duty and what's right. A FINALIST IN THE 2020 CREATIVE WORLDS AWARD COMPETITION.

AWAKENED: In 1503 Greece a cowardly soldier loses control of his demons after enacting vengeance for his undeath.

THE MEXICAN WALL AFFAIR: A Mexican woman gets rescued beyond expectation when she calls to her gods for help. ENTERED INTO CINEQUEST 2021.

DEAD MAN'S PASS: A cattle drive turns deadly when the drovers are forced to take on an obsessed drifter.


IF IT RAINS IN PARIS: Secrets tear apart a mother, daughter and granddaughter while on vacation together far from home.




FINAL CURTAIN: An aging actress is not ready to give up the stage, but the stage is ready to move on without her.


WADE & AARON'S BRAVE NEW PLAN: What happens when two fellows don't understand that technology is taking over their lives.


DEADLINE: Envisioned as the afterlife of assassinated people, and a play that the characters can be cast as any age and any sex.


SAGA OF THE BUTCHER BROTHERS: Fun in a saloon when one of three "brothers" turnsout to be a sister.