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October 27th: Has this month just flown by?? Well, yes and no. I am still recupping but at least I have plenty of projects, including a huge transcription project, to keep me busy. I will have an added treat on Part Two of my Vampire blog for you. Oh, I love working with words! This morning I have to video a pitch for Amazon Prime via Casting Network, talking for five minutes about how it changed my life. Five minutes? More like 30 seconds! Sigh. The things I do for money. Climax edit is done but I felt something was missing. Then I figured it out. Like the other two in the series, it needs a narrator! Now I just have to figure out who? The ESP Brother? The Hubby who gets changed in the end? Or Lou herself, the object of Arabus's love? I do think it'll work, but I need to do an edit of the other two books before I go back to it. I'll get this trilogy published - or die trying!


October 26th: Why do I always think of pithy things to say the night before and forget them in the morning? Yeah, yeah, I have a notebook by my computer but that's not where I am when I think of them. Okay, you're right, I need to write them down. Just had a fun thing happen - consider me once an understudy, now a star! I'm cast for the murderous lead in a short film where before I had only a phone-in role! Fun! First time that ever happened. Now I can use my Jekyll and Hyde look. Are you not initerested in spooky real things around Halloween? Or did you miss the part about my blogging vampire myths? Go check it out. I'll post part two on Saturday. No Packer game on Sunday so that day will be spent in spooky endeavors. Plan to pick up a Ouija board today.


October 25th: Every day, we need to involve ourselves in self-examination. I don't see it as egotistical, but more as  a way of figuring out how our relations to the world are working out. Yesterday I had another lesson in my most horrible flaw (no, not my profile) called interruptitis. We were having a lovely conversation with Amanda on her birthday and I was wondering if she knew the second part of the gift we sent. As she was explaining, I interrupted and I shouldn't have! We always have good conversations, and I didn't have my hearing aids in. I think my problem, then, is not listening completely to someone else, but figuring I know ahead of time where they're at, without complete comprehension. One reason for it is if I don't interrupt, I'll forget what I was gonna say. I have to get used to the idea that if I forget what I was gonna say, it wasn't important anyway. And that makes interruptitis egotistical.


October 24th: I'm being taken apart piecemeal. Is that what the medical world is? All specialists with no one knowing what the other is doing to you? It's been an odd journey to here - from 2019 when I was undergoing physical stress tests to see if I could donate a kidney, to 2020's covid shutdown, to 2021 and suddenly I'm a broken down car? How does that happen? Did any of you experience any weird medical needs after getting your Covid vaccination? Or is this sheer coincidence, because I just had too many things laying dormant? Did the stress of the shutown do me in? I'll probably never have answers.


Anyway, made another step toward a new program, getting out of film auditions means getting back to theater, for me - I signed up for a theater writing production program consultation. We'll see how much that's gonna cost! I have a way to pay. I do have a job coming up, after all, and am hoping to get a lot of my own projects done before that starts so I can focus on fun things before and after work to lower stress. I also thought of moving (on my own if necessary) to Madison after the job is done but now I figure I'll have to wait for Ben and Amanda and the girls to visit next summer. But I can certainly get things in progress in that direction. The weakness of both of us dictates this move to a retirement village sooner rather than later. Joe has been doing phone chats with a therapist who is getting him to see that moving is probably a good idea -- of course, it's never a good idea if I suggest it. How many of you have a spouse like that, where they have to hear it from someone else?


Anyway, have a nice Sunday. Go Pack, being led by the smartest quarterback out there. And to today, getting to walk around the block again, looking forward to being back.


October 23rd: Now available: Part one of my blog "Vampires: Reality Behind the Myth." Part Two coming next Saturday.


Yup, survived. Hard day today, not much sleep last night. That's twice now I got more than expected in one of these. This time instead of removing cysts I got the whole Jolie treatment. Her mom and my mom are both Bertrands. Her mom died of ovarian cancer. Dr. P said cysts were too big and had to remove ovaries and fallopian tubes. Jolie had it done as a precaution. No word on if they were sent to pathology. Maybe no need now? Time to try and figure out how to work on projects without sitting up straight. Oh, and according to my anesthesiologist, leaving valuables at home does NOT include hearing aids. Excuse me but when I paid $4,000 for the pair, yes it does. Like I can tell him what kind I want him to use anyway. 


Oh, in case you're more than a little curious about what's in "From Lincoln to Trump" you can now go to the excerpts tab and click on it to see the index.


October 22nd: Haven't got a lot to say about today, except for facing the fear throughout and being glad when I can come back here tomorrow to say I survived it. Suffice to say that this year has been a comedy of medical miscommunication. If I could go there with a sack over my head today, I would. As bad as 2020 was, this year is harder, for me, anyway. I wonder how many others are having residual effects of the shut-down? I think all I have is a stress disorder but they have to check everything to be on the safe side. Huh. Why don't I feel safe?


I had a pithy comment I was going to make here, but can't remember it. Let's move into a new project to help save the wild horses of the west. Can you imagine, even for a second, what life would be like without the horse. What would our mode of transportation be like now? Why does anyone think they have the right to slaughter wild horses for food? Just because they can? Because it's a new source of income? Register your horror at Department of the Interior - and tell them to reel in the Bureau of Land Management's selling off these wonderful animals to Mexico for food.


My next blog will be soon - I once gave a presentation on the myths of the vampire and I've found some fun new material to add to it.


October 21st: They're badgering me over at AG about copyrighting my books in case of "litigation." I told them all my experiences with protecting my rights, etc., but no big deal to add a few bucks in copyright, right? Wrong. Should I tell them about all my medical procedures, and my husbands and how I'm waitng for the bills to roll in? How we don't have a pension, just SS to live on and a once or twice a year commercial? Sure I have a job coming up in January but I'm not getting paid now. We're still trying to settle into the house and have a new dining room order coming it to pay for? Buying a lifetime copyright is an amount I cannot justify. And they have not convinced me of the need. No one answers my questions. 


Had a nice day at the Art Center yesterday. Day went fast because the photography artist with walls of fabulous stopped in and because I'm a photography nut we talked for well over an hour, until the portrait photography artist came in, with some questions I couldn't answer. This time when I locked up no one was around, so I had to lock the front door, and go out the back. The only stress there is wondering if I locked everything up right.


Today I'm sending out an audition for an older hair care model. How many of you keep a hair care diary? I should be a shoe-in, right? Yeah, my agency is ignoring me now, so I'm auditioning for the small stuff. It's not so hard, not so much pay, not a big deal.


Am I too combatant? Let's just say I stand up for my rights.


October 20th: UPDATE:  Find out how you can help the wild horse population at https://www.skydogranch.org/?fbclid=IwAR1A0w0skcrThwv6S5lePEx8qall39dwLBRZeY5hDPH68YTtC8evpHVvDKs


Had a beautiful day yesterday with Keanu, my cat since she was 3 weeks old. The only cat I spent her entire kittenhood with, taking her places on harness and leash. What an amazing animal she is. First she's a great hunter, which is daunting enough when she's leashed. I took her to the Turtle Creek Trail yesterday, where she'd been only once before, and was terrified. Well, second time is always better. She has a great memory and this time loved it. She took the trail jogging and even went up trails that led to water. She found a snake! I'd not seen a snake in years. It was just a tiny one, so she probably didn't need me to tell her to leave it alone.  At one point I let go of the leash and let her walk through the woods, as I could follow on the trail and get to her if I needed to. But other times she wanted to go through the underbrush, and I would say, "I can't go there," as I always said when she was a kitten. So she'd eventually back out. She did not want to go back to the car but we did have a vet appointment. And good thing we did, because her happiness was about to be marred by a dog walker who'd just pulled in.


It's here! My new domain! Make note of it, if you want, because my old domain is not taking you there as I was promised it would. My new blog post will explain why I made the change.


October 19th: First things first! Just got done with the book proof of "So The Legend Goes," finally getting published in an anthology of short vampire tales. I loved reading it! It held together so well, and it also goes really well with my decision for the new domain name - ready? Yup! www.UnravelingTheMyth.com - i have written a blog that I will post as soon as this domain is active, explaining why it fits. It definitely fits that short story that I will promote the hell out of. The story is an alternate view - a woman's ghostly view - of what happens when Mikos bursts free of the grave. It was just delightful to read it this morning and know that I only had to add a few missing words, and not rewrite the whole thing. Hopefully it'll be ready for Halloween sales - speaking of which, I'm thinking of buying a Ouija to play with that day. Fun, eh?


2022 cannot come too soon for me. in 2020 I made the decision to go "cheap" on my Medicare supplement with zero premiums because - hey - I didn't use it! And then I fell apart this year. Seems to have happened after the vaccine but I can't blame that, as last summer I felt the cramping that started the search for the root of it and feeling nauseous after eating on occasion. I was sure it was my gall bladder and that diverticulitis, so I didn't bother getting better Medicare. Well, I have hated every minute of working with these doctors at Beloit Health Clinic. Dr. T was a replacement for the other doctor I had before I got this 'value' insurance. And that go-around I had with Dr. P! If only she had been more proactive! Now I can't go to Monticello for an artifact show on the 24th as planned because she suddenly (?) realized she couldn't fit me in on the 21st as planned and will have to do a special surgery for me on the 22nd. Hey, you don't know that before, you just tell me yesterday? When it's too late for me to back out? Okay, to be fair, I backed out twice before but once was because I wanted to be sure I could go to Monticello. Okay, yeah, joke's on me. And yes, that's the difference a day makes. I'm sure I won't feel up to it now. And it would have been done on the 7th if only she had been proactive about what I needed to do following my Cardiac Cath on 9/30. Oh, only me this stuff happens to. And I really really get tired of it.


October 18th: Last night I spent sleeping time drifting between awake and asleep in some land where I was aware I was sleeping but not dreaming, a land not insomniac but not able to fully engage with the netherworld. Have you ever felt that? I was aware of the night passing as I slept. And fully engaged with the dawn with the idea that the saddest thing about the passage of time is also the passing of dreams.


I was almost set on History+Attitude.com when I hit on UnravelingTheMyth.com - which do you think sounds more apealing? Honestly, I want this to be the last domain I ever have. TruthAndTheMyth.com? I could go on like this forever, I suppose.


October 17th: Well, that is the very LAST time I'll embarrass myself on a trail ride for kids! Honestly, I could have walked the horse faster than that! And top humiliation on top of it, the trail boss made it sound like it was my fault in front of everyone, so I kept telling the horse to giddyup, giving it a kick, thinking I'm missing the magic words, and it didn't matter one bit to that horse. It didn't like walking downhill but showed a little effort uphill and went at its own pace no matter what. So why did that trail bossy lady think she had to embarrass me like that? I was much better off just enjoying whatever pace the horse wanted rather than worrying myself to death. There was some pretty scenery, too. But they wouldn't let us take photos. How sad to think that's my last memory on a horse. I've had some great rides, too, in AZ, NM and even the ride up in northern AZ, with Carrie, I seem to remember it being just her and me, although I'm sure there was a trail boss around there somewhere. But this was Wisconsin Dells. I should have known better. I should have gone during the week. Why did I think Saturday was a good day? Stupid me. I even remember a great ride in Abrams, when Ben was around 9, when we galloped through the woods, leaping over logs, and all I could do was scream, Hang on Ben!  Oh, horse riding has gone downhill. The last time I tried to ride in Door County, they insisted everyone wear helmets. Here, only those 16 and under. So there I was, in cowboy boots, hat and duster, riding a horse of no response. Well, you know, we all need those humbling experiences.


October 16th: I've been thinking a lot about this, due to this year's experiences with chronic pain and etc., and I think the only way I'm going to get rid of this stress disorder is by completely quitting everything I'm trying to accomplish. But would that even be possible for a Type A like me? I simply hate being bored. One thing I got tired of was crocheting, with a doily sitting half finished in a basket. Now that I have a transcription job, I worry about my fingers giving out even more. But to quit writing, acting, commercials, those things that tend to get me "worked up?" I don't see how. And now I want to find a way to do a web series, which would simply be putting up a new section of my copper documentary I've been filming over the years, each with a new introduction, once a month. I don't know how to do that, of course. Another stresser! But how to stop the stress? It's not active worry. I really don't worry. I just accept, at least, on a conscious level. How to find what works to reduce the tension? Yoga doesn't do it anymore, if I worry about being sick when I do it. I could try Tai Chi, I suppose, rent a disk at a library, something where I'm not doing it all on the floor.  I don't know. I do know I'm going to quit alcohol for a week, and for wine, just a small glass per day, making a bottle last five or six days instead of three. So that means no Packer shots tomorrow for scores, and you know, that thought doesn't bother me at all. End of an era perhaps, but hopefully I'll find a stress cure. Wish me luck! I'll report back here on Friday, after my surgery, on how it's going.


October 15th: Got my volunteer job hours in yesterday at a place I'd never been before, Beloit Art Center, downtown Beloit. I think, I hope, they like me and will keep me on. For now it's to cover for someone starting chemo (poor thing). But definitely the low stress environment I was looking for. The only issue yesterday was did I do everything to lock it up right? I didn't have any visitors, darn, or issues to handle. Just saw some of the artists walking around. It's a really cool place! If you haven't been, go! Especially if you're local. Free to walk around and look at stuff, and nice gift shop for your holiday shopping. Of course that just leaves me less time for the other things I have to do.


But here's fun - you know I've had problems with my talent agency lately - lied to me about being requested so I broke my back getting a video out for them after 3 hours sleep, only to hear nothing afterward - NADA. Well, yesterday I got an unexpected check in the mail. Okay, not a fortune but it turns out Deans Health is using my commercial another two weeks this year, we're now in the period of time where seniors can change their medicare plan, and now I really think I'd like to go with their plan. So I'll have to check it out. A pleasant surprise though, and maybe one that'll make my agent appreciate me a little more? (Doubtful.)


October 14th: I think I mentioned how like a failure I feel here in Beloit. I now have an opportunity to try and succeed, as a volunteer, anyway, at the Art Center in Beloit. I've signed up through October, one day a week, and am looking forward to a fairly stress-free experience. I'll see by the end of Octrober if that's how it turns out.  New BLOG today is on experiences as a substitute teacher in two school systems north of where I lived in Abrams. Perhaps schools don't treat subs like this anymore, but since Joe's experience is here in Beloit, I'm not betting on it. If you work in a school system, I would love if you could pass these tips on. And final note for today, I finally got my laproscopy scheduled for next Thursday. But I hope she's a better surgeon than her staff is at scheduling.


Insomnia last night, mourning for Nubi again. Went out on the porch at 1 a.m. because the temps were actually reading at 68, which sounded pleasant. Then Keanu decided it was the perfect time for us to walk. So we did.


October 13th: Yes, I am trying to be a film star. How'd you guess? Actually, everything I'm attempting is to try and make money doing what I love. Isn't that what life is all about? Just because I'll never get there doesn't mean I stop trying. Yesterday was fantastic! Olive and Don at the Green Isle Museum in Hebron are such nice people. It's not a huge museum but listening to them talk about this museum in such a small town with fervent passion is worth the visit. They'll be closed after this week, but do keep it in mind if you're ever in southern Wisconsin, it's off on a lovely side road journey between Hwy 43 at Delavan and Hwy 29/94 at Johnson Creek. And they have a Pie Auction Luncheon there the first Sunday in May. After our visit, I noted three sales of books at Amazon. Could they have been just as happy with what I said about their copper? 



October 12th: Did Columbus ever stop and think, no we shouldn't go that way. There could be people living there. No, it was Oh! There's people living here. Let's subjugate them. Enslave them. That's European mentality hitting the Americas.


Off to a copper museum today, a really unlikely place I never would have thought of, and it gives me the shudders thinking of all the places I've been missing. In Michigan, they're having an "archaeology day" and I asked this friend if there would be copper involved. And he says Marquette has a lot of copper in their museum. And now I'm really worried that I'd never gotten it from them. Oh, I'm sure I contacted them. There are a lot of places that I contacted that either never responded, or said they weren't in a position to let me go through the collection. But what if I didn't even (gulp) contact them?


Everything I do, all day long, is hoping to earn income some way or another. So how could I say no to going back to a tax job for the third year in a row, right? But this transcription won't be done by then, and I just sent in a video audition for a movie role that will start filming, I think, in Missouri the middle of November. Well, you know if I get that I AM going to do that! I had anticipated also having the copper book done by the end of the year, but that now appears highly doubtful. It's in a kind of messy shape, as far as needing to ID what everything is. So ... I just keep working.



October 10th: What is your mental makeup? The things about you that defy changing? Mine is probbing, honesty, judging, logical, analytical (and there's two others I thought of, so I guess forgetful has to be included).



I am also not someone who waits to see how others like new technology. Was the first in our circle to get a microwave, for instance, and in the forefront for those vaccines, while others wait around to "see how they work" first. When it came to the Fitbit 5, focusing on stress relief, I jumped right in. It's a little confusing. It's got all these bars, and I thought they represented how close you were to your step goal. I went on a long walk yesterday, and sure enough, those bars went up. But when I got home and sat, they disappeared again! WTF? You can't erase my steps just because I sat. I also wanted to see if I could get a band for this that isn't this annoying rubber. The face of it is a nice stainless steel, though. I had my Fitbit HR Inspire for 3.5 years and it still works well, but the face appears to be getting rubbed off. You can still see everything, but it just looks rubbed. (Anyone want it? Still works! $5 postage, that's all!)


So I went back to the Fitbit site with these two questions. Yes, they have other bands for sale. I'll save that idea for later. But no information on using it that I could find. So I went to Amazon and found this:  https://www.amazon.com/Fitbit-Advanced-Management-Tracking-Included/dp/B09BXDZ9BD/ref=sr_1_3?crid=1FFL9K0K25B4H&dchild=1&keywords=fitbit+5+watch&qid=1633871105&rdc=1&sprefix=fitibit+5%2Caps%2C429&sr=8-3





October 6th: Great research day yesterday. Can't confirm more right now until I put to material to use, but it appears there were enough pleas from Virginia City to the government to retain the silver standard. I'll update the article, it's for the book but serves as a good teaser here, too. Found a perfect table and two chairs on sale at Steinhafels, only to order and learn that the chairs won't arrive for three months, and the table three months later. Glad I opted for free financing! At least that won't kick in until the first shipment. And then there's the new prescription that Dr GI and I went round and round about. He promised a one month supply. What I picked up was three months. Even odder - he called me about 4 p.m. not much later, and said he was returning my call. But - I didn't call, I says. I was in Madison since 8 that morning. And then I told him about the pills. ESP? Why not? Weird things happen around me A LOT.


October 5th: Had go rounds with two doctors. One once me to come back in and reschedule appointments, which I don't want to do because every time I go in it's another $50. It's not my fault I had the stupid heart thing, or want to keep being poked - that surgery would have been this thursday but I had that other one a week ago. So geez, give me a little break, okay? Instead of giving me a new date, like she should, I had initally asked for the 21st back but got no response. So then I said, well, let's wait until next year. And on and on. Anyway, I also wanted to talk to the GI about a different pill with maybe less side effects. I mentioned one a friend takes and instead of calling to see what side effects I was having, he just prescribed it! Crap. So we had a go-round about that. Apparently I'm just supposed to get used to feeling this way. Goodie.


October 4th: UPDATE: Has anyone else noticed that Facebook is down, and for more than just a few minutes? Stay in touch with me here! I'd hate to lose contact with so many people. 


October 2nd: Okay, walked 18,000 steps yesterday. I guess that's overdoing it. Heart surgeon nicely called me after dinner last night so that he could clarify everything I didn't understand of his accent under his mask. So now we're on the same page. He withdrew medication and told me a vitamin (Red Yeast) to help reduce cholesterol. Also walked the street where Nubi died and glared at every car that drove by. No answers anywhere.


October 1st: Somebody motivate me, please! It's so hard to want to do anything after a beloved pet is killed. And under suspicious circumstances, too. I told Joe I don't like living here in Beloit, and now I think someone deliberately smashed our Siamese cat over the head - for what? For chasing a few bunnies and squirrels around? 

September 30th: Not a happy way to end a lovely month. The cardiac cath was all BS. He discovered my blood moves too slow and wants to enlarge my veins, without saying why they need enlarging. I read about that medication, uh-uh. Not doing it. I never expected them to find an "abnormality" and it's not been explained. So that's that. Chest pain is due to my haital hernia and the rest is stress. I need to reduce that somehow. The low dose aspirin he advised I will continue to take. That alone should take care of that slow flow. And keep exercising! I'll take another long walk tomorrow. Sadly, we are burying our beloved Nubi today. A better Siamese you'll not meet. But not exactly smart, sad to say. Apparently hit by a car, on a quiet side street. He loved to chase squirrels, but he didn't belong on that street. That was Nubi. Always pushed the envelope. Here, pushed too far. I'm going to have Keanu watch the burying, but right now she doesn't seem upset he's missing. Maybe she already knows. She's back in my bed, on my lap. Nubi always pushed her away. They fought over me. So no more animals. I'm going to enjoy Keanu for as long as I can.



September 29th: And to think, two years ago I was traveling Crete by myself. I think most of my life I put myself under some kind of stress or another. With my low blood pressure, I felt it was the only way I could get things done. I used to try and live my husband's lifestyle, but it put me to sleep. So I had three kids, did lots of things with them alone, including a rented popup camping trip to South Dakota (I'm in WI), threw myself into building a local theater group, forcing myself to be curator at a nothing museum to try to make it something (for no pay), getting a late BA in history, moving to Eau Claire for an MA in history, and writing writing writing, presentations prepared, several a year, doing Henry to the point of losing my theater voice with the German accent - losing my gall bladder so I had to go on a diet. Started an exercise regime when I was 40, bumped it up when I was 45; worked two months at Carlsbad Cavens, walking up the caves as a ranger, and lost 30 pounds in 2005 - I remember a friend in Abrams asking me how I did all that I did. I don't know. I just did. But no matter how much exercise, how good your diet, stress is an invisible enemy that can do you in. You can be TOO ambitious. When they say everything in moderation, they mean it! And that means taking time out to lay in the sun - and shut your mind down!


September 26th: Update - first agent rejection was for, you guessed it, Journal of an Undead: Climax. "I didn't love it enough ..." generally means I didn't love it at all. Now I must get it done ASAP so that I can send it to a publisher myself. No more wasting time on agents, although I can search them, too, at the same time. Right? Two agents to go. What's also funny about that conference is that the 10-page critique I got was by an editor who wants SP authors to hire her. So that's why she did it. She promised to send me a link to some myths to use as she recommended -- but she never did. So much for that. She did have some good ideas, but now I wonder how valid they are for me.


September 23rd: Survived the tube down the throat with voice intact. He said my throat was even bigger than he expected. Must explain why I was so good at projecting on stage, eh? Althought doesn't explain why my voices gives out after a few minutes. I don't dare do stage work without a microphone anymore. At least we're getting somewhere. I know it's not all in my head now. So that's something.


Lots of amazing changes to Climax, making it almost a new book. But even with this double-edit, it will still need another read aloud. But I have great hopes for this project. What really excited me yesterday was pulling together the proposal for "A Cartwright Ride Through Virginia City History." This is really a fun project. I hope agent thinks so, too.


September 22nd: I really haven't made a mark in Beloit. I try hard, and fail. Try hard and fail. I don't try hard enough? Maybe. I don't listen good? Maybe. I am working at the same place for my third tax season, which maybe isn't a great accomplishment, seeing as how that kind of work is hard and maybe led to my current medical mode. But I did have a victory of sorts last night. I am on a city committee for approving work on historic houses in town - and in a town that boasts the oldest independent college in the state, some area really old and really nice. Anyway, in July they voted down the request for siding on one particular house and I suggested that there be a compromise available, side only part of it, which was considered silly. I voted against the rejection. I didn't attend last month, was in Seattle, but this month I find in the minutes that the same project was being revisited - with exactly the compromise I'd suggested. Also in the minutes it says he was rejected in July 7 - 0 and I said, uh-uh, I want it changed. So he did while reading the project notes. Happy this guy is going to get what he wants and that's to at least side a portion of the house to reduce maintenance. But I'll not re-up on this committee. I'd rather be on one that talks about bike trails and bike safety.


September 19th: Yesterday was certainly a once-in-a-while thing. Had tickets for the theatre in Kewaukee. Why would I go to the theater that far away at 7:30? Well, it was a chance to see a play I'd once starred with a guy in the lead I once partnered in a different play with, at a place I'd never been. "On Golden Pond." I'd done the role a bit more like Kathryn Hepburn, while their lead female was more age-appropriate, I think. The actors were wonderful, but the directing left a little something to be desired. It was a bunny, not a doll! Anyway, sitting there watching, remembering a really fun role with a really great guy, Max Frost, I realized something. I don't want to do theater anymore. Even if I could. And that was kind of an alarm thought to overwhelm me at that moment. Usually when I go to the theater I wish it was me up there. But then, I also avoid the theater because actors can be hard to understand, and if it's a whole new play I can get thoroughly lost. This one was well attended, and it was a cute theater but those seats were hard. Must have seen a dozen deer on our way in and out, too. Problem was leaving, our mobile device did not work until we got to Manitowoc, so we had to find our way out by our wits. Fortunately, I did not panic, because that's when mistakes are made. Gonna have to run again on low energy. Kinda getting used to that, though.


September 14th: Yup, in Facebook prison again. This time for three days. Why? I used the word stupid against a generic group of maternity nurses who quit the job rather than be vaccinated. Why isn't that stupid? They're taking care of babies. And these would be the same kind of people who are prolife. That's stupid in my book. I really don't like their new censuring thing. It's indiscriminant, it seems. I'm going to make a list of posts that I think should have earned censure and report to them. Seriously, I'd get off completely if it weren't for agents and publishers who demand I have social networking. Sigh. What a world, eh?


September 12th: To share my perspective on pitching to agents for anyone interested, I have to say I might have scared the first one a little. I was a bit wound up, over-excited, as I tend to get. But on the very big plus side, I also did not wake up wishing the day were over, as I often do when facing something a bit nerve-wracking. I felt ready to embrace the moments. I did my research this time, quite thoroughly, and though I read the Journal pitch to all of them, was ready to offer an alternative. I had been encouraged to get an agent to help with the publisher reading Archaeology of the Dead, and the first agent, I'll call her Hannah, a name I love and must use as a character at some point, agreed to take 10 pages of that novel. With a sly smile I told her she should take the first two chapters to see what the publisher saw and then apologized and said, no that's okay, I'll just send ten. She agreed to take the first two chapters, but added with a sly smile that she could still stop at 10. You know, that might have helped me relax a little. She also said she did like my pitch and wish it was what she could rep. I sent her the two chapters immediately after.


The second agent, Vicki, I said I'd try not to be so hyper this time. She wondered if it was my first time but no, though I didn't tell her I expected it to be my last. She heard the pitch as well, but cooled when (or even before) I said one of the trilogy is out of print. She then asked me (the only one) to talk about what I've published in the past. And let me go over the 10 minutes. When I mentioned my Bonanza novels and how I was working on a nonfiction to appeal to that platform, she scooped it right up! Wants a proposal for that nonfiction book after hearing I had 200 pages done. She said her parents were fans and she was named after Victoria Cartwright. She said I can attach one of my other projects too, if I thought it would appeal to her. I did mention I have picture books, so will also attach Jazz at the time, since I have (had) an interested publisher there. I told her it could take me a little while, as I don't have a proposal even planned out yet.


Rena was third and as far as I could tell, the first international. I chose her because she noted she was interested in Middle Eastern books. Well, Journal only has a slight Middle Eastern connection, but it does have an international flair. I reworked the Journal pitch to include material that would interest her. She told me she'd recently been to Crete! I'll have to connect with her later on that, but said me too! And I showed her the cover for JULS that I want to use. She agreed an OOP will be hard but will take a look at the first 50 of Climax and told me not to SP JULS until after i hear from her. So! Once I'm done with my read aloud of JULS, will get her the first 50 of Climax ready, based on some suggestions at the conference. And today I have a critique meeting on 10 pages of JULS, too. And I've begun to pull the proposal together on Cartwright Ride Through Virginia City History, too.


September 11th: That was exhausting yesterday! Five intense classes, and a lot of good information about where I'm headed versus where I should be headed. I think I felt like a professional for the first time in my life yesterday, and now I have a better idea of how to pitch Journal of an Undead today. All three pitch sessions are with agents whose main interests aren't in this trilogy, but I'm forging ahead, because, after all, that's what I'm here for. But I can also pitch my picture books AND Archeology of the Dead, since the publisher still has it. And nonfiction. 


The other insight I had was to drop the leadership role of the Wisconsin AG group. I realize that I am still trying to run it as I did a group of amateurs. Tired of trying to keep it going to no interest. I will blog on this conference here and send a copy of my notes to John, who was the only one who expressed interest in my Zoom idea.


September 9th: The dam has broke - oh goodness, I hope it has. It IS an acceptance on my vampire short story, starring Arabus and Althea. I am also happy to report, for real, that Harvard has supplied me with a photo for my next copper resource manual, without charge -- except a free copy of the book! Gosh, does that mean I made it, having Harvard ask for my work?? Heck, I'd give them the whole CAMD if they wanted it. I'm also giving an audition for a paid acting role a third try. I sent two interpretations and asked if they had a third to suggest - and they did! Which means I'm not outright rejected. So Thursday can actually have some good stuff in it after all. 


September 5th: I have to share this new review on Felling of the Sons - it's hilarious!  "I read Bonanza fanfiction for one thing - to enjoy a story about the Cartwrights. Unfortunately, this author seems to have overlooked that Bonanza is meant to be about them. I found this dull, overlong, and very little to do with the show other than the setting and the characters' names. There are many excellent fanfictions stories online for free that leave this one in the dust. I can't recommend and won't be wasting good money on buying any other of this writer's 'Bonanza' stories." It's obviously written by a jealous fanfic writer. Felling is completely Cartwrights - after Adam is shot in the back the other three set out to find who did it. And completely authentic as to the characters. This person has shown who they are with this comment, and I wish some who loved the book would go and counter them. I cannot. They also don't have to 'waste' money on more of my stories - Cartwright Saga is free right here, and I have put up other free stories as well. I suspect this person didn't even buy this book but just wanted to slam it. Actually it sounds more like some reviews I've read for Mystic Fire, but not for Felling. It feels like someone told her what to say, but she forgot which book to say it on.


September 4th:  So there are two ways to do this aging thing. One, with continued ambition and movement. The other, with resignation and inability to pursue new things or lack of desire to keep moving. My husband and I represent opposite ends of this spectrum. I do TOO much and have to learn to de-stress. I don't know if my ailments are caused by stress but have now opted for an afternoon of de-stressers and more light meals throughout the day. My husband continues his completely unambitious belief that the normal things he does around the house are enough and rewards himself, as he's done all his life, to TV activity from 3 p.m. on. Imagine our household! One with too little activity, the other, too much. While I'm managing to find some help for these ailments, where I'll come out on the other end is anyone's guess right now, he's doing a drug infusion for a "rare genetic disorder" that has done nothing to help him. I keep him moving by telling him that when he can no longer mow the lawn, we will have to sell the house. He loves it here. He knows I don't. And I have tried everything to fit in. I'd love to direct a play but haven't even been in one yet, though I've been cast twice. (Yeah, do the math, not good. Beloit is the first place I've ever failed out of a play.) I've tried a number of different volunteering activites. All failures. Well, I am used to being in charge. I was asked to come back to the tax offfice for a third season, but that could be only because it's easier than breaking in someone new. (And I am .. or was ... good.) So yeah, I'd love to move back to Madison. I'd love to get a used car. I have put that as my next goal to get me through another tax season. It's not an easy job!


Monette Bebow-Reinhard spent years, while raising children, satisfying her artistic bent by acting, directing and writing plays. She wrote her first movie script in 1975 but author William Peter Blatty said it was already a movie. In 1993 she gained access to the world of Bonanza through contact with its producer/creator, David Dortort. After three years, during which she promoted a script she wrote, she met with him in LA and convinced him she could write Bonanza material. After the Calder contract ended, she became the authorized Bonanza writer with two novels published, now in 2nd and 3rd editions. She continues to write movie scripts and has won several minor awards. Her first Bonanza novel, Felling of the Sons, won two awards; a first and a second place. She earned a master's in history in 2006 and Dortort felt her vision of the Civil War, and of Lincoln, was the same as his. She picked up a co-author for Dancing with Cannibals, an African historical in 1906, using his research and vision to help him make it a controversial and exciting adventure. Between 2016 and 2017 three novels got contracts but all are no longer available, due to her disappointment in these two publishers. She has done a lot of film acting in recent years, is agented, and filmed a local commercial that aired, even in prime time, in 2020. 

Bebow-Reinhard’s most recent publication is SAVING BOONE: Legend of a Kiowa Son. This was previously published in unmarketable form with a horrible title and cover by All Things that Matter Press. Now in a new, more condensed edition, for young adult to adult, it has a great cover as you will see in the excerpts tab. It is very hard to find a publisher for an OOP book, especially one I never marketed.




MICHIGAN: COPPER ARTIFACT RESOURCE MANUAL: This would be appropriate for anyone who enjoys reading about the ancient past and their first metal technology, with lots of fun insights from professonals and a few theories of my own. 


FROM LINCOLN TO TRUMP: A Political Transformation, 2nd edition: Added features include a look at ALL presidential elections, and finishing Trump's presidency with much of his own words. You'll see more dedication to issues of economics, the Supreme Court, and women's rights, along with some cleaner text and less of my intrusive thoughts.

CIVIL WAR & BLOODY PEACE: FOLLOWING ORDERS, 2nd edition – a soldier's orders that are followed between 1862 and 1884 show relevance to today's world. Divisiveness today is easier to understand, and maybe even to deal with when we see the similarities related to race and equal rights. How did we get this way?

FELLING OF THE SONS – In 1860 Nevada, after the Paiute War, a father fights a nemesis out to destroy all he loves. His dilemma, when all three of his sons are in danger in different directions, which one does he rescue first?

MYSTIC FIRE – The Civil War in the East reaches Nevada when runaway slaves are sent to find a Cartwright to help stop Lincoln and end up tearing the family apart.

DANCING WITH CANNIBALS – Are cannibals monsters or real people? You might be surprised. Follow the adventures of two colonists to the Belgian Congo in 1906 and discover the reason some cultures eat human flesh, and how they struggled in this historical fiction to keep their world from being decimated.


GRAVEYARD: A dead woman chases her identical twin to a new town in a comedic attempt to claim her husband and her children, getting them mixed up in some afterlife hi-jinx. 

THE BIGHORN DECEIT: An infantry soldier in 1876 feels torn between duty and what's right. A FINALIST IN THE 2020 CREATIVE WORLDS AWARD COMPETITION.

AWAKENED: In 1503 Greece a cowardly soldier loses control of his demons after enacting vengeance for his undeath.

THE MEXICAN WALL AFFAIR: A Mexican woman gets rescued beyond expectation when she calls to her gods for help. ENTERED INTO CINEQUEST 2021.

DEAD MAN'S PASS: A cattle drive turns deadly when the drovers are forced to take on an obsessed drifter.


IF IT RAINS IN PARIS: Secrets tear apart a mother, daughter and granddaughter while on vacation together far from home.




DEADLINE: Envisioned as the afterlife of assassinated people, and a play that the characters can be cast as any age and any sex.


SAGA OF THE BUTCHER BROTHERS: Fun in a saloon when one of three "brothers" turnsout to be a sister.